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  1. Song Hye Kyo Looks Absolutely Stunning in Her Latest Campaign for Chaumet

    Song Hye Kyo Looks Absolutely Stunning in Her Latest Campaign for Chaumet


    South Korean actress (and goddess) Song Hye Kyo is at it again. In her latest campaign for French jewelry brand Chaumet, the Descendant of the Sun star made a show of her radiant beauty, proving once again that aging is beyond her. She is the brand’s Asia-Pacific ambassador.

    The 2020 campaign is for Chaumet’s Bee My Love collection. W Korea posted a slew of photos moments ago, featuring close-up portraits of Song Hye Kyo donning delicate pieces from the collection. There's even a video of her flaunting the dazzling bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings that were mostly encrusted with diamonds. 



    Unlike the sultry glam photoshoot she did for Elle Singapore last April, these beautiful shots by W Korea embrace the actress in her natural element: relaxed, glowing, and elegantly feminine. Her makeup look was minimal, with just a touch of color on her lips, eyes, and cheeks. Her hair was swept into a messy updo with tendrils that framed her flawless face. Proof that she doesn't need much to look breathtaking! 

    She appears to be wearing clothes that follow a nude color scheme, first a dainty frock, then a smart collared blouse—all of which look amazing against the 18-karat gold accessories. We’re taking mental notes because aside from Hye Kyo’s porcelain skin, we also can’t get over the monochromatic styling.  


    Chaumet drew inspiration from the imperial symbol of bees. The geometric honeycomb designs of the pieces represent solid love and an assertive air of femininity. It’s no wonder Song Hye Kyo is smitten with them: “I love the design of the collection, its natural beauty, vivacity and fashionable style… The jewelry pieces also go well with my daily look–relaxed, effortless and natural,” she says.

    So basically, if Song Hye Kyo came in jewelry form, it would be this collection. You can bet we want everything from it if it means we’ll look as gorgeous as her! To tell you the truth though, we couldn't help but let our fangirl hearts speak to us as well: Apparently, Hye Kyo’s wedding ring from when she tied the knot came from this exact collection. So yup, we’re sold! 

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  2. :smile:@Jerra's KitchenHi Jerra!!Welcome to SHK's thread!!Don't  worry about the slanders /accusations that they hurl to our queen SHK!!She is not bothered by them.Her conscience is clear!!They have been doing that to her( specially women fans),every time her love team falls for her beauty and kindness.Who wouldn't ?She has everything a man would ask for!!The bashers are just insecure and projecting their own personalities in the accusations they say,even though they don't know the truth.SHK and her mom even forgave her old manager who threatened to  dose her face w/ acid if  they don't give the amount he was extorting fr. them.That is  how good and forgiving her heart is.She does not only have a beautiful face but good heart too!!Whoever paid that hotsearch in weibo  has some ax to grind!!SHK does not need that kind of cheap publicity to be talked about!!That is precisely what she is avoiding!!!:ph34r:The truth will come out later when the law catches them.I am sure her agency are already looking into this matter!SHK rules even if she is not active as she used to be!The power of her beauty is unbeatable!!:love:

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  3. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgwUWuTA9mSSdd2AwWR4AaABCQ

    Song Hye Kyo is coming back to reboot with projects – participating in book donation projects!

    by admin
    in CELEB, NEWS

    Song Hye Kyo is coming back to reboot with projects – participating in book donation projects!
    Song Hye Kyo resumed working after a long vacation due to the Covid-19 epidemic, She cooperated with Professor Seo Kyung-duk to donate 10,000 Korean / English books to the Korean National Association National history in Los Angeles.

    Song Hye Kyo is about to reach 10 million followers on Instagram

    Although she has not reappeared on screen, the actress has done her sharing activities to influence the society. According to the Korea Times, Song Hye Kyo and Professor Seo Kyung-duk donated 10,000 Korean / English books to the Korean National Historical Association in Los Angeles. The books were given for informational purposes “about the historic site of the Korean independence movement against Japan.”


    This is a reboot for the book donation campaign, which started last year. “I believe it is more important to keep ‘refilling’ the books than provide new ones at another site. This is our second donation for the project this year. The first contribution was made to the site of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Chongqing, China, “Professor Seo wrote on his Facebook

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  4. I just learned that Kris Aquino (Daughter of Cory Aquino,former president of Phil.} is also a huge fan of SHK!!:blush:.Here is an excerpt of her view re: current love triangle in PI showbiz people........Kris then said that her ‘view on life changed’ because of Korean actors Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. Known as the ‘SongSong’ couple, the two recently had an amicable divorce.

    Read: Divorce official for Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo

    He filed for divorce BUT he didn’t fight [Song Hye Kyo] for money. And their agencies treated the breakup respectfully. I love them both, though I am really a fan of [Song Hye Kyo]. Pero hindi niya pinerahan ang favorite ko. And he manned up. He accepted it wasn’t working and rather than hurt each other further, nag DIVORCE,” she wrote.

    **Here is the full story for those who are intrigued w/ this issue..https://push.abs-cbn.com/2019/8/10/fresh-scoops/kris-aquino-on-julia-barretto-bea-alonzo-issue-n-213429.

