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  1. I found nothing wrong at all with the hug, honestly surprised at the attention it is getting. Isn't it completely normal that the two people who have been searching for the killer for such personal reasons and then find out that the one they finally caught can't be the same 'turtle' who was part of their 'stories'? They share something that no one else does and that is the experiences they went through separately but were related to the same circumstance of corruption. It seemed like a simple hug that said I know how you feel. And it was probably something lawyer Han really needed at the time. It just shows what a great kid Young Goon is and to me had absolutely nothing romantic about it. Just one human being comforting another.
  2. This drama has been nothing short of amazing! Writing, directing, acting and definitely cinematography being beyond exceptional. Haven't been able to predict what's next since it is so intricately and interestingly scripted. Why can't they all be this terrific????
  3. It seems Sooyeon is a plant, just who is listed on her phone as 'boyfriend'?
  4. Thanks much, will definitely look into those you mentioned! If you like whodoneits I would recommend a Chinese drama titled Day & Night.
  5. I am really enjoying this drama on lots of levels, hope it maintains those levels through till the end. It seems OCN produces a lot of well written dramas - any others that might be recommended?
  6. I'm really enjoying this one, hope it maintains its pace and its plot.
  7. If you want something lighter try Good Partner. Just started Fortuneteller Ataru and enjoying it.
  8. LOVING this sweet series - Miracles (Bokura wa Kiseki de Dekite Iru)
  9. Wow, I just hate dramas like this!!! It was so excellent from beginning to end that it is hard to accept all of the other drivel that is out there! It is true I ask a lot of a drama but the one thing that is of utmost important to me is that a character stays true to what they are and I'm not talking about growing - which is great - but when a writer takes a character and completely changes and makes them do things totally out of character, it is the death knell for me and that drama. This one was superbly written and never veered from its path. Oh if only there were more like this one! Bravo to everyone involved in terrific production. More PLEASE!
  10. Isn't it reasonable to see children from lower economic families being the victims in this drama? These are the very children who often are taken away from such parents, often for good reasons but also at times for ridiculous reasons and put into foster care and then often disappear into human trafficking for everything from sex to organs? At least that is what statistics show worldwide.
  11. This is why I often look for the dramas that have a low number of post pages, since that usually indicates a very well written production that takes some smarts to watch and appreciate.
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