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  1. Weeks ago I told a friend of mine I would love to share the knowledge I know on natural breast enhancement with all the ladies out there. I pity those who are struggling without understanding and no one is there to help (I am one of those last time). So she suggested to me that I should join soompi forum since it has one of the biggest community of people in here. Fast forward few weeks later I am here. J Up till today many have ask this question. Is natural breast enhancement even possible, many says it is not possible because else why breast augmentation surgery remain one of the most popular surgery in the plastic surgery world. I have been in this industry for more than 10 years. (Not plastic surgery of course, what I mean is natural breast enhancement/enlargement.) I have done plenty of researching, experiencing, training sellers and assisting others in their natural breast enhancement/enlargement program. I can tell you one thing. NATURAL BREAST ENHANCEMENT/ENLARGEMENT IS POSSIBLE! Then why on earth breast augmentation surgery is so popular. Well the answer is simple many don’t know and don’t have the knowledge that natural breast enhancement/enlargement is possible. Modern medicine doctors will never agree with naturopathic doctors. Mind you, our world is dominated by modern medicine doctors. Natural breast enhancement/enlargement needs a lot of patience. You can be taking some natural breast enhancement/enlargement herb but don’t expect your breast to shoot 1-3 cups size in weeks or few month’s time. Come on ladies be realistic even your teenage puberty can take up to 6-8 years. Talking about teenagers, herbal natural breast enhancement in any form, whether it is pills, cream or etc, as long as it has natural breast enhancement herbs in it teenagers are not allow to take. Many don’t know this, additional hormone whether it is from phyto-estrogen or birth control pills could stunt your puberty growth. Example: you might not be as tall as you should be. I have seen so many cases people with parents who are tall but they themselves are so so so short, and they are the victims of early birth control pills or natural breast enhancement/enlargement. Though there are no official studies on this but I have seen too many cases not to tell. Those who are in the natural breast enhancement/enlargement industries also know this as the FACT. But if they tell you herbal breast enhancement/enlargement herbs are save for teenagers, you can totally avoid using their products because they don’t know anything. Then are teenage girl dooms not to be able to grow their breast with additional assistant, especially if you have the genetic to have small breast. Of course not there are other methods you can use to grow your boobies which involve cell-therapy. For those of you ladies who are reading this thread do share with me your natural breast enhancement/enlargement experience. You can ask me questions on this area as well I will do my best to guide and assist.J
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