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  1. Hehehe :blush: my 2nd DotS comic strip. I hope today's last special episode with more bts & epilogue will give us a more satisfactory ending for all the characters particularly our Beauty & Big Boss couple. If no wedding or no babies, at least give us a proposal! That is not too much to ask for considering how many hardships they had overcame together.

    Beauty will become Little Boss :joy:.


    Cr as tagged


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  2. I am going to add one more comment about Beauty, she does not know how much likable, lovable, desirable her Big Boss is. How many ladies will snatch him up but he only loves you so Beauty you are very lucky, wish you will realize this & loves him back at least give us some happy scenes, put a smile on Big Boss, man he injured himself too much :cry: now his heart is injured too. Heal his heart will you Beauty? 

    Yes, I would Not mind kissing Big Boss too @Delulu_jie2830

    It is pretty cool that DotS was filmed in Greece too, Apollo -- Greek God -- Greece, the title hints no romance but gosh for me, it has the best romance ever!

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  3. I read that some members were wondering where was SJK's left hand, arm at (I am guessing you guys are referring to the photo the four of them SJK, SHK, JG & KJW sitting on the couch). As much as I want his hand to be behind SHK's lower back but no, his hand was by his left thigh, I could see his watch :weary:. If someone happened to say this already then do excuse this post of mine since I only read from pages 400 - 410.


    Edit: I was wrong, his left hand wasn't by his left thigh & there was no watch, it was the sun light that made it seemed like his left hand was by his left thigh. 


    I am thinking by the end of this week, we will get to page 500 at this rate, no doubt :thumbsup:.


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  4. DotS virus is contagious! I got it too & like to spread it everywhere I go haha, even Dr. Kang could not treat this virus lol. This is my 2nd post in here, my first post was back in page 74 within hours before DotS press conference on 2/22 & WOW less than a month later more than 300 pages!!!!! Therefore I could not keep up :bawling: I went back to being a silent reader lol. Thank you to everyone for keeping this thread so active!!!!!. But since I have the virus like some of you guys here, I need to come out of my cave & hopefully get treated and hopefully will be sick free :grin: . 

    Has anyone give MY & SJ the title "the Shoelace couple" yet? :blush:

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  5. Hi DotS's fans!

    A silent reader coming out to join the party lol. I am a fan of SHK for may years, I was active a few years before then I was not active & became a silent reader. DotS has pushed me out of my cave lol, it has almost everything I want in a drama. The reason for why not everything is because of the unknown ending, I hope DotS will end with the best ending.

    The title has been on my mind for weeks, it is unique. I don't know if anyone has talked about the title before, I am curious. Why this drama is called DotS?

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  6. Why why why!!! :(( :(( :(( Why this is not going our way!! I don't know her, but by google her pictures, in my honest opinion SHK is more beautiful than her, about acting wise, I never watch any of her drama so no comment on that (no offense to anyone who like her). But I guess it is beauty in the eye of the beholder...this will not change my like for TWTWB, but I am kind of sad, based on O2 chemistry in there and I thought O2 could develop a relationship of more than friends in real life...this is such a bummer :((

  7. Oh Soo oppa is piggyback ride giver, forehead kisser, potato soup chef, tear wiper, hot stalker, passionate kisser, and etc, but he is one heck of a face grabber/toucher/holder  :D . There were countless scenes where Oh Soo grabs/touches/holds, well more of grabbing Oh Young's face. There were 4 kiss scenes that Oh Soo grabs/holds Oh Young's face before he kisses her, well these were due to her blindness that he has to hold her face so he could kiss her, but boy is he a face grabber  :)).


    This is my not so great artwork :)).

    With all Oh Soo's grabbing Oh Young's face and kissing Oh Young's lips, her face and lips are safe and sound after the drama concluded, she needs her face and lips for her next movie, Laneige cfs, and etc. :D and as for Oh Soo's face being whacked by Oh Young's walking stick and slapped by Oh Young and many others, it is still in one piece to the end, thank goodness :)).

  8. I could not believe there is a post here, whether it is unintentional or intentional, it had made some windblowers not happy, including myself (kind of weird for a member with >180 posts to be lost or post in the wrong forum, should this member know how the rules work here?) :-/ but don't let this one post interrupt our activity here, plus let be civilized and move on with our activity on our tremendous love for TWTWB :)>-, although it is Spring now, my body is feeling the warm temperature, but my mind still wander in Winterland, hehehe ;;)

  9. Now I understood why OS was breathing on/warming up OY's hands, they are to warm up his cheeks, LOL!! :-? \:D/ OS is so smart so that both of them are now all warmed up LOL!! :D OY is smiling ear to ear and OS's facial expression is priceless, so happy to have OY warm up his cheeks. So many imaginations I could think of for this O2 couple :x twtwbwarmhands.jpg

    cr: zoey3 & judy.nguyen (for the second pic)

  10. I just realized and remembered seeing the two ducks in the back behind JIS in O2 interview together for TWTWB. I think they are a duck couple/pair. From watching a few K dramas in the past, I saw in wedding scenes they have a pair of ducks representing the bride and broom so I realized it is significant in Korean culture, especially in wedding rituals. I did some quick research, and turned out it is really interesting!

    Is it a sign for our O2 couple to really become more than friends in the near future?! Or they happened to be in a room with duck figurines? What a coincidence, either one. Those ducks sure look beautiful. From research --- " The couple always keeps the wedding ducks in their home. The position in which the ducks are placed explains the relationship of the couple. Nose to nose placement means they are happy together and tail to tail mean that they are having troubles in their married life" --- The ducks are placed, neither nose to nose or tail to tail but rather nose to face :D, my interpretation is that they O2 are friends and in the process of getting to know each other better, ahh my weird imagination :D. No offense if I offended anyone about Korean culture on ducks :). or the duck placement is really for this picture, JIS  is the green duck and SHK is the blue duck with a bow    twtwbducks.jpg

    ;)) ;))
  11. I love to read the posts about O2 kissing scenes, or posts about kisses :D, you guys are too funny!! I could not see Oh Young's lips either, maybe of the camera's angle or Oh Soo's deprivation of Oh Young's lips for so long that once the director said action, he just have to have them all covered by his own lips, must be tough for him because Oh Young's lips are not small, they are bigger than his, they are full and luscious, the only actor whose lips are in the same ranking as of Oh Young's lips are lips of Won Bin Lol :)... About the final episode, I'm waiting for the subs too before I can make my decision whether it is a happy ending or not but right now I will KISS, Keep it super and special ;)

  12. Finally, the last preview, that is the best preview from this drama, I guess they save the best for last, thank you to all who posted it. So many events are happening in that preview, how will they unfold in just an hour? I am so excited!! Oh Soo looks so cool and slick. There are no scenes of cherry blossom or Oh Soo kissing Oh Young on the balcony, but again I guess they (writer & director) want to surprise us with a HAPPY ending! [-O<

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