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  1. The ending was so-so. They could of given us a passionate kiss at the airport, how stingy WriterNim! Glad that the OTP got back together. Would of love it if they had the OTP leaving for their 2nd honeymoon in a RV. DR suffered for the majority of the show and we were left with just a hug. I’m not even going to go there about DY!
  2. With only 2 more weekends to go, why is the story shifting away instead of resolving Mr Kang innocence and reconciliation of the OTP? Not really liking the sympathy card that WriterNim doing. DY never fails as the selfish richard simmons that she is and don’t see how she can be redeemed. Let’s not forget her mother HS, another painful character to watch that is full of hate. What’s with MR? She finally went to see DR b/c she needs something? But when everyone was hating on Mr KANG and DR due to the big reveal, MR kept her distance despite saying she’s worried for DR. Words are cheap! Are we suppose to accept that MR is written that way b/c she has an ignorant person for a mother?
  3. Dido! DY is such a hateful character from beginning to now. I just can’t with her! Don’t know how WriterNim is going to redeem her character. She’s so rude and disrespectful to her elders. Can they shorten DY screen time?
  4. DY that good for nothing girl is out to get DR due to her petty jealousies. @jechoi1 described DY to the T! It’s never her fault but someone else’s. Based on the preview, DY is gathering solid proof so that she can blow DR cover with no doubt. The Wang’s having her as a DIL is bad luck. All she does is cause havoc to that house.
  5. DR sneaking in the middle of the night to her dad’s quarter is just asking for people to question their relationship. Don’t get me wrong but once you’re married, shouldn’t your significant other be your #1? And then, your parents and siblings. She probably should’ve trusted WDR and told him about her dad. Not sure if anyone noticed that WDR screen time have decreased significantly after they got married. I enjoy the father and daughter storyline but I’m more interested watching the OTP on screen. Not only is their screen time decreased together but they seemed somewhat less lovely dovey.
  6. Where is everyone? This forum is moving at a snail rate . Not sure how everyone feels about DR’s adopted mom but I just can’t with her. I’m not yet convinced that she’ll stop mooching off or play the pity card to guilt trip DR for money. It’s painful to watch time after time the way she mistreats DR. Like for instance when DR was about to get married, she not only asked money for raising DR but also revealed that DR was adopted. What person in the right mind would do a thing like that especially when she knows that WDR’s mom is not so fond of DR. But when her biological daughter wants to get marry, she goes asking WDR for money to marry DR’s “only sister” off. Funny how she only consider DR as her daughter when she needs money. It’s about time EY realized DY was the trouble maker and she went on her own to sincerely apologize to DR. I really hope this is a start for EY to redeem herself from all the idiotic things she done thanks to the instigator DY.
  7. Do you have viki access where you’re at? They usually release the new episodes that day and usually have English sub by 8pm that same day. This is also my crack for the moment. I just rewatch the episodes on my days off while awaiting for the weekend to come faster.
  8. Yes, we are left with yet another cliffhanger without any preview to hold us over! This was also my weekend to work but it didn’t stop me from checking this cracklistic show out (i.e snippets released via YouTube every Saturday & Sunday morning) before heading to work. Then when I come home from work, I can relax and enjoy the newly release episodes English subbed. @angelangie DR’s bestie would be a perfect match for Secretary Hong!
  9. @stargazer187 Based on your image post above, Madam Park will meet with step mom to pay out the lump sum of 307 mil won that she shameless asked for. Tsk, tsk Do Ran should keep a distance from the wicked step mom after the wedding b/c the step mom is going to continue to leech off of her. Some characters in family drama never repent. If so, it won’t be until the very last episode. Characters that I don’t foresee repenting: 1) Da Ya (princess syndrome) 2) Do Ran’s step mom
  10. @stargazer187 prior to your post, I tried inserting the image via the URL several times but it failed to load the images. Maybe that URL is restricted? Thanks for replying to my tech help
  11. Would like to share new photos of tomorrow episode but I don’t know how to upload the images Here’s the link https://goo.gl/images/Lj65TZ @stargazer187 they’re NOT trolling us with the OTP marriage based on the link I provided above
  12. Based on previous conversations in earlier episodes when WDR told the Pharmaceutical daughter that he no longer wants to date her. Then his mom got a phone call stating that WDR is in love with someone else which lead his mom telling his dad that WDR is probably still not over his crush for the JS daughter and that she’s already engaged to be married. Don’t know if Da Ya knows about this but either way, it’s none of her business! She’s over stepping her boundaries as far as who WDR wants to marry. The one person that I would like to see telling DY off to stay in her lane is WDR and the husband backing his brother b/c his wife is being stupid.
  13. @angelangie Thx for the wonderful live recaps today. Glad everyone joining in on the discussion. I’m a bit late cause was on break with family and really couldn’t neglect my little ones at the pool. Based on the preview for tomorrow episodes, I knew DR foster mom can’t change overnight. She’s still the same piece of work, wanting to benefit off of DR. As much as I don’t like Madam Airhead but she is the lesser of 2 evils when compared to Da Ya. At least her dislike of Do Ran is somewhat justifiable b/c she wants her son to marry someone with equal status which is so stereotypical. But Da Ya hate on Do Ran is just plain nasty due to her selfish petty jealousies. Now that Madam Airhead openly admitting that she is against WDR dating Do Ran, when will we get to see Da Ya hatred for Do Ran expose? FYI, the girl (JS daughter) that WDR had a crush on earlier in the beginning of the show where he was called out by Do Ran for being a “gold digger” will be making her reappearance again somewhere in December. Will we be getting a love triangle or a love square?
  14. I don’t know if the recently released preview was enough to hold me over till the weekend. Based on the preview, WDR looks distressed and not his usual sunny self (which is understandable given his current situation). DR’s stepmom is probably trying to get WDR back together with DR for her own personal gain rather than DR emotional well being b/c the stepmom still dishing out nonsense comments. This weekend most likely will concentrate on MR and GR relationship development. We are almost near the half way mark and still unsure how WritterNim is going to resolve the central plot.
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