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  1. For once, Joon Ho stopped being selfish and shameless and told Sang Won the truth. I liked the way he said that he will watched how their (Geum Hee and Sang Won) love will worked out to be.
  2. I hope for once Sang Won's Mummy Dearest will do some good and informed Sang Won on Geum Hee's illness.
  3. I just hoped they will put an end to Sang Won's misery very soon. Someone ... please tell him the truth!
  4. Beautiful episodes. The best is that Dong Joo knew for the fact her own identity. She even going to test her DNA with Sabina's to make sure they are not sisters. Shin Nan Sook herself make her own confession that she was the one who killed Professor Cha in front of the very person she did not want the truth to be known. Chinese has a saying "that a ghost had hit her on the back of her head to make her speak the truth". Great whack from Grandmother on her. It did not go too well on Joon Ki that the mother and daughter had lied to him that he indeed had killed a man. I think that is the turning point. Shin Nan Sook seemed to think she is doing everything in her daughter's interest but I believe she is using everyone for her own benefit.
  5. I hate when men treat their ex as if they are "spare tyre" after abandoning them. I am glad that Geum Hee finally put her own family above the rest. She did the decent thing to inform the sane parent of Sang Won. His father did not approve but he did not disapproved of the move to US either. Tonight, we see what the troublemaker mother will do. I hope to see some casting of salt on her.
  6. Great preview. Geum Hee's mother tells Sang Won to move in into their household. His mother will be hopping mad when she finds out her beloved son has entered the Wang household as the live-in son in law.
  7. Sang Won's stupid mother resorted to "kidnapping". That will probably the straw that break the camel's back where Sang Won is concerned with his family. So typical that his family resort problems with money always. Anyway, they had agreed that they will leave the country to start a life together.
  8. The more Sang won's parents tried to get Yeo Reum back, the worst they become in front of their son's eyes. I had to laugh when Joon Ho basically told Sang Mi he cannot wait to leave the house. Preview, lovely that Sang Mi is called to give due respect to Geum Ju who will be her elder sister in law.
  9. So typical that bloodline only counts as family. Sang Won's family are such hypocrites. I loved that Sang Won told them straight up that they are the reason why his son suffered so much. The big mastermind is his own Mummy Dearest. The father is a lost cause to me when he threw in position and money as the sole formula for happiness. Family is not about blood ties, it is about people who loved and cared for each other. I am glad Sang Won hit the nail straight into Joon Ho that he is plotting to return to Geum Hee's side and see him as an obstacle. Sang Won told him that he is not giving him no chance to toy with such an idea. First time hearing someone referring to his mother as "The Elder". Good example of a son not related by blood cares more of the mother than the one who is blood related.
  10. I like the fact that Sang Won referred to Geum Hee as the mother of his child. Good that Sang Won saw for himself what his mother is capable of and likely what Bora had to go through. Geum Hee still have a family to protect her unlike Bora who was an orphan. Preview, Sang Won said he will raised his son via marrying the mother of his son. His mother will flipped and the truth is she cannot do anything because she will never be able to make Sang Won take a law suit against Geum Hee for Yeo Reum.
  11. So glad that the trip to the toilet was a delay tactic for Sang Won to be able to meet them and find out the truth.
  12. Just started on this drama, absolutely enjoyed it. You cannot find two absolutely people so opposite of each other that found each other.
  13. I hope next week father and son will reunite. He cannot pray for a better mother for his son than Geum Hee. Sang Mi still act as spoilt as ever and Joon Ho is so fed up with her. Well, they made their bed of roses so they will have to bear it for the moment.
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