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  1. I will just wait for the verdict of the case... But will continue to support our Angel... I read the exposed exchange of chat of Koo and that person... First half of the year they were still doing ok, calling each other "Yeobo"... Imagine how she tolerated his usual stuff for years, but the thing of having people over in your house very late, as a couple it will really richard simmons me off too, she is still calm compared to other wives out there, she asked nicely... And, please, the exchange of texts of that person and the CEO smells fishy, who does report to his CEO of being in his wife's house regardless of having marital troubles that is not normal, and the way she says things like why does he have to go there and the emoticon? She told the media that it is their personal matter but she is greatly involved... He claims not having enough money and has a negative on his bank account but has the ability to pay for a well known attorney? Being able to pay Dispatch to release the chat??? It was well planned with that weeks of being silent... And to those people saying this person cannot be infidel, well who does leave his wife whom he seriously loved so much just like that without getting hots for another? I just wish she receives full support to real people, she needs to be strong...
  2. @joarjess You are such a brave woman, thank you for these words. I really admire women who stands for what is right and never backs down. For every man's success there is always a strong woman behind, while for every woman's success there is herself.
  3. I've been looking on all the social media platforms but really couldn't find it, on where I read about Koo's Interview, I am quite sure I read it and the context is like, she would always tell this guy if he is getting tired he is free to divorce her, and the guy would tell her what divorce? no need for that let's grow old together even if we do not agree on things... If you have read it somewhere and knows who has a copy please let me know so I can just copy and paste to all the bashers who are still on this guy's side.
  4. @kgrl43 I believe what Koo is doing now is great, it is an eyeopener for all the oppressed woman in Korea, the men get away too quickly and they get the same treatment they received when they were bachelors, that's not the case with women, they can't get the luxury divorced men get to have, women have it the hardest way once their divorced, I think that's the case in Asian culture. A lot of antis has been comparing Koo to Song, Koo from as we speak now do not have an agency to support her, unlike Song, maybe if Song do not have any contracts, agency or millions of followers and millions of penalties from breach of contracts to lose she would do what Koo is doing, she got so many things to say I have seen her eyes though a lot says she got away with the process of the divorce too quickly and with grace, I doubt it she got a lot to say but due to an image she wants to save, she had to keep quiet... The Song couple had been separated, physically, for a year before the divorce news came out while these two have been separated just recently as what the friends, company and they themselves have confirmed...Theirs is definitely different, Song couple have different companies, have contracts to keep and be wary about, while on this case, Koo has been obviously prevented to get any work- Koo used to have one drama per year regardless in the past, as I can see the company is depending only to this guy thus making all the necessary action to put the blame on Koo and this guy will still have the "good husband image"... We have been following Koo for such a long time, she will always be true to her word with or without anyone's support...
  5. Hello Sunnies... With this guy giving statements, we can all rest this case as a WIN for our Queen! I love the comments of "maybe" fans of Koo on all the articles of this site.. You definitely could see that a wise leader have wise followers, they were responding to all hate comments by "the fans" of this guy. They are all good and speaks of truth only... Love how we are one in defending her on this... No need to get troubled or take both sides, she is hurting more than him, even after this she will be damned, but she fights it fair and with all her might, if we will take any word that comes out from this guy or be confused just because he is making statements as if he was oppressed, then we are no more than adding pain to Koo... So I suggest we should be firm on supporting her us we always do. Her fight is our fight as her supporters. And she got huge support from Knetz even after this guy posting that on his SNS.
  6. @Pearl If this rumor is true, then he really is nothing but a liar... She really do not deserve this treatment. I can only imagine how she tried so hard to protect him. She lost her composure, that is why she resorted to revealing him. Who wouldn't if her family's welfare is at stake? She clearly wanted to stay quiet on her pain like she usually does, she will be okay without a man in her life, we know that pretty well, she have been supporting herself and even her family and she has always been self sufficient and independent on her work, but then her mother got sick, maybe she confided with her about the plans and went ill which is the usual reaction of parents in a culture like theirs... I am pretty sure she got enough proof to win the court ruling, she is after all the smartest woman I have been following and looking up to. She got nothing to gain from this, she only wants the truth to be revealed, that is what her and her family deserves, after all being a divorcee will not hinder her... just praying that after this, she will rise up and show to these haters, she is always have been the Geum Jan Di, no matter how many people step on, will continue to grow and live.
  7. It might be the choice of words by the lawyer seems to be confusing, but what I get from this statement and from Koo's... She wants the real thing be known, she is an actress and keeping it private is very hard especially how their company made her appear to be the one who is taking statements back... She is just emphasizing from her words and her lawyer's words that, she is not the one who wanted the divorce, in the company's statement-which only sides the EX, they clearly mentioned she wanted the divorce which is TOTALLY UNTRUE. In this official statement and her deleted posts, she is clearly letting us know that she does not want it...The EX including the company is the one telling lies, so she need to be firm to her statements, not because she don't want to be free from him but because she needs to make her name be free from any tarnish that this company is making... Good thing there is a lawyer now, all we need to do is support her. The media play is worst is Korea, but what I am proud is she is now defending herself rather than what she usually do in the past, she ignores the hate and all, now she is firm and I support that...
  8. After such a long time, I am signing in to post in support to our Koo... Tried reading first all of the posts in all media platforms about this issue before coming here, they said never speculate until hearing both sides. But, we, Sunnies know Koo better than any one else... All the things slowly "comes to light"... We all know her, she is not the type of a woman who exposes herself just to be "acknowledged" or be "relevant" as much as possible she stands behind the camera. After her break up with the unknown actor she referred to on the HT, she had her walls built higher, yet it collapsed all because of Ahn... She loved him, all of him. All we can do as her fans, though there were hesitations coz all of it was too good to be true, we had also accepted him and supported his works. He persuaded him to appear in a variety to show her daily life with no make up, no fusses, with all flaws and what not. Yet here she is betrayed, why would a close friend tell that only when they got into same company their marriage started to crush, she definitely knew something she never knew before. For her to be very vocal about this, it is definitely not her fault, and being the wise woman she is, she made the right decision to blurt the news before Ahn did. Their company only supported Ahn, they are conniving, that's for sure, for if they are not involved they would have called Koo and sorted it out. They were comparing Koo to the other actress which recently got divorced, but, this is totally different. She is currently jobless, not her choice, but the other actress has contracts she needs to consider that is why she kept mum, but with Koo's she got no back up in the company, no current contracts to be taken into consideration, so she needed to speak for herself. I am so glad that she finally speak out! She used to keep all the pain and all the hurt but now she is fighting and we are all here to support her in her fight!
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