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  1. @maribella- Yeah, it was a good cliffhanger. This is the drama's strong point after each episode, I'm always wondering what's gonna happen next. As to your question about Ga On, not sure why Min Joon brought back Ga On to Chariman Kim. Or is this all part of his grand plan somehow?? What Min Joon doesn't know is that Tae On tried to kill his sister & baby Ga On- that's my guess for the opening scene with the burning warehouse in episode 1. Can't wait for more romance between Hera & Min Joon
  2. @larus and @Jillia- Thanks for the recent updates and news on this drama! You guys rock!! I started watching a couple of days ago and binged all the earlier episodes. It was THAT good. Looking forward to the finale
  3. @luvjinhyuk, My thoughts exactly. They are like the other main couple beside ES-KT, and the writer doesn't give them a kiss, seriously? Like you said, even Ester and Sec. Yoon got a hot kiss, what gives??? ( I had so much anticipation for an amazing plot our HJ-KW couple, but KES really disappointed me with so little screen time that they had. But I shouldn't complain anymore, just hoping for more scenes and a happy ending for them next week...last week..
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