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  1. On 4/16/2023 at 9:13 PM, Sleepy Owl said:



    6. Changmin (TVXQ)

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    Anyone else thought of Yu-Gi-Oh when seeing this? :D :wub:


    - 21 => Tintin? :ph34r:

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  2. On 3/27/2023 at 10:30 AM, partyon said:


    Me!  Thoughts about ep 3-5? Are you excited about the body swap?


    - As the first time I saw it, it came a bit out of nowhere for me. For several episodes there was nothing that hinted at anything supernatural, that hinted at the show becoming more unrealistic than it already is, except for that painting of the house in the woods,


    and the lights turning on when no one is watching, and Joo Won wondering if he saw correctly...

    - One of the real stars in this episode segment were the bottles of wine. Couldn't stop from staring, because they looked so pretty with the fruits and flowers inside. It looked like flavorful, delicious sweet tea, and now I really wonder if it exists and now I want a taste of it. Guess I have to go to South Korea on a Secret Garden tour! :ph34r:
    - The problem with re-watching the show this year is that I have seen sooooo many body swaps stories since the Secret Garden came, so the excitement wasn't as strong, but it is still hilarious years later. It is well written, and the actors are so great in their role! 


    This is me when the swap first happened, and Joo Won too:


    Confused What Happened GIF by Google

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  3. Ra Im meekness: It seems that the actress or actresses she is a double for look down and speak down to her. I think in general she has had a hard time getting along with other women, except with her friend, because these other women don't respect her but treat her like a pariah, maybe in part because she has a tomboyish side. And it's a vicious circle, because I think her tomboy side is just a protection. She is trying to look tough so it doesn't show when she is hurt by people's words, etc.

    Just a though... :)

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  4. I saw this drama when it first came out, but genuinely could't remember what the story was about. 


    I remember there was an element of magic, and thought vaguely it was about an alien falling in love with an earthling (FL)... so the love story was not what made the biggest impression on me when watching it --am also not the biggest romantic on the planet, which is why in prefer action drama... :lol:

    But I remembered what I did love about this drama, and that is still the same upon watching it a second time:
    - I'm fascinated by the house, and the contradiction between the plain, countryside design, and the fancy interior design
    - the ML glittery tracksuits 

    The actors are obviously good and are worldwide stars for a reason. It is interesting to see how their two worlds clash, given that, on the surface, they do not seem compatible; so a love story looks like it wouldn't work, but they are people who sees the heart of the other first, and not just the circumstances, though Ha Jiwon misjudged Hyun Bin from the start... :)

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  5. The past years have been very tough: we have had a lot to deal with in our lives, and in our countries, and societies (I won't list all the problems and traumas we have had to go through with), so I would like to thank the Hong sisters for giving us, deserving AoS fans, a much deserved happy ending. Thank you for not ripping our heart out, and not killing any of the characters we had so grown attached to.

    This is fiction, but it feels good to the heart. 

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  6. @Bojun I think you are right, many people were probably busy partying... :)

    I'm still processing this episode. While I enjoy the chemistry of the leads, I am starting to miss the fierce side of Naksu, when we saw her fight the mages in episode 1 of part 1. I hope we get a balance of both the romance, and the couple fighting side by side (not against each other)... At least to contain the phoenix or something. Given the set up, something is bound to happen with that creature, I think. Other mages or humans or soul shifters seem to be no match for JU and Naksu (once she regains her powers and memory), so I'm guessing the biggest danger will be supernatural...

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  7. I'm enjoying the show, but also being a bit confused: DJ started going after his (reborn) family's business empire, because he was trying to figure who ordered the hit on his previous life. Now this seems to have taken a back burner (I don't understand why), as he is taking turns protecting the company's interests (for his grandpa's sake) or sinking it. It's episode 14, and still no clue about who ordered his death (I think it's his cousin, but not sure)...

    Any thoughts?

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