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  1. The filming is finally done. All of our lovely students are going to graduate. Here are pictures of the graduation ceremony and the cast saying goodbye to fans and all drama viewers out there...




    Our Lovely Teachers...



    Allison starts to cry when they about to say goodbye...poor little girl...so emotional...Lego is nice enough to give her a bear hug...1917154_850788925036538_8609833808152013

    and wipes tears off her face...



  2. @jazz638 I haven't started Bromance just yet (still on "She was pretty" lol), but watched some trailers and MVs. However, I can tell that Megan is really delivering her role, very convincing. I kinda wanna wait until it's done airing and marathon through all the eps. So I accepted her winning the award. Yeah it's true that Allison doesn't have a big fan base even less followers than Nitta on FB, but I kinda have a feeling that she will win one day for sure. I am sure waiting to see that day comes true. 

    Not sure what secret Chris is hiding either, but they brought the kisses back in ep 19, lovely HJ-XR 

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  3. @jazz638What a surprise!! Murphy's did not win best actor and best actress. Lego won best actor, wow, what a big fan base he has. I did not expect Allison to win, not with this role, something more substance. Well, I am still very supportive of her and waiting for her next break-out project. Best actress went to Megan Lai which was reasonable based on her performance. MZ, MCS,LX were awarded new comer awards I think. They all deserved it except for LX, still wonder why the heck did she manage to win???

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  4. @jazz638 still waiting for eng subs, but oh well, the screen caps for HJ-XR and PZ-MZ scenes are really cute and attempting... Between, I just finished watching all of BTS for this drama. I literally can't stop smiling and laughing at everyone interactions off camera. Especially Lego, he is the like the bomb, very playful, and hilariously funny. Allison comes right after him in term of craziness. These two, when they are together, bring me down to the floor laughing. They really get along. I dont know how well Lego interacts with his past female costars (maybe you can tell me, lol) , but he really gets along with Allison. 


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  5. @jazz638 Yeah the extension really throws me off too. Just watched ep 19 preview, and guess what I dont even know when they gonna let the students compete in the national cooking contest. I thought I would love the extension at first since I was really into HJ-XR pairing in earlier eps, but I dont think I do now though unless I see the "Cuteness" brought back. Chris's character I dont quite make out yet, but it is definitely better than Mr.Wen character. I feel like most of the second male leads in Taiwanese dramas are really underdeveloped. They're just there for the sake of being the right-from-the-start-defeated pursuer lol...just like what happened in "Murphy's" 

    I thought I was mistaken, but it was definitely Megan Lai playing the disguised female-male character. Holy crap, I did not recognize her. I thought she looked familiar but could not quite recall. Then I saw the name list. I am okay with seeing Megan onscreen (did not like her costar in Ms.Rose), dont know about Baron Chen yet??? Why do I feel like rewatching Kdrama "You're beutiful" ???

    Hope it's going somewhere... Ep 19 preview...


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  6. Future Actors and Actresses...



    Gotta give it to this girl. Amanda Chow is really pretty and sexy too...lol...Guess I ma give "Bromance" a chance after "Love Cuisine" ended. 





    Allison really can get along with just anyone...



    Do you know this guy??? Yes, he is the rejected one, the one with glasses with one side crush for our little PZ...Men, he is indeed good looking with them glasses...lol


    Oh my XN, see how funny he can be...




  7. @jazz638 finally caught up with all the airing episodes so far. I am used to be very excited and full of butterflies in the stomach when the main leads appeared on screen up until ep 17 and ep 18. I dont what to say. I hope that it's not a feeling of disappointment. The sweetness, cuteness, and fluffiness are still there, but something is missing. Even with the arrival of Chris mysterious new character does not bring that excitement back. Dont know what went wrong...:o:(. However, MZ and PZ are still worth watching. I can see love in the air already. MZ has really fallen for PZ. All it takes now is a proper confession. I also want to see the friendship development between MC and XN. He said that "HE HAS TO GO TO THE LIBRARY" and that made me laughing hard lol. How can I not love him???:lol:Well about the extension, I think they better wrap everything up nicely and give us a satisfy ending. It's kinda dragging right now... Looking for ep 19, drama writer, PLEASE, PLEASE, GIVE ME BACK MY LOVE FOR HJ-XR...

    By the way, do you happen to know the song that played during the PZ waiting for MZ under the rain scene? It was sung by female artist. 

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  8.  Love Development (cont.)

    1. You see This...lol...so flirting...XR, you better watch out, he is coming for your HJ...



    2. I know he is good looking...but do you have to look that desperate...



    Very scheming...



    These are so cute...



    Ops, heart taken...Bye, Bye HJ



    3. So MZ, you have finally admitted that You..to...PZ...



    Good job, that is way to win the girl's heart by waiting for her to fall sick...



    But you still lost to MZ :( and PZ "Sealed with a Kiss" 



    4. What about you guys?? Anything new...


  9. 22 hours ago, jazz638 said:

    @thitu ya I'm so excited for tomorrow haha! Oh that's unfortunate :/ I really liked Aim High- it's one of my favorite dramas. Then again, I have a huge Lego bias and I thought Lego and Guo Shu Yao were cute together as well. Of course, I like Chris a lot too since I watched many dramas with him.

    Based on the plot right now, seems like 18 episodes isn't enough! :D 

    You're excited for this right 



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