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  1. MR. HONG DUSIK LOOKS SO GOOD HERE!!! source: https://theqoo.net/kimseonho/1979638679
  2. D-DAY The reason why they created the song and about the collaboration.
  3. D-2 If I am not mistaken, Seonho is still leading but the gap between him and the #2 is getting narrowed.
  4. This one! Don't twist it. Someone even said it's public proposal (?) Wow. C'mon! Cha Sejeong birthday is May 5th, Seonho is May 8th. It's their join project maybe they don't want to release it on 5th or 8th they take it in between so it's May 6th. That's all. Simple. OMG! Just remember. Why they Did not choose May 7th as well, because it's Jipyeong birthday! Hehe. I don't have Twitter account but I am using its search feature to search about Seonho news. I often found their tweets and Yups. Sometimes I got annoyed as well. I have Instagram, since waikiki2 if I see shipper a
  5. I think it's for the better. Remember when I talked about his family, friends, and even his own privacy.. Hmm. Or it also because his agency take over the account(?) - KJW and PSH don't follow anyone in their IG. Not gonna lie, little bit sad, because Ravi also unfollowed him, and we also will not see the interaction between him and 2D1N members in the future. But I believe Seonho and SALT had a talked about it. I believe it's because he wanted to protect his privacy. He wanted to protect his family, his friends. Hope people or fans stop digging, be grateful with what
  6. Yes! I think it's never happened before in any awards. Never heard someone received literally the same award consecutively. cmiiw. Agree. If we talk about the genre, SU definitely the only one with different genre compare to the other dramas on the nomi-list.
  7. @2d1n_fan@levine1244Yeaaayy. I am very happy for this recognition. I know it's really stiff competition looking at the other nominees. But, hey.. Let's not lose our hope.. Still hoping for the best. Hehe.. Indeed it's more memorable because Seonho was nominated along with his 2d1n family. Seyoon hyung, Jongmin hyung and Dindin (variety show). Last year Seyoon hyung also got nominated but unfortunately didn't win. We still waiting for the MC line up for the Baeksang ceremony. I see many also wish him to be the MC. For me seeing him attend the ceremony wearing his suit is enough. If
  8. It's here!!! ADD: Yesterday April Mop I saw a lot of fake tweets about Seonho dating his previous co-star. Just friendly reminder! You can ship fictional character but not the real person. Let's learn about differentiate fictional character and real person. Let's respect their private life. Let's not ruin their professional relationship with our imagination. Let's not push our desire just because we want them to have romantic relationship. Last but not least! Never ever getting involve in a fan war. Just focus on supporting
  9. @levine1244as far as I know, he doesn't have any bodyguard yet. I don't think SALT provide it. I mean, even Park Shin Hye doesn't have it considering she's a big actress. Usually Seonho goes out with his road manager (Hong manager, but I think he has another manager), driver, and some staff (hair, make up, stylists). Yes, I saw some of the pictures. When Seonho shot Coca-cola video, at golf range, and live video with Shinhan. All those places are not officially announced. The question is, how did the OP know the locations? How did the OP know his schedule? I think it'll be wise not t
  10. @2d1n_fanit's getting scarier.. Look at this one. I think we someone needs to contact SALT about it. They followed him??? How did they know about his whereabouts? Kimsda posted similar photos and the caption said he was shooting for a cf that time. If you have Twitter and if you can, please report that account @/per_seonho or report it to SALT.
  11. I am following this news. I often visit theqoo for the update. I don't watch kdrama that much actually, but I like updating myself with the current issue in South Korea. As International viewer and not someone who's having Korean nationality I understand the concern which K-Netz have. Their opinion about the actors are also having responsibility about the drama is also the matter that I could understand. As I know, an actor has the right to agree or disagree about the script they received. The actor need to speak up what's inside their mind. I remember when Seonho was doing Strongest Deliverym
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