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  1. “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” Achieves Its Highest Viewership Ratings Yet Jul 26, 2019 by E. Cha MBC’s “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” is on the rise! On July 25, viewership ratings for MBC’s “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung” soared to an all-time high. The latest broadcast of the drama scored average nationwide ratings of 5.6 percent and 6.8 percent for its two parts, marking its highest viewership ratings yet. ************************************************* I'm glad that the drama's rating is increasing. Hope they can break the double digit. Regarding the plot, I'm curious about the backstory of HR's family. Was the brother involved in the investigation/ gathering information that lead to the dethronement of the previous king? It looks like he's remorseful with what he has done (for whatever it is) and is reluctant to work for the Second minister again. Btw, it was mentioned that Officer Min and CP was childhood friend. I wonder why there's no bromance between the two. It's always Officer Min who is looking at CP but CP never look look at him. Not even a glance.
  2. I'm with you on the HR and LJ chemistry....really love their interaction. Actually I'm checking this drama without any expectations but it's surprisingly addicting! I like the plot so far. And pleasantly surprised by Park Ki Woong acting as the Crown Prince. He exudes charisma and authority in all his scenes even when he's joking with his brother... Didn't know that he can fit in sageuk so well... I hope they didn't kill his character midway.. though him being the Crown Prince (and a good one at that) and not a lead character, chances are high that he will be killed and that his death will be the reason for Lee Rim to come out of his hiding and become a stronger person as he takes the place of his beloved brother. Take not that this only my opinion as the drama is not based on any real life characters so I don't know how the story will develop later hence I did not put the above paragraph in spoiler tag.
  3. Notices also that in their hugs and kisses they always have full body contact. Sometimes it’s really frustrating when couple in kdrama acting lovey dovey hugging and kissing during close up shot but the moment the camera zoom out you can see that their bodies are not even touching each other In TYH there’s not many skinship between the leads but when they hugs and kiss, they always have a full body contact even at their first hug and during their reunion kiss LDW even pull YIN’s body closer to him which makes the kiss feels like real.
  4. I just want to share an old interview of YIN here: https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/12872408.html She said that it’s difficult for her to separate between reel sand real during the shooting of drama : “As I wanted to carry the feeling of the character, I made myself feel gloomy in real life, too. I should be able to separate how my character feels and what I feel, but it’s still kind of hard. I guess I have to work on it.” so, it’s not too far fetched to say that she did inadvertently fell for LDW during the duration of the filming of TYH. another thing that she she mentioned was that she fell asleep easily when she drinks... which reminds me of their inside jokes during katalk live when they show the scene of OYS drunk... both of them laugh at the same as if something has happened before when they drink privately.. in my delulu mind (because of their comfortable skinship) could it be that YIN has fallen asleep against LDW before when she got drunk?
  5. Hmmm... the cheapskate thing doesn’t match with both of their personalities as both of them are known to be generous .. so sending the coffee truck together was intentional on their part.. come to think about it YIN and LDW are from 2 different companies. Since they are busy filming at that time I’m very sure that both of their managers were involved in the coffee truck arrangement. They should have known the implications of sending the coffee truck together instead of individuals. They are surely more than can afford sending individual coffee trucks at the first place. So in my delulu opinion they are actually testing the waters and see the response by the public on whether there’s any backlash towards them or not when they send the trucks together.. and somehow there’s no scandal coming out of it... so, it’s safe to say even if they date it is acceptable by the public
  6. Hello fellow shippers.... long time I haven't post here... regarding the thumb rubbing thingy, it's the same like when YIN put her hand on LDW's thigh during the vlive. She did it unconsciously while being distracted by reading comments onscreen at that time and LDW didn't seemed to mind at all. It's like when you have been doing it frequently with the other person, your body just react to it like it's the most natural thing to do.
  7. To me, this drama is one that I will treasure and will re-watch many times later. It's storyline is simple but sweet and soothing at the same time. It's the type of drama that I want to watch after a stressful day at work. IMO, the ratings is a bit low because there is no family/office conflicts in the drama. The only family that appeared was JR's father and his story was very short. Always law firm is like a heaven on earth place to work at (with Attn Yeon kind of bosses and family-like colleagues) Most of the highly rated dramas have elements of family/office conflicts thrown in. Regarding the acting, I'm just a casual fan of LDW but I find that his acting in TYH is very convincing. KJR is a stoic, cold, workaholic lawyer who has zero experience in dating. To me his portrayal of JR made the character far from boring. He's able to to evoke a roller coaster of emotions in me. Sometimes he's so clueless that you want to whack him on the head and sometimes he's so adorable that you just want give him a big squeeze (or kiss him as what Jin Shim did ). Regarding YIN, most of her roles so far are of a glamorous woman type but then she's still able to give a different portrayal of her characters in each dramas. And I love her in all her dramas . So, despite the negative comments, TYH is till the feel good drama choice for me and it's definitely a keeper.
