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  1. I decide to read again this forum after an absence of a few weeks. I cannot help noticing that many are still annoyed with Emily. I wonder if anyone realised that she has been under a psychiatric treatment, for trauma I suspect. I don't detect any sympathy for her sad situation in most discussions in this forum. Has it ever occurred to anyone here that someone who went through near death, with so much pain after series of operations, with suicidal intent at times from pain and miseries, should be pitied and treated with more compassion. It is so disheartening to read so much unkind words and bashing towards Emily. In today's episode, JH even pointed out to KY that Emily tried to take her life several times when in US. He had to force her to try to live and her fight to keep alive kept JH to feel the need to live as well. The relationship they had was special that they helped one another to overcome their tragedies ... both the victims of Kang Se Na. Even JH showed some remorse for not being more attentive to her when she was showing an unstable behaviour after being tormented by SeNa and Gayoung. I notice there is not any feeling of pity shown towards her by these heartless Koreans and viewers alike. Seriously, till you befriend someone in Emily's psychiatric situation, in real life, then you will not say all those unkind words about someone like her... suicidal n all. Remember even famous actors like Robin Williams took his own life, he suffered from depression. Of late we heard of many who committed suicide due to depression, likewise in the case of Emily in this story. She's destroyed her liver from all those pills and from her overdose to overcome the pain of rejection from JH, unkind words fron GY, JH mother and sister, and from that horrid SeNa, drove her to the brink. Let's have compassion instead. It was the presence of YS that made JH waver in his revenge motives. He mentioned that in the episodes just as he discovered he had a son. YS existence certainly complicate the whole scenario of revenge. He suddenly realised that he has responsibility to be careful in his revenge, less his son finds out later that his father did some bad decisions in the name of revenge. And of course, after finding out that KY waited six years for him to come back, that was enough to bring back those 'funny, familiar, forgotten feelings' back to his inner self. He is human afterall, they divorced not because of their dire circumstances, it was SeNa's presence that drove them apart.
  2. When JH met Emily, both were at the lowest point in their life. She was fighting for her life and he had to seek a new livelihood after losing almost everything that was dear to him.... his father's death, his family factory and land, his mother got swindled and his sister had to start anew too. They gave each other the support to go forward and work in tandem to improve their dire conditions. JH helped Emily to recover from her painful operations and subsequent recovery which includes lots of painkillers and medicines. That took 6 years, and that period of time compared to the 3 months KY marriage to JH, should give us some inside into how close knit these two were. It is only expected that some bonding and love must have taken place during those 6 years. No doubt there was a contract made between them, but they stayed together and each was nursing the other, giving strength to move on and overcome their respective hurdles. Their driving force was to get back their earlier loss and then go their separate ways. Mind you, it is easier said on paper than when the affairs of the heart is involved. It was the present of Yoon Soo that got JH off balance. He was not told of the son existence. He would not have married Emily if he had known. So I feel it is not fair to accuse either of them as a 'nutcase' or 'crazy'. They had set a goal ... to punish SeNa and try to get the Kang to realise what an evil SeNa is, that lurks among them. KY was never supportive of JH earlier, so he had to divorce her since he knew he was their 'punchbag' at every turn of events. After hearing that JH remarried, he was harassed as if he committed adultery. To me it is KY who felt jealous of Emily, she lost him ..! How is it that some viewers rallied behind KY and shamed Emily ...? This is so baffling ..! DY and HK gave JH a good punch as if he had to seek their permission to whosoever he wants to marry ...!! JH character too is written such that after seeing Yoon Soo, he felt indebted and sorry that KY had to bring up his son all by herself. It is not his fault, but he was responsible enough to accept that he should give the moral support to KY for her sacrifices. In fact all three are to be pitied to be caught in an unfortunate web of deceits and pain. In many dramas that Kang Eun Tak acted in, especially in ' Beautiful You' ... he did not end up with the leading lady, though they met again after a time jump. So do not be surprised if the writer decides to not let KY be with JH till a few years later, after Emily's death maybe. That would then be more appropriate with the title ..' Love to the end ' ... implying KY waited even if it means 'until the end'. Till then let's not hate the three main characters since each had suffered so much, at the hands of that monster woman, ...they are SeNa victims.
  3. Just watched d episode. Well, I simply do not understand why JH again got a slap from KY 's dad. They should hit SeNa. KY just sat n watched JH being abused by her dad. The mindset of these Kang family is certainly twisted, JH seemed their punchbag each time the family faced an upset. They should wake up and seek the truth. JH went through near death too 6 years back, and they didn't even want to believe him when he tried to tell them the real culprit SeNa. Well, that's the price Kang family had to pay for trusting the wrong person. Frankly I have no sympathy towards KY family. So gullible and willing to think bad of JH every time. When Emily informed KY of her near death hit and run, none of the Kang felt sorry towards her, even DY. This family deserved the fates coming to them, loss of their company and Song Yi too .... very soon. All manipulated by fake SeNa and her supposedly father. If that's not a wake up call, then they are just a disgusting family.
