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  1. LOL! You're not the only one who do it. Me too! Yesss. Seems he did some cleanup. He removed (either deleted or put it to his archive) and unfollowed some accounts. What makes me sad was he unfollowed some of his theater friends (Ahn PD and Park Dong Wook, Director & VOM actor).. Well, it's his acc after all. Hope they're still remain friends. - As I remember, the ice bucket challenge pict, he removed it not recently. - The pict with semi, he removed it few days after I shared the conversation in the waikiki2 naver chat.. Now I believe they're just best friend. - He also removed screenshoot katalk convo with Oh Inha (not recent), but before the waikiki2 wrap up party they met! And he follows his insta. Oh Inha is Oh Euisik lil bro, they met when he performed Almost Maine. ICYMI, here are some picts which he removed from his ig His current stylist shared picts of airpods she just bought with pocket money from KSH.. This so cute.. LOL!
  2. My calculation also think the first broadcast will be on August 26th, but according to the blog which I found on naver (i posted it on my prev post) it said the first broadcast will be on August 19th. My hope is high since it's planned by Studio Dragon. I like most of drama produced by it. Wow. I don't know the writers won a competition with the script. That's interesting. Thanks for the info. I'm looking forward for MGY - KSH combi. Yeaaaasssshhh! Let's hope everything goes well.. @Damsauce Karats thanks for the info, as I know he got the offer but currently reviewing positively since he's now also doing the shoot for the OCN drama Save Me 2. But.. Again.. idk because today they did the script reading, so the cast supposedly completed and confirmed. Actor Choi Min Chul also one of the casts..
  3. Finally! Verified account. Salt team is great! No more "is this his real account" question.. LOL! Still no interviews till today. Haaaaa.. Are we waiting for his manager to coming back from her vacation first or what?? Why his post waikiki2 interviews are nowhere to be found! I'm - Upset!
  4. Additional cast! Source: OSEN Jung Yoo Jin - Gi Do Hoon - Nam Gi Ae (will be playing as Go Ji Seok's mother who has dementia). P.S. There's also article said Jo Jae Yoon (Sky Castle) also has been casted. Waiting for further info about it.
  5. Another fun fact, they both acted in the play "Closer". MGY did it in 2010 as Alice and KSH did it in 2016 as Dan. ->>>>> According to this blog - It's Monday - Tuesday drama - Airing after Destignated Survivor: 60 Days - First broadcast: August, 19th - Jung Yoo-Jin (W, Romance is bonus book) also one of the casts for the drama
  6. Just adding little bit from the article here -> newsis (Shin Hyun Soo's interview) On the set Lee Chang Min PD says to always stay safe. Don't drink and go home early.. Shin Hyun Soo said he doesn't drink nor drive, so he doesn't have to worry about dui or another crime. Waaaaaa.. I hope all the season 2 casts always stay safe and never get caught in any controversies. So we can meet them again in the next season.
  7. Deadass thought he was in Bali for vacation because his manager is currently in Bali and there's no interviews from him even until D+2 waikiki2 last ep. But he's in SK and had a date with his best friend watching movie last night..
  8. I found the Heottoek ahjumma!!! Where did she go actually after giving the heottoek to SY??? Instead of Wooyeon couple (우연 커플) I think we need to call them heottoek couple.
  9. IDK. But before tonight's ep I imagined the plot for season 3! LOL. YR and KB have child, Junki and Woosik have lil nephew or niece. I thought WS and JK relationship will not end well. So, only KB, YR, WS, and JK for the season 3. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut! tonight's episode really makes me want them all for season 3! And new member! Kook Se Chang!!!! Woosik has lil neph!!! I am soooooo happy!!! I really want season 3! But with the same members. Pleaseeeee... Thanks for all the great time here! See you in another thread..
  10. There's always a goodbye in every hello.. This time we need to say goodbye for these members. Thank you for all the hard work.. Not really satisfied with the story actually, but I don't mind another season with the same cast.. We're gonna get another scene with building owner!!! Hooommmaaaiii.. What will happen to these three musketeers!!!
  11. The first one is either from his staff or waikiki2 team. I saw his stylist posted it in her ig story. But I think it's from waikiki2 team. The second one is from Seonho-hada. This one.. And this.. From SALTEnt family.. I think yes.. I didn't join the fc (I want to but I don't know how to join. LOL.), but I can see the title of a post in it. Seemed they made plan for his birthday. The post title -> something.. 생일 서포터 (Birthday support). P.S. Anyone who wants to establish his global fans club. Please let me know!
  12. No matter how tired he is, smile never left his face. Hehe.. Spent his birthday with his cousin last night. Photos ©His cousin's ig
  13. Here.. May I present to you.. The waikiki prince celebrating his birthday today with the waikiki family! LOL! ©Shin Hyun Soo insta story And here's from me.. Celebrating his birthday! Love him 3000! Photo ©SALTEnt
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