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  5. Hello fellow SHKyoer's!I am also back! I have been busy w/ work and taking care of the family.Now I have to give some time for myself to have some exciting ....encounter w/ my SHK family here at Soompi!!I am so happy to get to watch our ever so beautiful SHK in another blockbuster and record breaking drama!This is an early Christmas present for me!Time to give myself a break fr.real world and be in reel  land,just reading all the fantastic comments (never mind the jealous,immature and envious comments).Keep it coming,I am so ready for it and thanks for all your efforts in bringing us the latest news re:SHK!LOVE you all!:blush::kiss_wink:

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  6. @nozaroc...it is a comprehensive discussion .They seem to be discussing about her mother,father and grandfather too!The older gentleman seem to know a lot of stuff about SHK..Too bad Shanda is not here to help us.Does anybody here know Shanda's IG?

    @michidaa you are welcome chingu!It is really an interesting discussion.Like you, I just listen to them  and observe their expressions and they look and sound like they are  at owe w/ SHK's beauty and what she has achieved and accomplished.

    Paging joongkyo our smart  translator!Maybe you can help us here!

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  7. Hello fellow Kyonatics!!Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures,gifs,MVs and articles all praising our beautiful goddess!! I am so happy that she is finally receiving the love and recognition she so greatly deserve!I have been browsing all her videotapes fr. Baesang and found this TV show Fireplace  fr MBN....discussion of the whole show is all about Song Hye Kyo..I wish there is an English translation.The group of writers,photographers and other guest are discussing fr the moment she started showbiz  up to the present.I hope somebody can give us a gist on what they are saying about her.

    credit to NICO

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  8. Hello Chingus!Finally we have the video of LOVE FOR SALE  w/ english sub  and on HD!I was so happy as I have been looking for this for a long time.THanks to Asian Crush  & Oceanluv who kindly shared the movie.Like most kyonatics we have been shipping   our princess w/ these gentleman(the singer,the dimpled one,the  chaebol and  now the captain).I loved them all for our princess but somewhere along the way it did not work.I will cont. to pray that she will finally meet the right partner for life.Hopefully the captain :blush:.Like a protective mom,I have been checking the captain on all his previous work and TV appearances and I must say he is the perfect gentleman for our princess!He is not only handsome,talented,smart but the most impt. for me is ....he has a good :heart:.I watched how he reacted to his fans in his several appearances in star watch and I must say he is so unassuming ,humble and showed sincere love to his fans,no matter how rowdy they  were.Anyways,I don't want to get to greedy!I will just pray for these relationship if there is indeed.I am already getting ahead of myself,dreaming of all beautiful mini me's they will have.I even imagine them appearing in superman dad!Delulu mode!I miss our other chingus here,like Shanda,ria19,rubilya,Maye,May,sunshine4ever etc.I hope  you are all in the best of health and doing fine.I miss and love you all.Signing out here fr ,the thread of BEAUTY w/ a :heart: SHG!!


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  9. @sunflower91_,@crixa....I was just mesmerized w/ her beauty even under infrared, how can she look even more beautiful?No wonder SJK can't keep his eyes off her.I was thinking that she looks more beautiful w/out make up.I noticed in ep 9 that she barely have make up and face looks so pure,like porcelain!She is indeed a Goddess!!:wub:

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  10. Hi Chingus!It has been a while since I dropped a word here,been busy working but I never miss reading all your updates here.I am so grateful to all of you... SHKyoers, who never tires of bringing pictures,latest CFs,news or any article that pertains to our lovely SHK.I am so proud and happy for her as she is finally being recognized as one of Korea's top actress.She would rather be recognized as an excellent actress as she has been working hard to achieve that,rather than just be known for her beauty (that is a given already).I am also happy for the success of DOTS.Dr. KMY was really tailored made for her.Nobody can cry and still be pretty like her.I love her more when she does her funny antics!!How can she be so lovable and cute!!Do you wonder why all her partners fall in love w/ her?May your success cont.and hope to see you in another movie or drama.I am already dreading the day DOTS will end.We have not seen enough of you yet! 3 yrs is a long wait for us!More power to our BEAUTY with a :heart: SHK!!

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  11. @twtwb  Thank you so much giving credit to SHG.She deserves so much more than just being considered a pretty partner for SJK.I also love this handsome and humble officer, but SHG deserves to be recognized too for adding life to this wonderful drama.I noticed that she was a little reserved in her 1st 2 episodes but going to episode 4&5...I see a lot changes fr. her acting,she is more animated and relaxed.I love her acting fr. the very 1st time I watched her in FH.She is more natural than most who tends to overact.I guess she is too  pretty for her own good.People tend to just stare at her beauty and forget that she is acting.Why does she have to be so pretty even when she is crying or when she gets mad?Aigoo!SHK,I feel sad when you don't  get recognized for your hard work or when you receive unfounded bashing fr. your detractors. I can only pray for you to bec. more successful in all your endeavors  w/c  you so deserve and will cont. to support you.

    :heart: SHK!!

