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  1. Arghhhh just finish watching ep 32 it’s so suspense but the end is hanging. Its so sad but yet beautifull. How I am suppose to wait untill next Monday
  2. Me too, I wish all the sad episode over fast and back to the present
  3. Could you recommend the fastest site that upload new ep even if it’s unsub? i can only find up until ep 26 raw. The untamed is not available in my country in Viki thanks
  4. @zaireen if you record ep 13 and 14 from Kplus could you please share it again? Thank you in advance
  5. Anyone watching ep 13? Could tou please share what happen with DH, Raw have not uploaded anywhere yet
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows why the sub for this drama is so slow others usually come out the next day but I have to wait 3-4 days for confession
  7. I agree with you I think they are all survival or family member of the tragedy in Nov 2003. For the items, is there possibility that these items belong to all the victim in the tragedy? remember the scene of shin father photograph all the item belong to the victim and said that later on the relative might want to see it. I think I saw the pink instant camera? but I might be wrong.
  8. @spark101 totally agree with you. So far I really hook with this drama, looking forward for next week.
  9. I'm not that fond of Jin Se Yoon but I will watch it for Jo Ji Hoon. First Ep looks promising, looking forward for today ep as well.
  10. Just read an article regarding Hyun Bin being top shooter in marine. No wonder he looks so natural holding the gun in MOA. He is especially hot in this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/mctbsuvjj3imnvr/hyunbin resize.jpg?dl=0
  11. @vangsweetie637 it’s a different song right? I think what we are looking for is not accidental encounter, And the song was not included in MOA itunes album. inform me if you found it please thank you in advance edit found it but not available in itunes the song title indeed vacant sorrows by the License Lab
  12. @packmule3 thank you for your explanation, make me feel a litte better although I still don't like the writer and director. They use to many flash back especially when the flash back is repeated exactly the same again and again it's boring. It's not the open ending that I can not accept but there are to many things unexplain and to many character that did not develop. But over all this drama not so bad although for me is not grade A, good start but did not delivered well in the several last episode. I fall in love with Hyun Bin in this drama. His acting is perfect . I saw him in secret garden but only fall in love with him now in this drama and makes me watched all his previous movie because of this drama.
  13. Anyone know any site I can lash out my anger to SJJ ? This is a total lousy and messy ending wasting Hyun Bin and PSH talent
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