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  1. Thanks @richelle @Chellsee @annamchoi and any others that I forgot to mention for sharing all the clips, photos and other goodies for today's episode!!! I haven't commented on Soompi in a while, but this drama is sooooooooooo satisfying to watch that I couldn't resist. I really have no life, the first thing that I check on my phone when I wake up on Wednesdays & Thursdays are updates on Soompi hee hee. On a side note: I watched Prison Playbook yesterday for Jung Hae In's storyline and the actor that plays Gi-Seok, Kim Jung Han, and the actor that plays Si-Hoon, Lee Moo Saeng are also in this drama. One Spring Night is like a mini reunion for them lol. But thank goodness, their characters were not related in Prison Playbook, that would have been really weird .
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