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  1. "I totally thought it was Sun-mi as well. Because this is a drama, we must have multiple hidden identities!  If not her, maybe its the kid from that store who gave Sun-mi the bell? He seems sufficiently suspicious. I mean, we did see him get a little red in the eyes at one point. Also, if Iron Fan was using children's souls to save him, may be that means he's a little evil to begin with. So the boy would make sense."


    Cr .db commenter 

    I mean it makes sense he is there when JSM saw the pot same with the death bell . And in the original novel MW kid is a boy aswell weird name though red boy lul

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  2. Atleast hwayugi is still in this 



    The Content Power Index ranks TV shows based on their overall popularity and influence on consumer behavior. Factors such as number of searches, news subscriptions, and social media buzz are analyzed to determine the rankings.


    According to CPI rankings released by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea for the week of January 22 to 28, “Infinite Challenge” earned an overall score of 236.4 points. “Mother” debuted at No. 2 with 235.4 points, followed by “Youn’s Kitchen 2.”


    The top 10 shows on CPI rankings are as follows:


    “Infinite Challenge” (MBC)

    “Mother” (tvN)

    “Youn’s Kitchen 2” (tvN)

    “Insolent Housemates” (MBC)

    “My Golden Life” (KBS2)

    “Return” (SBS)

    “Hwayugi” (tvN)

    “I Live Alone” (MBC)

    “Black Knight” (KBS2)

    “King of Masked Singer” (MBC)


    Cr. soompi

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    *Update* Nationwide, Ep 13’s peak rating was 6%. 2049 target rating was 3.9% average, 5.2% peak. In Seoul, the peak rating was 5.7%.


    18.02.10 Nielsen Cable Ratings


    #1 Hwayugi 4.397% (nationwide), 4.365% (Seoul)


    18.02.10 TNMS Cable Ratings


    #2 Hwayugi 5.0% (nationwide)


    Cr. tryp96


    As expected the ratings drop . People in kr is probably just focusing on Olympics.  

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  4. ^ Seunggi is a good kisser even bfore he goes to army though lol . Its an advantage srsly to have 2 mature actor/actress to do a kissing scene lul . And wow JSM should srsly change her outfit like when she goes to the club to get the glutton demon . A change of wardrobe for JSM pls she is gorgeous actress and dont deserve to get that kind of boring outfit from now on lul . She is has glam body too so why not?

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  5. I just have a random thoughts lol what if we get a ridiculous twist that will switch SOG - JSM body just for the laughs that will stay for an episode or two lol that would be a riot :lol:


    Abt LSG acting i rmbr cringing at his earlier dramas like BL and MGIAG . He tends to overreact at times there lol but i rly like his crying scene though . And yeah after K2H he rly up his acting chops . He is a great actor now . Abt OYS though i feel like she portray her role well as JSM i just feel like the writers should just give her bigger character development but even now i rly dig her i totaly love the emotions in her eyes . ~~ especially shes not a poor leading lady with brand new phone lol and her character for me is very strong in a sense that she became successful even with those circumstances. U dont neef to be physically strong for to be called STRONG anyway.  -_-

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