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  1. Cutie nearly gave this old bunnie a cardiac arrest yesterday when I read the news about his dating Boa. I am glad that he has finally found someone whom he will love and cherish... though my heart is still racing really fast at this moment at the thought of it. This news is really shocking to me and I will need some time to calm down and get used to it.

    Some months ago, I remember seeing this interview vid where he was asked whether he will announce if he is dating or he will date in secret. He has that "shy and suspiciously happy about something" look on his face :wub: when he said he will date in secret... Lolllll... now I know why ^_^:lol: 

    Watch him at 2:15 in the vid below. Cr. Joowoncuties.


    I just read a Chinese article that JW and Boa had known each other since 2015 through gatherings with their mutual friends. They have observed each other for about a year before deciding to date each other.

    See article => http://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404065318434690370&jumpfrom=weibocom&luicode=10000370

    We all know JW is very cautious when it comes to love and relationship. He must be really serious in making this relationship with Boa works out, to be so tight-lip and not reveal much hints. I recall he has said before that when he dates it is with the intention to marry.

    I wish JW and Boa will have a blissful relationship that leads to a "happily ever after" ending in future. I will continue to be supportive in all that he does. Be happy always, Cutie :wub:

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  2. Joo Won Clarifies Past Statement About Ideal Type

    Joo Won



    During an interview with KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Joo Wonencounters a blast from the past when an old answer of his comes back to haunt him.

    Mentioning that it’s still a topic people associate with the actor today, reporter Kim Tae Jin brings up something Joo Won said six years ago during an appearance on KBS2’s “Happy Together.”

    Joo Won 2

    At the time, he supposedly said, “I prefer girls with a little more tummy than girls who are too skinny,” when asked about his ideal type.

    Amazed that it’s still mentioned years later, Joo Won clarifies that he meant that he doesn’t mind if the girl is skinny or on the heavier side and that their weight doesn’t matter, but it got twisted into, “He only likes heavier girls,” somewhere down the line.

    Meanwhile, Joo Won, Kim Sang Joong, and Kim Kang Woo are currently starring in a multi-part web movie, “Overtime.”


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  3. Thanks to an amateur paparazzi no other than Papa Moon... :wub: [edit: I googled on Museum SAN where this pic was taken. Its a really beautiful place... a place where one can totally feel relaxed and forget about stress. JW seems to like scenic places or where there are unique buildings of architectural designs like this museum and that church he went to at Jeju Island a few months ago.]


    Joowonie working out at the gym again... to do more works on those biceps on his arms... Lolllll... 


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    Actor Joo Won To Enlist In Military This Year


    Actor Joo Won To Enlist In Military This Year

    There's been much speculation as to when actor Joo Won would enlist to serve his compulsory military duty. News has it that he will most likely enlist within the year.

    According to reports, Joo Won had been accepted to serve in the promotional police unit this past March. However, he decided to serve as an active duty solider instead. His official enlistment date has not been set yet, but is expected to be before the year's end.

    The Office of Military Manpower Administration in Seoul revealed that Joo Won had received his acceptance into the promotional police unit this past July. However, the actor chose to wait to enlist as an active duty solider instead.

    Source: http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/program/program_musicnews_detail.htm?no=31410



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  5. Joo Won not to serve in Seoul Police promotion squad

    Updated : September 06 2016


    (Herald Review Star)
    Actor Joo Won was found to have ditched his chance to be assigned to the promotion squad of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to serve his mandatory two years of military duty, according to news reports Tuesday. 

    “Joo gave up the assignment and applied for a position as a military soldier,” a source from the Military Manpower Agency was quoted as saying in a Sports Daily report Tuesday. 

    “If he had proceeded as planned, he would already be serving as an auxiliary policeman since July.”

    Joo was assigned in March to the squad, mostly made up of active Korean entertainers including high-profile singers such as Super Junior’s Donghae, Choi Si-won and TVXQ‘s Changmin.

    Given the ongoing shooting for the upcoming drama series “My Sassy Girl,” the actor is not likely to be enlisted in the near future.

