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  1. The ratings is not important to the viewers especially for us international viewers. It’s important to the casts especially JCW since this is his comeback drama after military. Usually actors comeback drama ratings soaring high. N if u read elsewhere many find the pacing of this drama horrible and don’t like the storyline. A number of them has dropped it after 2-3 episodes. Could be the koreans feel the same and drop it too after 1 week.
  2. I think this is another weakness of this drama that could be one of the reason of low ratings. A lot of scenes we can fast forward and it doesn’t impact the flow of the story at all. Even after skipping so many parts, we didn’t miss anything important.
  3. I really didn’t know why tvN chose this time slot. In general Koreans are not into romcom that much. Only few romcoms has huge success. N they put it in a slot where there is spy action, saeguk, mystery thriller, family drama (which is always love though its makjang trope). It is a wrong gamble by tvN. They may thought JCW can be their rating magnet but people still choose a drama based on storyline i guess.
  4. The way the ratings was calculated its not just open your TV on. There’s a certain way they calculated it and not every TV in every household is taken as sample size. So leaving your TV on doesn’t necessarily means it is counted. Even so the more people watching it the higher the ratings will be. In my opinion, this ratings issue is not because the drama is not good but tvN chose the wrong time slot. By wrong I mean the weekend time slot has many competitors and all weekend dramas this time around is good. They should put this drama on Mon- Tue slot as it has less competition. 2 free channels now didn’t air drama on Mon-Tues so the chance of cable dramas gets high ratings for Mon- Tue slot is higher n better.
  5. I don't know what is the writer intention but it seems like the writer trying to make Yi Bang Won looks evil? Am I the only one feels that???
  6. @triplem I am so sad knowing that scene is just a dream. I was waiting for LJH to act a romance scene like that but it was such a short while.
  7. I am so excited to find LJH in this drama and sad when I learned he is just a cameo.
  8. Because the advance party is led by General Choi and the King. General Yi Seung Gye wants to take over the country so he must eliminate whoever that can be a witness or can be a threat to his Coup D’Etat. That is why Nam Jeon also instructed those who came back from killing the advance party also being killed. Because this group also can be a threat or witness to his decision. This is a game of power. You can learn more about Wihwado retreat and Yi seung Gye in wikipedia
  9. Did Hong Gyu transferred from JQ. I must have missed something from the translation. I am watching via NEtflix anyway. if I am not mistaken he was transferred from Data System unit or something. Anyone watching via Netflix can recall what is the translation?
  10. 1) Hwi was dispatched to as the advanced army team . This team is led by General Choi and the King to attack Liaodong. Then the King asked General Yi Seong Gye to standby as back up unit at Wihwado (Wihwa Island) to assist the advanced party. That is why Hwi is giving messages throu the arrow across the Amok river. But then, General Yi changed his mind when he thinks that it is useless to attack Liaodong as it will bring more harm than benefit, that is why he decided to retreat and make a Coup D'Etat. You can read about Wihwado Retreat. It is one of the famous historical event in South Korea History. 2) Yes, I think Bang Won suspected Nam Jeon. If you watch properly, Seo Geom's used to be the leader of North Allegiance Army which is under Yi Seong Gye and Nam Jeon is only the Commander of Royal Stable. Not to forget Nam Jeon also is a great swordsman of Goryeo so it is more logical he is the right hand man of Yi Seong gye rather than Nam Jeon. 3) Eventhough Seo Geom is a high ranking army commander and a great swordsman but he did not live a lavish life. He takes care of his army well being and ration first before him. He will give some of his rations to them first and only take some for himself. That is why he was charged stealing nation's ration (though this must be a rumor coz a good person like will not do it unless desperate). Before he died, they gave him option. To go into the cauldron and burned alive or admit his mistake and suicide in exchange his kids will get to continue living as the status they were in. He chose the later but it was all a lie. His kids is being strip down from their status and force to live as a very low class. They called them ghost and said that their dad is a traitor. Hence the poor lifestyle they were living in. 4) This is too early to tell. Hwi managed to read the secret letter in his father's armour suit but we have yet to learn what is it. Maybe he has no choice. To Hwi his sister's wellbeing is more important than anything.
  11. We need to consider this drama has only 16 episodes. If it takes 3-5 episodes for character building, everything else will be a rush. Most saeguks has longer episodes (20-50 eps) so they have ample of time for character building and such. I think the drama did fair with the backstrory and character building for a 16 eps drama. The pace is also good.
  12. Yes, because Yi Bang Won believe in Ultimate Monarchy. We get the hint of it when he said to Nam Jeon that this new country is not his though he helped a lot but his father's country which makes it it is his country. As opposed to his father who believe more on democracy kind of ruling and he believes his devoted followers. These different ideology is what makes this father-son go against each other.
  13. Yes, Yi Seong Gye is the one who take away the power of Goryeo Kings and made himself a King and ye, Yi Bang Won is the father of Sejong the great. If you want a more detailed drama of Yi Bang Won watch six flying dragons. That drama is 50 episodes and it tells about Yi Bang Won and his family quite in detail
  14. YES, it is a matter of preference and everyone has their own choice to like this drama or not. I think no one here is discouraging anyone not to watch this drama. We are free to comment. Likewise, i also giving reviews based on my opinion on this drama. In my opinion the slapstick comedy is not my forte and it kills the important essence in the drama that could have been explain more meaningfully. Healer has it's own comical essence but the drama is still written beautifully and the message is well received by the audience. It has balance. For now, MMS to me is a bit imbalance as the focus is too much on the comedy parts and the comical characters (MDC hoobae, former boss, his brother, his sister, GMR ex bf, GMR friends, Prof Hwang and his shampoo ad so on and so forth). Half of it, can be cut out and can be focus on the more important parts (eg how are MDC-GMR cope with 2019 and the experiment side effects). I hope this imbalance will gets better in coming episodes. I hope we knew more about the conspiracy and what not and gets to see MDC-GMR relationship kicks start. As a Kdrama fan, I judge a drama as a whole (storyline, plot, editing, actors and actresses performance, chemistry, character growth, logic-ness, moral of the story etc) . There is nothing wrong with JCW and WJA acting. They are giving their best as usual. Of course I will continue watching it for JCW regardless. As of now, I think the drama has wasted it precious 4 episodes (while other dramas already on full gear mode as early as episode 2) and it is such a waste not to explore the ability of BOTH JCW and WJA. These two can do so much but it is still not there yet.
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