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  1. Seems SJS was developing feelings for XX when he thought XX was a guy, and was weirded out by it. Now that he knows she is actually a female, he seems to smiling more and tries to purposely be around XX more. But GYZ is noticing it. GYZ seems territorial about it. Even the classmates around them seems to realize this. But I do get the feeling that she's has started to develop feelings for GYZ that she doesn't realize.
  2. I could have sworn I heard HSY call his grandfather 爺爺 (paternal grandfather), and Wu Bai call him 外公 (maternal grandfather) the the first dinner meeting at TN's house.
  3. I can watch MNIKSS forever!!! It was the first K-drama I ever watched that got me hooked onto K-dramas. If you're interested, there is a Thai version that is currently being filmed. It'll probably air either late in the year or next year starring Film Thanapat & Bee Namthip.
  4. I'm starting to develop second lead syndrome. I kinda want CH to be with XB instead of QY.
  5. Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there who are like that. The want their own flesh & blood, not someone else's to raise. At the end of the day, GH's mom does not see YR as her grandson. Her daughter did not give birth to him. That is why she's like that. But we all know that there is so many out there that gave birth to children, but are horrible parents. Just because one gives birth to them, does not make them great parents. I forgot what drama I was watching, but the female lead was adopted. She was raised by a loving and warm family who doted and loved her totally. They did not think of her as someone's child. She was their child in their eyes even though they also had their own children. Her own siblings thought of her as their own, and not an adopted sister. Later in life she happen to meet her birth mom. She wasn't gung-ho or enthusiastic about it. She told her family, that's she glad to have met her so that she has an inkling as to how she looks like, but she's not her mom. She gave birth to her, but she's not her mom. Her mom is the one sitting in the room right now that stayed up all night when she was sick with a fever to take care of her, went to all her soccer games even when she was tired from work, cried along with her when watching sad movies, screamed with her at concerts. Her mom opened up her heart to love her unconditionally. That's who her mom is. Not the one who gave birth to her. When I heard that dialogue, I started tearing up. Drats, I need to go remember what the heck was the drama. GH is going to be someone like that for YR. He will be loved by her. And, he will be loved by SW as well when they finally get together. YR will have very loving parents. We are lucky in society that there many selfless people out there than there are selfish.
  6. Read that another actress will take over the lead female role. I don't know if its a new role or if she's taking over Li Xi Rui's role. At the very least I'm hoping the writer aren't writing a new role for her so that Dylan's character will have a new love line. His character was so in love with the female lead for all these years.
  7. Ugh...I hope it isn't JH but the guy the SM was previously sleeping. Serves him right to find out that he was the sterile one after all. I hope that when GH and SW do get together, she'll get pregnant by him. JH is such a douchbag!!! This is really Happy Sisters 2.0 in some respects. I hope that once GH finds out, and she will drop him like a sack of potatoes!!!
  8. Does anyone know if the OST for this drama is out yet?
  9. Going to check it out after a few more episodes airs so that I can watch a bit to see if I like it.
  10. @dramaninja Drama is good? Should I invest my time on it? I read the summary and it reminds me of Happy Sister. It took the main female lead too long to leave her cheating and no good husband. Plus, it took forever for her to hook up with the young male lead. I'm glad that it had a happy ending, but I couldn't stand the evil b***ch of her ex's current wife.
  11. Glad SJ & SY had a happy ending, and we get to see a little Sokcho!! However, I dislike that there were no heavy punishments for some characters. Ms. Hong (aside from the beat down she got in prison) really deserves no mercy. Then Chairman's son-in-law really should have been kicked to the curb, SY's father & his mistress-wife also should been kicked out a long time ago (in fact, they should have been written out of the show halfway into the drama like the original 2nd female lead). They also had no character development for SD. After episodes of argument, somehow near the end, SK & husband is lovey dovey. None of it makes sense. Plus, SH has been traveling during the 4-yr time jump, yet Sokcho knows who he is?!!!! At least the dramas over. Hope to see everyone in another thread (most probably either praising or complaining about another daily drama). Have a great day everyone!!
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