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  1. GGG is not the transporter though its actually the theor contract from ep 1 



    “If you extinguish the candles and release me,” he promises, “I can leave and protect you, understand?”


    Sun-mi asks for a contract. HA! Oh-gong agrees, and asks what her stipulations are. Sun-mi requests, “Please protect me. I see very frightening monsters.”


    He tells her his name, adding, “If you call my name when you’re in trouble, in danger, or scared, I’ll appear and protect you.” He holds out his hand, and they touch palms to seal the deal, whereupon a ball of light rises from his palm.



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    Meet him among them




    I never wished for fate

    to bring us so close

    Now that you're gone

    my days are useless


    Of all the people, I met you

    It was like a dream

    And the love I got from you

    It was like a miracle


    I thought I was ready

    I was sure I'd be fine

    But look where I am

    I can't let you go


    Of all the people, I met you

    It was like a dream

    And the love I got from you

    It was like a miracle


    You used to call my name with the sweetest voice I know

    But now I'm just another face

    o And everything I have, means nothing to me


    Of all the people, I met you

    but we parted ways

    Maybe we'll meet again someday

    if we were meant to be

    It'll be a miracle


    I rly like this song of lee seun hee and it somehow fits our otp and their fate ..


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  3. After finishing ep 16 i have a few thoughts 


    -is it possible that SOG save MW child hence he got locked up in the mountain along with stealing the immortality fruit.


    -i think we alrdy know whats KDS /ASN is up to "make her your woman" is alrdy given 


    -JSM alrdy knows in this ep what will happen to them . 


    -MW child is that peddler kid . 


    -And lastly fvcked you heaven realm 

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