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  1. It's so nice to see him out and about before disappearing for a few weeks to rehearse for Jekyll and Hyde. Come November, I'm sure we'll see more of his post show dash to his car from fancams and I am here for that. Am I seeing this correctly, is Kim Sung Kyun wearing the same leather jacket that JSW wore in their Daegu apperances from the previous day? If so, I find that so cute and endearing.
  2. Sending good vibes to everyone who will try to book tickets in the next ticket open! I won't even try until 2nd or 3rd ticket open but just thinking about the stress of trying to book ANY ticket is making me break out in a cold sweat.
  3. According to @wanda77's post, the ticket open is on the 22nd at 2pm south korean time so you won't be able to buy any tickets until then. The actor schedule will also follow soon so watch out for that so you know which dates to buy. Remember, there are 3 actors playing jekyll & hyde. All you can do now is make sure you are able to log in with your interpark account. The musical will be listed soon, but you won't be able to book until the ticket open. By then, you have to be ready and know which dates you wish to buy tickets for, your credit card close close by, as well as your info. You have to book your ticket quickly so I recommend having the required info typed on a notepad app then just copy paste. Even if you're already logged in, you'll still need to enter your name, email, phone, and of course credit card info. At least that's how it worked last time. Also, I found that seats appear and disappear at any given date. So if i was unable to book a good seat I go back on another day and see if my preferred seat or date is available. You may cancel for free until a few weeks after the performance date. Let us know how it goes and happy ticket hunting!
  4. Let me know if you need help with the tickets! Like @wanda77 said, you need an account with interpark and be ready infront of the computer at the exact time when the seats become available. And you can bet the Korean fans are lightning fast, plus the servers are in Korea so all the good seats get snapped up quickly. I have only seen up to ep 2 of Life, and I am loving it so far. He always gives a litte bit extra with any role he is given. I am looking forward to bingeing everything when I get back from my trip.
  5. You can still watch his musicals! For Jekyll and Hyde, there are several performances of the whole show that are in English so you can watch those on youtube before catching the show. It's still frustrating to watch without actually understanding the words but at least you can follow the story. And for me, nothing beats live performances. Aside from that, you can hang around after the show and fangirl by watching him walk to the service car. He usually stays a few minutes to wave and smile at fans.
  6. Some kind soul will usually post the ticket schedule here with the actor schedule as well. Or you can follow OD Musical's twitter account and see for yourself. Usually the first batch of tickets will be sold 1-2 months before show starts. Then the batches will follow after. I am not sure if you've watched other shows in Korea, but ticket buying can be very competitive. Especially for our guy who has been missed on the stage and making a comeback on everyone's favorite musical. Also, sometimes if you go too early, they don't have souvenirs yet, if you're into that. The playbill for Werther was not available until a few weeks after it started. And the cast recording for Werther and Hedwig aTAI wasn't released until a few months after.
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