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  1. Kibong is soooooooooo lucky! I'm using his trick when I'm doing a test which when your answer is wrong the score will be deducted. That's really work! I think it's more strategy than trick! LOL. And Junki's signature is back! Hahaa.. Kibong is so kind.. That's his last saving.. ㅜㅜ Finally. WS told SY. Even though he was drunk when he told her. And next week! Beka is having surgery.. OMG! I hope beka is okay.. nothing bad happen. And thank you @triplem.. for all the videos.. Making video:
  2. Not much time left.. But.. I'll keep posting this one. Salt Ent hold another event. If you have any questions about Waikiki2 you can send your question to salt email. And Kim Seonho will randomly pick and answer the question. > Send the question to salt_ent@naver.com - question + nickname Only from 19 - 23 Apr 2019. and here is bonus from his staff!
  3. “Welcome To Waikiki 2” Stars Share Their Favorite Scenes, Stories From Set, And What To Look For In 2nd HalfTV/FILM Apr 22, 2019 by C. Hong JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Welcome to Waikiki 2” is heading into its second half! The “Welcome to Waikiki 2” stars, Kim Seon Ho, Lee Yi Kyung, Shin Hyun Soo, Moon Ga Young, Ahn So Hee, and Kim Ye Won, recently shared some stories from the set, their favorite scenes from the drama so far, and what to keep an eye on in the second half. Kim Seon Ho said, “I remember the scene where I had to play the pipe with my nose. It was really hard when filming, but I learned a lot about letting myself go.” About her singing scene, Moon Ga Young said, “I’m not a good singer but I’m not on Soo Yeon’s level. I love the song ‘Through the Night’ a lot, so it was even harder to pretend to be tone-deaf. If my acting was awkward, I was afraid it would ruin the episode, so I looked up a lot of similar videos and incorporated it into my acting.” Ahn So Hee talked about the scene where she and Lee Yi Kyung dressed up as beggars and said, “When I first saw the costumes, I was a bit concerned, but then I thought, ‘If I have to be a beggar, I better do it well.’ I laughed a lot when I saw myself in the mirror, but I was proud that the viewers found it funny too.” Kim Seon Ho also picked his favorite line from the drama as, “In Episode 1, Ki Bong says, ‘Joon Gi, I pooped.’ That was really memorable. I think that you can see what kind of drama ‘Waikiki 2’ is from Shin Hyun Soo’s lovable way of speaking and looking. When I saw the way he approaches comedy, I thought I needed to step it up as well.” Shin Hyun Soo said, “I was actually really moved and touched by the scene when Ki Bong’s friends came to cheer him on at his first tryout.” Moon Ga Young also picked a scene with Ki Bong, saying, “The most memorable scene for me was when Ki Bong had to quit baseball because of his injury. He had set his heart on this dream, but he had to give it up.” For her favorite scene, Ahn So Hee said, “The one where I had to eat ramyun, play ping pong, and type on the keyboard with my feet. I practiced a lot and the staff helped me make the scene as funny as I could.” Kim Ye Won said, “I remember the scene where Woo Shik and Soo Yeon finally get over their tone-deafness. It’s a sincere but comedic scene, so I think the actors had to bring a lot of energy. I really wanted to applaud them. They both worked really hard and when I watched the scene on TV, it was very funny.” As for the second half, Kim Seon Ho said, “Since it’s a story about youth, you can’t forget about ‘love.’ I hope viewers will stay tuned as to whether Woo Shik’s one-sided crush on Soo Yeon will develop into something more.” Lee Yi Kyung said, “The introductions are over and I think we will see even more ‘Waikiki’-like scenes in the second half. Sometimes the comedy seems really random, but it will make you smile. I hope that viewers will laugh along with us until the end.” Shin Hyun Soo said, “I hope that people will stay interested in the stories of these six friends, who are heading toward their dreams and also hoping for love.” Moon Ga Young said, “Viewers can look forward to seeing what happens to these six youths, who get up even after they fall down, as well as whether Soo Yeon will finally recognize Woo Shik’s true feelings.” Ahn So Hee said, “I think how Joon Gi and Jung Eun move forward will be something to keep an eye on. Also how many more ridiculous scrapes the guesthouse members can get themselves into.” Kim Ye Won added, “Every episode of ‘Waikiki’ feels like a fresh start. After filming amidst such energy and passion, it feels like we passed the midway point in no time. I hope the viewers will be able to feel our passion and warmth through the screen as well.” Source >>Junki said the introductions are over! Some still cuts for tonight's ep. Seems Yoori is helping Kibong study for Quiz King.. This time Kibong gives his shoulder for Yoori to cry on..
  4. Please let me help you @triplem put the rest of the video here. Last night episode mostly about JE, Kibong, and SY. JE confused about her feeling towards JK. He was super nice to her. He even made the pervert announcer kneeling down in front of JE asking for forgiveness. Kibong and SY are the only two who work as employee. KB works at car dealer and SY works as reporter. KB needs to sell at least 1 car to keep his job. Yuri found a government program who helps young people who want to be entrepreneurs start a business. She needs it to open her restaurant. WS picked SY from her interview location even though he had an event to attend that day and the location is quiet far. He lied to SY said the location is just around the corner. When WS fell asleep, his cellphone was ringing and SY answered it. Because of that phone SY realized WS worked so hard that day, he gave her a ride to the interview location and even picked her after she finished. Side Note: Ep. 9 scored 1.4% rating. Forget to say this. This drama teaches me two things about pursuing dream. 1. From JK and JE. Instead of giving up, keep doing what you like even though it's hard. Just do it, JK persuaded JE to get back to acting when she's actually already give up. @zoks his words to JE about acting is also showing how mature he is. But yeah. Junki is not Junki if he's not acting silly. 2. From Kibong. Sometimes we need to step back in order to jump further and higher. We have plan. But if the universe didn't let us do our plan, we can't do anything about it. Instead, we can dig deeper and find out more about ourselves. Trying something new that can bring us real happiness.
