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  1. SYA in GR's summer collection
  2. 31.12.2018 - SBS Drama Awards Congratulations Song Yoon Ah on winning Top Excellence in Acting (Daily and Weekend Drama) for the performance in "Secret Mother"
  3. SYA at Von Estis Product Launching Party credit: yoonablog
  4. SONG YOON (YUN) AH Profile: - Name - 송윤아 / Song Yoon Ah (Song Yun Ah) - Nationality - South Korean - Occupation - Actress - Education - Humanities Degree - Hanyang University - Birthday - 07-Jun-1973 - Birthplace - Seoul, Korea - Height - 169cm (5' 6") - Family - Husband/movie actor Sul Kyung Gu (설경구) - Children - Sul Seung Yoon Drama: 2018 SBS Secret Mother (with Kim So Yeon, Song Jae Rim, Kim Tae Woo,...) 2016 tvN The K2 (with Ji Chang Wook, Im Yoon Ah, Jo Sung Ha, Lee Jung Jin,,...) 2015 KBS Assembly (with Jung Jae Young, Taec Yeon, Kim Seo Hyung,...) 2014 MBC Mama (with Jung Joon Ho, Moon Jung Hee, Hong Jong Hyeon,...) 2008 SBS On Air (with Lee Beom Soo, Park Yong Ha, Kim Ha Neul,...) 2006 MBC My Elder Sister (with Kim Seung Soo, Huh Young Ran, Ahn Yoen Hong, Kang Kyung Joon,...) 2005 SBS Hong Kong Express (with Cha In Pyo, Jo Jae Hyun, Kim Hyo Jin, Jung Ae Yeon, Lee Young En, Eric Tsang,...) 2004 SBS Into The Storm (with Kim Suk Hoon, Kim Min Jun, Uhm Ji Won,...) 2002 MBC The Present (with Park Jung Chul, Son Ji Chang, Kim Ji Young,...) 2001 MBC I Love Bear (Kim Kuk Jin, Cho Min Ki,...) MBC Hotelier (Kim Seung Woo, Bae Yong Jun, Song Hae Gyo, Park Jung Chul, Jeong Joon Ho,...) 2000 SBS 2000 Love Story (Jeong Joon Ho, Yoo Ji Tae,...) MBC NG Friends (Ahn Jae Wook, Kim Ji Soo, Hong Kyung In,...) 1999 MBC Go! Heaven of Ours (Cho Min Ki, Park Jung Chul,...) MBC The Street King (Cha In Pyo, Kim Nam Joo,...) CNZTV White Christmas (self-produced and self-directed) 1998 MBC Advocate (Son Chang Min, Lee Young Ae,...) KBS Papercrane (Ryu Shi Won, Myung Se Bin,...) SBS Mr. Q (Kim Hee Sun, Kim Min Jong,...) MBC Love (Jang Dong Gun, Kim Mi Sook,...) 1997 SBS Over the Horizon KBS Tears of the Dragon KBS Legend of my Hometown - The Nine-Tail Fox 1996 KBS Age of Personality Movie: 2009 Wedding Dress (Lee Ki Woo, Kim Hyang Ki,...) 2008-09 Secret (Cha Seung Won,...) 2006 Lost In Love (Sol Kyung Gu,...) 2006 Arang (Lee Dong Wook,...) 2004 Face (Shin Hyun Jun,...) 2002 Jailbreakers (Sol-Kyung Gu, Cha Seung Won,...) 2000 A Masterpiece in my Life (Park Joong Hoon,...) 1998 Zzang (Cha In Pyo, Jang Hyuk,...) 1997 1818 (Jeong Joon Ho,...) Awards: - 2018 - SBS Drama Awards - Top Excellence in Acting for Daily and Weekend Drama (Secret Mother) - 2015 - 51st Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Lead Actress in television category (Mama) - 2014 - MBC - Female Top Excellence Special Project Award (Mama) - 2008 - SBS - Female Top Excellence Award (On Air) - 2002 - 23rd Blue Dragon Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Jailbreakers) - 2001 - MBC - Top Acting Award (Hotelier) - 1998 - SBS - People's Choice Award (Mr. Q) - 1995 - KBS - Supertalent Contest - Gold Award websites: - Yoonaroom (Japanese language)
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