    “The date for enlistment will be announced at the end of this year,” the police source said.

    Some online users praised him for his “patriotic” decision, as his move appears to be in stark contrast to other singers or actors who spend the mandatory two years as performers instead of fighters.

    By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)


    Source: http://m.kpopherald.com/view.php?ud=201609061519252145146_2

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  6. Joo Won cancels police promotions unit and goes on active duty

    Source | 2016/09/05 | 1808 views | Permalink |


    Actor Joo Won cancelled plans to join the police promotional unit and is staying on active duty.

    He himself cancelled his name on the military specialist and expressed that he wanted to go on active duty. He's currently waiting for his date.

    The police promotional unit has been through a lot of issue since the abolition of celebrity soldier system in 2013. This system was abolished for the inappropriate behavior of certain persons. Then, celebrities have been joining the police promotional unit which led to rumors about another 'special system for celebrities'. The public isn't happy with this as celebrities are then sorted into a theater department within the promotional unit. They are in charge of entertainment, events for the prevention of child abuse and police promotions. Jo Seung-woo, Ryoo Soo-yeong,Lee Je-hoon, Kim Dong-wook and others were here.

    However, actor Joo Won cancelled this himself and has decided to join the force on active duty.

    Joo Won debuted in 2006 with a musical and starred in the 2010 drama "Bread, Love and Dreams". He starred in various other dramas since then and finally took home the SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize for his act in the drama"Yong Pal".

    Source: http://www.hancinema.net/joo-won-cancels-police-promotions-unit-and-goes-on-active-duty-98435.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


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  7. Joo Won Cancels Enlistment In Police Promotional Unit To Serve As Active Duty Soldier

    Joo Won Cancels Enlistment In Police Promotional Unit To Serve As Active Duty Soldier

    Actor Joo Won has canceled his coming service as a part of a police promotional unit, and will instead be completing his service as an active duty soldier.

    A source from the Military Manpower Administration said on September 5, “If things had gone according to the initial plan, Joo Won would have enlisted this past July with the police promotional unit. However, he expressed his wishes to serve as an active duty soldier, and cancelled those plans. He is currently waiting for his enlistment date. We can’t reveal anything now, but his enlistment date will be near year’s end.”

    Joo Won’s most recent work was SBS’s “Yong Pal” in 2015, for which he won the grand prize at the SBS Drama Awards.


    Source: http://www.soompi.com/2016/09/05/joo-won-cancels-enlistment-police-promotional-unit-serve-active-duty-soldier/

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  8. 10 hours ago, Ma OO said:

    Did you all read the recent drama of My Sassy Girl? 




    I thought JW drama hasn't started but It has started a long time ago. Some talented writers should write the script using this situation. :P



    I wonder if HuaYi Brothers (JW's agency) will now pull out from this drama since they now became the scapegoat. If the broadcaster thinks so lowly of this drama including the casting process, why are they still holding on to it? 

    And, I thought the director Oh Jin Seok was involved in the whole casting process for the female lead? Now he is a SBS employee?

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  9. The Top 9 Medical K-Dramas

    The Top 9 Medical K-Dramas

    The medical drama is a genre that’s crammed with high-intensity emotions and action due to the life-and-death nature of the medical field. Combine that with K-drama’s flair for the sensational, and Korean medical dramas become a powerful vehicle for storytelling! Let’s take a look at the top nine medical dramas that have graced our screens over the years.

    “Good Doctor” tackles a widely misunderstood disorder: autism. Joo Won plays the main character Park Si On, a high-functioning man with severe autism. Joo Won is magnificent in his portrayal in that he doesn’t make Si On seem silly or unintelligent, but as someone who genuinely does not comprehend how to function in social situations or under duress. Moon Chae Won, as always, has a quiet strength about her as her character struggles to understand her colleague. The show layers a medical setting with a lead character who has a disorder. Brilliant. Although not always correct (call it artistic license), the show also educates while showering audiences with interesting cases and blooming romance.


    Full article at http://www.soompi.com/2016/08/10/top-9-medical-k-dramas/



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