  4. I thought as much that DY died after seeing his mother n HK in black. His death will make KY more determined to go into revenge mode too. Prior to this DY was about to give in to SeNa each time she put on her sorry face. He even told is mum that he got soft towards SeNa when he looked at Song Yi. He was a liability with JH each time SeNa tricked them. He was weak and lacked foresight, SeNa just wormed her ways through easily. Now KY got to act tough and seek revenge for the death of her brother.
  5. I don't really understand why he should get the beatings...... they should hit SeNa, the witch instead. She drove him out of his comfort zone, tricked the Kangs and Yoon into believing lies. She's seen smiling, that conniving person always up to no good. Finally, she's served with a divorce paper ... and still not showing any repentant.
  6. Hello everyone.... am new to this thread and only started watching this drama like a week ago. Since I have seen many of Kang Eun Tak drama, and think he's 'hot' too, I decide to watch a few and read up here. I agree with @watchumlots that KY is just being naive and unreasonable. She knew of JH five years with SeNa, and the 'push' she got from her. Those incidents should hold enough alarm bells for her to not trust SeNa at all..! Instead KY rather point her anger and frustration at JH who had to spend 6 years away to come back and hold his head up high against those who did wrong to him. He was wrongly accused, assaulted with the scar as proof, and his family made penniless by Sena's family and his ex in laws was no better. Did not even give him the benefit of the doubt when he was trying to let them know who SeNa was like. Frankly, I would not even have pity on KY for she doubts her husband too when he tried to tell her what SeNa was like. He had a pitiful life those 3 months as her husband, at her beck and call for settling payments and buying stuffs for the restaurant. Now that he has made a comeback, in good financial standing, KY had the cheek to lament to him that she is still residing beside the restaurant. Hey, he has cut ties by divorcing KY, he is no way obliged to provide her a similar apartment that he is sharing with Emily. Emily and JH has had a 3 year marriage, when KY only had a 3 months union with him. Of course, the son is the outcome of the 3 months of them being together. Here again JH had no knowledge of Yoon Soo existence, so he is faultless in the matter of child upbringing or responsible for his upkeep. He has not shown a dislike for Yoon Soo, but instead were told off by KY mother to stay away from the family. As I see it, JH gets the raw end of the stick each time with the Yoon family .... made worse by the haughty dad who never supported JH in the early part of their marriage anyway. I am happy that he has come back with a vengeance, he was at rock bottom before he left to seek his sanity and dignity. Emily must have helped him in some ways to where he is now, so I don't feel KY deserved to feel betrayed or angry at JH. She did not trust him or helped him up when he was accused and tormented by his family misfortunes. JH was still not nasty to her by reminding her of his pitiful situation, all he said was 'I divorced you so that I don't have anything to come back to'. Alas, the son will be his obstacle to seek his revenge and then leave the scene. And that I feel will be the obstacles that will complicate his plans with Emily. Remember Emily too has 'an axe to grind' with SeNa, the WitchFake or Evilwitch as some here has renamed her. Many I read are like angry with JH which I simply cannot understand. He was the victim since he knew SeNa, his parents business loss made her dumped JH like a hot potato. Again he was cheated, trampled by YB and he lost everything.... mother's company went bust, his father death, and his last thread of some hope, KY, didn't believe him...! Many would have sought the Han River and drowned their sorrows there...! Instead JH left all his misfortunes to start anew ... and he made it in 6 years. Why are there so much hate for a person who's had turn his life for the better. His mother and sister has a livelihood now and he bought them a deserving property to live in. All that is admirable of JH to support his immediate family. Where was the Yoon when JH mother and sister fell down the monetary ladder. Did they even give a helping hand....? Now they are making big noise about him forsaking KY and Yoon Soo ...!? Bet you if he is not married to Emily, they will not have that mindset. This goes to show that the Yoon, plus KY are simply greedy and only see the dollars sign in him. Someone should shake some senses into them ..!
  7. @imgreatgal After 'Reverse' ... I took a rest away from Kdrama. Was busy too preparing for an event, and just before I left for uk I happened to glance the drama 'Backflow' with the new name of 'Reverse'. Was away for more than a month, and when I look into Ohk again, it was in the last 12 episodes. I managed to hear what was said by Jang to make DB go into repent mode.Thank you for highlighting and thinking of me regarding the matter. The voiceover by IY sort of give us hope that she would like to reconcile with JH once she can first forgive herself. She did not only solved the mystery to her father's death, she opened a pandora box in the Kang family. She was also dishonest and conniving to the family to achieve her goals. However, the ending implied that they still asking about each other, and that gave hope of a reunion. I feel that each should just go their separate ways, since 'the damage been done'.
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