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  2. Moments like this makes me ship them.. then I steel myself and say "Be still, my shipper heart! DO NOT ship people in real life!" Then I see them doing their little pattycakes handshake game again.....*slaps self*
  3. Invitation only Hotel Del Luna Star Tour on 23 September and a chance to visit Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 9 Haunted House with the elite hotelier on the same night(!!!!!!) i think when they reach USS, haven't encounter the ghosts, everybody see him scream like crazy already. (Haha my singlish is coming out) Too bad I unsubscribed! I don't dare to go for any USS horror events either. I can't deal with horror. I mean, that 1 time promo they did at the bus stops scared the f outta me.
  4. There's this 1 part in IU TV where she was asking why the video uploads were taking so long, and she pretended that she was writing the reasons on her hand.. my heart warmed abit because I recalled YJG did that in a BTS when she asked him to jot things down. I'm sure it doesn't seem much.. it's just that I'm a lil nostalgic.. *sniffs a little*
  5. I agree it did feel kinda off as well. But I just tried to make sense of it and filled in the gaps myself - perhaps MW was really asking for intimacy (she was shown to have looked shy - not very MW-esque behaviour - when CS suggested she couldn't handle him if she takes his clothes off) so perhaps she also thought since everything is coming to an end, she'd like to make "more memories" with him. But CS being CS, probably knows that it will get even harder for them if they crossed the line. Maybe he's not so worried for her, maybe he's worried that he will really be unable to let her go. Argh I still have issues with the ending even though I know what the Hong Sisters are getting at. I've already started on OCN Strangers from Hell. I need something to slowly let go of HDL. And the new TVN drama on supermart? Totally watching that too.
  6. Oh wow I feel bad for him. (Didn't watch the vid..) Imagine all he wants is to attend school and score enough participation percentage. Imagine the amount of students who want to be on the same group as him. STRESSSSSSS. Also. Imagine the amount of students who will turn up for classes now. LOL.
  7. I dunno man, do I personally even WANT someone else to top CS as the best male lead...?? LOL
  8. I agree.... it's still sad to me. Even if CS moves on. Titanic's Rose moved on, Captain America's Peggy Carter moved on, but still it is just so sad.
  9. A "horror comedy romance", they said. Y U make me cry show Y?! I thought I would absolutely hate this ending but surprisingly I didn't. Did I LOVE love it? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh not really. Bittersweet? Yup definitely. But it's Hong Sisters, so I guess I just have to make do. This is the 4th drama I've watched and is considered one of the better endings I've seen from them, apart from Greatest Love. With all that being said, HDL was still fun and I really enjoyed reading everyone's posts here. It was just so much fun and snickering/giggling (cannot laugh loudly in office hello) and furiously typing away on my mobile. I was telling my husband that they'll meet in his next life time, but he stopped me and said "Its gonna take longer." My face legit paled. Me: Whaddya mean longer? If CS has a long life, give or take 90 years old, (he was said to have a long long life) then MW can likely go through 1 cycle and would prolly be able to meet CS on HIS next life already. "What makes you think MW don't have to go through more? YW and MR had 1 moment of attraction 1300 years ago and went through countless rebirth to become man and wife." Me: But - "Even CS wasn't able to guarantee they will meet up in the next life. He used the word "some" (as in some other lifetime.)" Me: But - "It might take another 1300 years. You know right?" Me: You also know you are going to sleep on the living room couch tonight right? *silence*
  10. Also.. it would be cool if Kim Soo Hyun takes over... no longer Hotel Del Luna, but Estrella (Star, because My Love From the Stars. Geddit? Hurhur *self snickering*)
  11. Really CS? Jajangmyeon? JAJANGMYEON?! We - I mean - SHE is asking for RAMYEON! RAMYEON!! Okay?!
  12. By the way, it's really officially New Moon phase in reality as well. Time to let go of the full moon "full of grief" and let the new moon chapter start!
  13. From the preview it looks like CS is opening a door. Yikes! I hope the drama doesn't end on him looking for her. If not we have to go looking for Hong Sisters ourselves.
  14. Eeeeeeps! LAST LAP EVERYONE! I'm now at the "I Fear Hong Sisters Ending." Stage. Always when they hit the last 4 eps I get more and more worried. I try to brainwash myself and say that they know how to do it. No open endings please. Let's just settle it in 1 lifetime. No one goes looking for another in another time, land and space. They will now do the "How should I end this? How many strings do I have to tie up now? How many stones should I leave unturned? Are we in a good mood while writing the ending? Should we bring on utter chaos?" I'm scared kids.
  15. Oh noooooooo the amount of tears we are all gonna shed!!!!!! Good pain people, good pain. Then finally meeting MW this life. I do hope this is the real theory behind CS existence. For now we can only imagine.
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