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  1. I had a chance to finally re-watch the drama in one sitting... There are a few subtle moments that I think was not highlighted and it's such a shame... For example, after break up, Jung Rok decided not to bring his car and take the bus everyday after work, someone actually asked him about this, I think Se Wan... later we see him sitting in the same bus station looking at the big billboard of OYS... aside from the breakdown, I think it was a very touching reveal... now we know why he forgo driving his car and instead prefer to ride the bus and even keeps on missing each bus schedule... it was the only time he can see OYS everyday...
  2. This pair made me come back in Soompi Forum after 5 years of Hiatus... hahaha... Anyway, I enjoy all of your comments, and thank you for sharing clips of Ep 16... The ending is a lackluster compared to Ep 15 but I guess that's how they wanted it to be... It's just a shame though... I'm shipping this two... so I'm gonna lurk in the shipper forum now... thanks guys!
  3. I'm back after a few years of Hiatus... :) What's Up Chinggus?

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