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  1. He never STOP, He will not STOP, no one can stop him. LOL. Just hope he take care of his health. Kim Seon Ho for Harper Bazaar. Full interview here -> https://www.harpersbazaar.co.kr/article/42370
  2. He's back!!!!! His role name is Eden, a taxi driver, a band leader and Alice's husband. The play will be running from 2019 Nov 8 until 2020 Jan 19.
  3. Wohooo. An update! Thanks for sharing it here. Welp.. He has long legs! LOL! I don't know if it's one of the staffs' acc or just someone having fun with the id. But often update when the drama airing. There's someone with nickname 으라차차 와이키키 2 (eurachacha waikiki 2) in waikiki2 naver forum, the acc said "으라차차 와이키키3 coming soon". Hahaa..
  4. Yesterday I visited his ig he still following 127 acc, but today only 126 acc. When I was checking, found out he unfollow her acc. Not that much info about the filming. 5 days ago in the naver forum someone said they saw ctg team filming at wansimni station, but no post shared on ig. Maybe the production team didn't allow it. Hope filming is going well, no injuries and he takes good care of himself. Read some news on soompi 2 actors withdraw from currently airing and upcoming drama. I feel bad for the other actors and the production team.
  5. @triplem @MarianM remember when we talked about his former co-star from two cops? He unfollowed her Instagram. Wow.. Hope their relationship's still good (as friend or former co-star).. Kinda surprised..
  6. 100 Days reunion! Pict shared by Lee Jongjae PD. UPDATE. New pict today, June 19th. Out with his bf Kang Sung Su.
  7. Yesss... Send the email to salt_ent@naver.com 1 person max 3, send what kind of encouragement words you want to hear from our actor. please cmiiw.. KSH ig updated! He's aging backward! Kim Seon Ho shares his skin care routine, challenge!
  8. Additional cast. Actress Park Ji Yeon. I think they're gonna start the filming this week.. Edit: They start the filming today, even though today is a holiday in SK (memorial day)
  9. I believe this wasn't today.. But.. At least we can see his face.. Met up with his friend before he gets busy.. Actor Lee Jong Hoon. He's older than KSH, they met through Rooftop play.. New pict! Glad he spent time with friends before things get hectic and busier..
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