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  12. Thank you so much chingus for all the updates!!I am always checking here after work and you all give me so much happiness just knowing our lovely SHK ....the real queen of K drama is back.No amount of  malicious criticism can put a good person down.!!I admire this lady SHK for always being cool and humble.We will always love and support you!!

    Love this awesome Song-Song video.Credit and thanks to vitriana!


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  13. Hi chingus!!Happy days are here again!!:heart::heart::heart: the YSJ & KMY couple!I will be watching and reading everything that I can on my break & off fr. work.I feel like I been deprived fr. SHK  drama for a long time:sleepy:This also means my hubby and son has to do the cooking and housework most of the time,because I will be busy w/ just me and my laptop.:blush:

    @suellen88 I have the same  sentiments as you when I read those mean comments.I think they are just jealous that SHK still looks beautiful no matter what she does w/  her face.They forget the acting and  are just consumed w/ envy or hate  for her beauty! It does happen w/ me too when her KD,so I have to keep re -watching the the drama and concentrate on her acting the 2nd or 3rd time.That's what they should do right?

    @GinaSingaporeI live here in SF and we watch at http://www.tiveee.com/ep/descendants_of_the_sun.I use to go to viki  and drama fever.Now tiveee is our favorite,hope you can watch fr. this site.

                        Let us all enjoy this awesome drama and thank you all SHKyoers ,who never get tired in bringing us updates on all her latest pictures and news.Love you all my friends!!

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  14. Thank you chingus for all your updates!!:heart: all of the pictures and videos!At last the moment we have been waiting for is here tomorrow.Makes me want to call in sick and just watch them the whole day....being deprived of our SHK for 3 yrs.I will be praying for sure, for DOTS success!!.Everybody worked hard for this and I wish them all the best.Happy days are here to come!!:relaxed:

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  15. Song Hye-kyo buys $7m house in Seoul

    Updated : February 05 2016

    Actress Song Hye-kyo recently bought another pricey house valued at 9 billion won ($7.5 million) under her mother’s name, according to entertainment media Sports Seoul on Friday

    “Song is about to move to a new house from her current one in Samseong-dong,” the source was quoted by the media as saying. 
    The 34-year-old, who is currently living in the Hyundai residential located in Samseong-dong, reportedly bought another house in the same area. 
    Hyundai residential, dubbed “The Beverly Hills of Seoul,” is a place where many public figures from the political and financial industries live. It is known to ensure that the privacy of residents is well protected. Other celebrities and public figures who live in the place include actress Jun Ji-hyun and game giant NCSoft’s chief Kim Taek-Jin. 
    Song is set to return to the small screen with “Descendants of the Sun,” which will air on Feb. 24. 


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  16. ‘Descendants’ first K-drama to air simultaneously in Korea, China


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    Published : 2016-01-06 17:55
    Updated : 2016-01-06 17:55

    A local broadcaster said Tuesday that its new television series would premiere simultaneously in Korea and China in February.

    Titled “Descendants of the Sun,” the drama features top hallyu stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo in the lead roles. Set in a fictional Asian country that suffered a major disaster, the story follows the romance between a young soldier named Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) and a doctor named Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo). The series was written by Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote a number of hit hallyu dramas, including “Lovers in Paris,” “Secret Garden” and “The Heirs.”
    Still from "Descendants of the Sun" teaser (YouTube)

    Unlike most Korean dramas, the series has been completed before airing. The 12 billion won ($10 million) drama series reportedly finished filming last month.  

    In Korea, “Descendants of the Sun” will air Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS2 starting on Feb. 24. In China, the series will be available through the video streaming website iQiyi.

    By Won Ho-jung (hjwon@heraldcorp.com)
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  17. Merry Christmas to all SHKyoers!!Thank you so much..... hclover96 and Marwa !This is a wonderful Christmas present for me!:blush:.It might be just a short clip, but their dialogue and beautiful facial expressions sent me into frenzy!Hope we will see more clips in the coming wks.Can't wait for Feb to come!Again thanks to all who continually make an effort to bring us news,pictures and articles about SHK !May the love,joy and peace be with all of you this coming 2016!

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  18. Definitely,one of my favorite K drama!I remember getting upset about the low rating,bec it did not get the proper recognition it deserved!Anyways...it is still one of the best K drama to this day.Happy 7th yr. anniversary to World Within!!I agree w/ you twtwb,that this was SHK's turning point in her dramatic career..I am so excited for her coming drama,can't wait for Jan. to come.

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  19. @freshspring @sunflower91_ @Ngoc Chieu N ....Thank you sooo much for the beautifully elegant pictures of SHK!!^:)^ ^:)^ ^:)^ .As usual Kyo's attire and make up was very simple, she was so alluring and fresh looking!!I noticed most of the male guests can't help but stare at her beauty.!!Even Kenye West seems to be giving her a side glance despite attending the show w/ his  wife K.K.Our Kyo was a standout despite wearing only an earing for her accessory.
    =D> =D>.A big welcome to our newbie sisters  @paramitha.rose @asiyabekbolatovna :-* :-* :-*.


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