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  1. Thanks!!! It’s fun for me to translate this drama I hope y’all enjoy! And definitely let people know!!
  2. Hi @Table122000! Yes, I am working on subbing on the Yo Yo Television Channel. It looks like subs have been processed for Ep 2, now! Enjoy! But also, it takes me a while to sub so please be patient. Especially, I am doing this alone and since I'm not fluent in Chinese, it takes forever to make sure everything is correct. That being said, subtitles may not be 100% the best :[] but I tried haha
  3. @angelangie It's angsty but I wouldn't say it's melodrama. But when I think melodrama, I think like the kdrama "I Miss You". Also, I just submitted subs for ep 2 so they'll probably be up tomorrow on YouTube. Are we allowed to post links to the videos? I've watched the entirety of the drama now, without subs lol I don't speak Chinese so I didn't know what was being said 100% of the time. I've watched the old version so I knew the storyline at least. I thought it was pretty good, but if you've seen the original, it's got differences. This seemed less dramatic than the original. And honestly, I preferred the acting in this one more.
  4. @catwoman494 I am trying to sub this drama on youtube. I finished up the subs others started for episode 1; working on finishing episode 2 now. I'm about halfway done with the episode.
  5. It’s usually listed under “bringing home the nation’s husband” or something like that. heres a link for the first 33 chapters: https://mangakakalot.com/manga/guomin_laogong_dai_huijia
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