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  1. INFINITE’s L Accused Of Plagiarising Parts Of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s Company Departure Letter Who read this articles? Plot twist, kim myung soo in relationship with seohyun. That why he copy her letters
  2. But if with different agencies make them hard to do comeback right. Like girl generation or 2pm
  3. So sad to hear this but maybe for his acting career. Good luck for him. If you guys have good or bad news about them (soosun couple) please update here. I will check this thread everyday. Much love
  4. I think because they (kms & shs) dont update anything in their media social, so people easy to forget them. I think idol fans always like that. (They think their idol belong to them.) Now i wait for good news about them if they appear in kbs award. Ok silent reader mode.
  5. Oh je still have his mother (when he take care of his little dongseng). So no time to likes jun woo mother
  6. Do you think the lawyer with the teacher have a love storyline or not. (I forgot their name in this drama)
  7. Thank you to who always update this thread. Its look like no update from them.
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