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  1. EDIT: January 19, 2018. This was supposed to be a super long post about how I can't over my first love from a year ago. To be honest with you I actually forgot about this post until recently. The moment I realized I came back on the forum right away and I was touched to see so many thoughtful replies from you guys even until this day. Thank you all for your sweet messages and I'm glad to say that I have completely recovered from my terrible break up - about 1.5 years ago. People would tell me at first that time heals everything and I used to question this everyday... but today I can confirm that it really has. When I thought my entire world was about to fall apart and I didn't what to do, I knew I just had to keep going. Of course it was hard... but it was only hard the first 6-8months? and from then on I slowly started to forget and feel better. My final message that I would like to leave for myself is: You've done a great job :). The most valuable takeaway from this is that I learned to love myself. I now enjoy to spend time alone again and I've developed some new interests and goal during that time. I am proud to say that I can not be any happier than I am now. If you guys ever feel upset about anything, please know it is always better to let it out. You guys can share it with me and the rest of us here and we can all comfort and support one another. For me, I'm just very glad that I had this place to vent out my sadness when I needed it the most.
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