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  1. 12 episodes is not enough. Thank you PDnim for making 16. When did they finish the last episodes or are they still filming?
  2. Looks like she's wearing his shirt and pants. Are we staying the night at his houseeeee???
  3. OMG yes! any shipping thread made yet? I couldnt find it
  4. “It’s time for you to decide whether or not it would be okay for me to remember you tomorrow or should I erase you” - GMS
  5. Anyone has a link on their presscon please? Thank you ❤️
  6. DELICATE!!! That's the word that i've been looking for to describe her!! Thank you!!! Someone is planning to kill GMS. Who is the guy talking on cellphone saying we found the target when their in Hainan? Who is he?
  7. Same here.. as soon as i saw the poster i shipping them hahaha and kissing scene on the very first episode hahaha let me pray harder so i can have more kissing scenes on the next episodes...
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