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  1. You guys are better than me b/c I still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes English subbed yet. I kinda got the gist of it while watching the live version but couldn’t stomach the reality of how ridiculously this show ended. Like the majority, l too will pretend that the show ended at episode 10 while SB being carried away by SH. It was fun reading everyone’s POV and hope to see you all next time.
  2. Ditto! I too can’t comprehend why on earth WriterNim so biased to JB’s character and butchered everyone else ( HE/SB & HB/SH ) to appease his storyline or arch. Not buying whatever WriterNim pitching or preaching! Why is everyone apologizing to JB like he was some saint? He was a killer in the past, and in the present he made several murder attempts but let’s just overlook this b/c WriterNim says so . Selective to the upmost! My stomach was turning inside out when SB ran to JB and tenderly embracing him while apologizing for misunderstanding him in the past and how he’s always been the one to protect her? Is HB/SH chop liver? Did she forgotten how HB was stabbed to death in front of her? I can’t with SB any longer!
  3. Now that SB was given insight to her previous life thx to halabeoji handing her that recording which survived 30+ years. We can only hope that SB gives SH as much happiness as he suffered for 3 weeks straight That recorder should of made it to SB sooner rather than later and maybe we all don’t have to witness SB straddling btw the 2 ML and omitted that unnecessary kiss underneath the red ribbons tree In both life, JSY’s characters fell in love at 1st sight with HB then and SH now. The only thing left is for SB to put the ring on SH’s finger that she never got to in the previous life. Planning for the worst, hoping for the best since WriterNim like to play with our emotions
  4. I know I shouldn’t analyze this but the picture of JSY wearing a beige dress, is that a sign that she will be end game with LSH’s character? Not sure if anyone noticed throughout the show she mostly wear beige or off white when she’s with SH
  5. Tbh, Writernim is unpredictable based on the inconsistencies throughout this show especially towards SB. SB was bearable in “my eyes” pre JB being shot. Things started to go downhill when SB was overly compassionate / sympathetic with JB post 1 year fast forward. It was like she was written to please JB situation and basically SH was snubbed when he also needs her understanding . I will continue to tune in till the end because I truly am a romantic and hopeful SB find her way back to SH and make up for lost time .
  6. Did anyone notice that the drunken SH knocked SB’s phone out of her hand while texting JB? Hmmm...similar to J.B. sorry but not sorry when he dropped the smart watch SH gave to SB.
  7. Argggh! WTH did I watch today? Why is SB written this way? If last week’s episodes were bad, today’s is worst! What was that forceful kiss from J.B. to SB? It looks like she was resisting and also kissing?!# l am soooooo confused! So glad that I wasn’t so giddy or had any expectations towards the released pics of drunken SH b/c I knew having NO expectation is better than being disappointed. SB saying that she wants to be with the one she loves but needs to make sure J.B. is happy first. What BS is she spewing? Honestly, I can’t with SB when she delivered that dialogue to SH. Whatever she was conveying to SH, her body language says otherwise. There are only 3 episodes left. How are they going to savage this ill-fated relationships between the trio and resolve the unsolved mystery?
  8. Not sure if this was brought up in earlier post but if going by BA poster, it doesn’t look like SB will recall her previous self HE since her picture only had a single image. Whereas the 2 ML’s had 2 other blurred images merging with their current self. But then again official poster can be very misleading i.e QLAW Yesterday episode had a 1-yr fast forward, is there any significance besides JB recouping from the shot or is it foretelling HE past conversations with HB if she lived another yr then she will accept his proposal? I should stop analyzing b/c the more I try, the more my head hurts .
  9. I’ve only been lurking since the start of BA but today’s episode just frustrates me. Why? Why? I started BA mainly b/c of JSY and along the way cheering for all 3 leads to find their happiness in the present time and let their past be the past. Writernim is all over the place with the 3 leads development and so many psycho in this plot hole of a mystery crime thriller. I really can’t connect with SB as a character after today’s episode. How is it that she’s so forgiving and empathetic towards J.B. but not so much to KSH who is her love interest at the moment? There’s a 1-yr fast forward after J.B. was shot and maybe a break up btw SB & SH. LSH did a superb job displaying his range of emotions. Was rather surprised when KSH collapsed, SB doesn’t seem deeply concerned or affected as compared to J.B. well being.
  10. Glad that we got a happy ending plus a bonus ( baby Dam). However, like most of the kdrama, this show is no exception w/ the rushed ending. A bit disappointed that the promo poster was misleading. Can we get a special episode since Eunbo was not crowned Queen? It looks like WriterNim wants us to draw our own conclusions but I rather have it in action .
  11. @raziela @PororoQueen Your comments are always a fun and delightful read. What a cliffhanger they left us on Sunday’s episode! At the beginning of episode 14, they gave us such a beautiful scene of OTP strolling and love is in the air feel, only to leave us heart broken near the end. Really enjoyed that scene of LK and his grandma, like how she confronted him on EB’s secret and him telling her how his fate with EB from the get go and that he loves her unconditionally. That was such a heartbreaking moment. I am literally disgusted with LK’s mom selfishness for power by plotting w/ her Clan and putting her son in difficult position. Shouldn’t she be more supportive to him? He is her biological son...tsk, tsk Am I the only one who’s still confused about the whole twin prophecy? It’s so vaguely explained and for them to kill off all twins during that time, cruel and stupid! Maybe the prophecy will bring about the downfall of the Kim’s Clan and the exploitation of corrupted ministers in court. Our king LK starting a new regime “for the people” afterward. Like I said, the prophecy was so unclear as to was it for the good or bad?
  12. Did anyone noticed besides the OTP wearing similar outfit, Eunich Huang also wore white shirt and black pants. It looks like our OTP, EH, and HM are close and friendly. Where is everyone? So quiet in here. Last weekend kiss was passionate, but today’s episode kiss was hot and on fire! The part leading to LK untying EB shirt is somewhat lackluster. That scene could of been better executed. The sleeping scene was beautifully done which you can relate to their feelings for each other. My favorite part was EB looking at LK dearly. Oh I’m in love with these two, what a gorgeous pair! Too cute of EH...his facial expressions watching the OTP. Anyone want to share their favorite scenes?
  13. @PororoQueen Totally agree with your analysis and I too was wondering why haven’t we given a bed scene after that heart felt kiss. I really thought that the king should of stayed for the night after running to her after one of his premonition dream of EB being shot. Surprisingly no forehead kisses yet. Why does Baek Ja Young think it’s impossible to start a new world or beginning with the king? There’s only 4 more episodes left. Looks like things will be rushed to resolve. Glad to see the king character development in the 2 lastest episodes. Crossing my fingers that PdNim gives us a much deserved romance like he did in his last project “Grand Prince.”
  14. Hello everyone! I was a little disappointed that they were trolling us on the kiss. But then again it made since that EB backed away. She probably didn’t want him to kiss her until she tells him that she is EB, not EK. I have a feeling for the upcoming episodes next week, there will be noble idiocy on EB part and hopefully they don’t drag it out b/c there’s only 6 more episodes left. Unfortunately LK is written as a weak and politically inexperienced king who is being threatened by the Left State Minister to make his daughter Queen in exchange of protecting EB cover. I was baffled by Queen Jo calling LK cruel when he told her don’t waste her time loving him b/c she will never receive love back! Based on the latest preview, I think Wal may be the one to reveal to LK on EB identity. Once the cat is out of the bag on EB being the dead queen twin, LK and EB can team up and take down the evil doers!
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