  8. March Female Advertisement Model Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed Celeb Mar 31, 2019 by E. Cha The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for female advertisement models! The rankings were determined through an analysis of consumer behavior, using big data collected from February 28 to March 30. The Korean Business Research Institute evaluated the participation, interaction, and community indexes of 50 female advertisement models in order to calculate each star’s total brand reputation index for January. Actress Yoo In Na, whose tvN drama “Touch Your Heart” came to an end this week, topped this month’s list. The star scored a total brand reputation index of 1,465,908, marking a staggering 707.72 percent increase in her score since January (the last time the rankings were published). High-ranking phrases in Yoo In Na’s keyword analysis included “lovely,” “cute,” and “pretty,” while her highest-ranking related terms included “Touch Your Heart” and her co-star “Lee Dong Wook.” The actress’s positivity-negativity analysis also revealed a score of 72.15 percent positive reactions. BLACKPINK’s Jennie came in at a close second this month after enjoying an impressive 528.38 percent increase in her score since January. The idol, who is gearing up for a comeback in April, scored a total brand reputation index of 1,389,562 for March. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA rose to third place on the list with a brand reputation index of 1,279,253, marking a significant increase of 244.46 percent in her score since January. Check out the top 30 for this month below! Yoo In Na BLACKPINK’s Jennie Girls’ Generation’s YoonA
  9. Didn't know that Yoo In Na has her own soompi thread all this while... she is such an underrated actress in the industry. Hope that she will get more lead role opportunity after TYH ends. Yoo In Na Explains Why She Joined “Touch Your Heart” And Her Character’s Personality TV/Film Jan 18, 2019 by Y. Shin Yoo In Na recently sat down for an interview to discuss her upcoming project “Touch Your Heart.” tvN’s “Touch Your Heart” is a romantic comedy that will reunite “Goblin” co-stars Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na as an unlikely couple. The drama will follow the romance that blossoms between perfectionist lawyer Kwon Jung Rok (played by Lee Dong Wook) and A-list actress Oh Yoon Seo (played by Yoo In Na) after Oh Yoon Seo ends up working for him under false pretenses. When asked why she chose “Touch Your Heart” as her comeback drama, Yoo In Na replied, “Even before the first meeting, I had a favorable impression and trust in director Park Joon Hwa. I became more open-minded after meeting him in person. Also, I liked the warmth and excitement given by the title ‘Touch Your Heart.’ When I read the script, there was no reason to hesitate because it was exactly the way I expected it to be. Above all, the role of Oh Yoon Seo was really charming. I think Yoon Seo was cute because she’d convey her emotions so openly, and her charming, warm nature of being clumsy, but hard-working touched my heart.” The actress also mentioned discussions she had with the director. She stated, “I was the first to be cast, and I joined [the drama] in an early state before the script had even been revised several times. So I discussed many things with the director, and I’ve developed a lot of trust and affection [for him]. At the first meeting, because [Oh Yoon Seo] is considered ‘the universe’s goddess,’ I thought a beautiful woman who could really represent our country should play her. So I asked [the director] why he thought of me as the first choice. The director replied, ‘I want to fully utilize the brightest and the most beautiful side that Yoo In Na has. That’s something that only Yoo In Na holds, so don’t worry about it.’ After that, I pushed aside feelings of pressure and summoned up my courage to begin this challenge. I hope that it will result in a product that won’t disappoint.” The interviewer later questioned Yoo In Na about the differences between Oh Yoon Seo and characters from her previous works. Yoon In Na explained, “Should I say that a ‘growth period’ has been added? Yoon Seo is a character who holds a dream she wants to achieve, even faking her position [at her job] to do so. She clearly knows what she wants to do, and she works hard to adjust to new environments. I believe that in the process, love, work, and development will all be shown differently. In addition, though I’ve generally played bright characters until now, Oh Yoon Seo doesn’t lose her brightness even in her hectic daily life. Instead, the difference is that she can upgrade herself. I think she’s a unique character who can simultaneously bring forth laughter and thrill [from viewers].” Yoon In Na then discussed playing a character who is known as “the universe’s goddess,” laughing as she said, “I should look pretty enough to fit the title. In the beginning of the drama, I wore dresses and had many colorful costumes, so I took responsibility and was really concerned about my appearance, even hypnotizing myself. However, I think there are more emotional approaches besides visual ones. She’s a character who expresses her emotions clearly, so the most important thing is to convey them vividly in every situation. I’ve been continuously trying to understand how Yoon Seo thinks and how she feels.” The actress finally concluded the interview with a few words for future viewers of the drama. She commented, “‘Touch Your Heart’ is full of relatable stories. It is a drama faithful to the genre of romantic comedies, so I hope you enjoy it with excitement. All the staff and actors, including the director, are working hard to film in a warm and heartfelt atmosphere. Please look forward to it.” YIN and IU friendship goal... IU Goes All Out To Support Best Friend Yoo In Na On The Set Of “Touch Your Heart” Celeb Feb 15, 2019 by S. Park IU showered her best friend Yoo In Na with love and support! On February 13, an employee in the industry shared photos of the food that was sent to the set of Yoo In Na’s current drama “Touch Your Heart.” The source shared photos of the various entrees, side dishes, and fruit sent by IU which included chicken soup, braised short ribs, bulgogi, stir-fried squid, and more. He added that IU also sent a coffee truck to the set. With a photo of IU and Yoo In Na, the coffee sleeves read, “Good luck to all of the actors and staff of ‘Touch Your Heart.’ From IU.” The banner on top of the coffee truck said, “I’m cheering on tvN drama ‘Touch Your Heart’ and actress Yoo In Na. From IU.” IU and Yoo In Na are well-known for their close friendship and have consistently shown support for each other’s works. Yoo In Na currently appears as top actress Oh Jin Shim in the drama “Touch Your Heart.” This romantic comedy airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.
  10. Ok.. watching live stream.. have to comment now...Wow! What an ending!!!
  11. @intrariver thanks for the reminder for the demand survey. I have done it.. though the name at daum is different than my ID here.
  12. Thank you @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang for the live recaps. I managed to watch livestream and though I can’t understand what they said, I still cried buckets LDW and YIN acting is daebak! They really know how to pull your heartstrings. You can see that JR and JS sincerely love each other and feel the pain of their separation
  13. Yup that’s the one! Thanks for posting it here. Sorry for the late reply.... anyway, of all the people there why Se Ho’s reaction alone was specifically put there. I mean there are many other cast members around. Unless the production staff and PD know something that is not being reveal to the public.
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