  5. Suddenly I remember a line from prison playbook "it takes courage to give up too". In that drama JH made a successful return to baseball field. I do also wish KB could pursue and achieve his dream. But speaking about reality.. Not all of us can live a life like we plan. We encounter unexpected things sometimes and need to modify or even change all of our plan. And sometimes destiny brings us something that we need the most not what we really want. I also want to see how WS dealing with his singing career actually. Until now the writers mostly focus to how he helped SY. Few scenes showed him working as vocal trainer, part time birthday singer.. Isn't his dream to become an idol(?) (please correct me if I'm wrong). SY already found her new dream to become announcer, Junki & JE.. we have seen how hard they do their acting career. And next episode I think the writers will show us their romance story. @MarianM wow.. Is it confirmed already?
  6. Exactly! I really understand KB. The scene made me really sad. For some athletes sometime they need to give up their career when they had injury. If they're unlucky it will take long time for the recovery. I don't know how bad KB's injury, but I really wish he doesn't need to give up. And fortunately he has many friends who support him, especially YR! LOL when he read the poet which actually lyrics from EXO's song. WS knows about it but YR still support KB. This one too! Yesss. I love how the writers didn't rush the romance between WS-SY. WS found out he still has feeling for SY but he doesn't want to force it. He understands SY's current situation and decided to help her instead confessing his feeling. Agree with you! That's not nice. One more under the spoiler.
  7. Prepare your heart! More photos from his Marie Claire photo shoot! BTS Video - Available on SALT YT and his V-Live! Original Post Here ->> SALT Blog That's all for now.. See ya'll later~
  8. Still top 10 buzzworthy drama (April 8 - April 14). Yeaaaayyyy! How come woosik got 100 point! LOL.. Even with great point he's still unlucky. In life we can't fell into despair! We need to avoid that the most! We still need some humors in our lives, how bad our lives.. That's why I love this drama.. Don't forget to be happy! Smile! Everyday.. This scene showed what kind of sibling Yoori and Woosik is. They are very kind.. Woosik still praise SY even though she's tone-deaf. And now Yoori still praise KB even though he's actually using EXO's lyric for his poet. From the next ep preview, so.. Junki is actually JE's first love?? LOL! Looking forward for their love story development. Love how the writers didn't rush WS and SY romance story. I also am waiting for Yoori Noona and Kibong. Yoori is so supportive with WS-SY, I wonder how WS feeling if his noona and KB become lover.. And as always, thank you @triplem for all the YT videos.. Update! Making video...! Hehe..
  9. Sneak peak for tonight's episode. More story about Junki and Jung Eun! For me, this drama is really about friendship and dreams. The last scene between Yoori Nuna and Ki Bong really touched my heart!. "If you feel like crying, then cry!". I love this drama! The writers not only provide us laughter but also messages about life, to anyone who's currently struggling with their lives while trying to achieve their dreams. Friends who are always there for you.. Family who sometimes annoy you but actually care, support and love you. As someone who's at the end of twenties and still struggling with my dreams I can relate with this drama.. Too bad the comparison with the previous season is inevitable. I still read one or two comments said the previous season is better than the current, the production team missed with the casts. etc.. etc.. Well.. As we said before, this drama is not everyone's cup of tea, everybody has their own opinion and we have to respect that. Hoho.. P.S. I want this series have more than 2 seasons, but as long as they keep Junki, Woosik, ans Kibong! LOL!
  10. Another still cuts for this week's episodes! LOL! What are they doing??? Are they having a competition to choose which side is more stylish as a beggar?
  11. Ikr! Even soompi already posted an article said he is confirmed. I think Salt hasn't posted it on their official instagram because they don't want to get mix promoting his current drama. Their focus now is to promote waikiki2 which he's currently appearing in. For TvN, I think it's same. It's still 4 months apart from August. I believe they'll post the news later. Soompi, asianwiki, even there's already a naver thread for the drama. And For KSH, as I know he is used to jump to another project soon after the project ends. In 2016 he acted in 3 plays without a break. It's not because he's greedy or something, but he's happy doing it. This time, I'm so glad he's getting the recognition he deserves. So, many pd want to work with him. Wish I could see him in a movie soon after his dramas project, In his V-live he also said he didn't forget about the stage and the play. Hehe.. I'm just too happy can see him often on tv. LOL! I'm talking oot. Back to the topic about the confirmation of his appearance, I believe he's confirmed. He and MGY will lead the drama. We just need to wait for TvN to post about it in their official SNS and I think it'll not take too long. cc: @irilight
  12. Huh? The news about Kim Seon Ho confirmed to be the male lead even came out before MGY confirmed. As I know the news about his confirmation was released by Salt. TvN hasn't confirmed on their official acc maybe because he is currently appearing in waikiki2. I think we need to wait until May (waikiki2 finishes airing) for the confirmation by TvN.
  13. Anyone knows what's this toy called?? Similar to jenga. Hehe.. He's fully concentrate! Look at his hand. Mine would be trembling while doing it. His team posted another one with sound available! LOL!
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