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  1. Lee Sung Kyung Instagram Update. Lee Sung Kyung at Incheon airport going to Indonesia for her Laneige event tomorrow. Lee Sung Kyung finally learnt how to use instagram story, i hope she will use it more often now. She was with her friend Sarah.
  2. Lee Sung Kyung and Leeteuk will be the MC's for the 2018 Asia Artist Awards. Can't wait to see my queen slay again the red carpet and be once again a MC. This is the 4th time in 3 years and the 2nd time in 2018 after the Golden Disk Award with Lee Seung Gi. Also Leeteuk have a big crush on Lee Sung Kyung
  3. Lee Sung Kyung interview for Vouge Korea Juse issue has been translated https://thesunnytown.wordpress.com/2018/08/19/june-2018-vogue-lee-sang-yoon-and-lee-sung-kyungs-collaboration-interview-2/
  4. Lee Sung Kyung new photoshoot for Vogue September issue. I wonder if she will endorse this French brand Chloe, I hope she does, I miss model Lee Sung Kyung so much.
  5. Lee Sung Kyung fans sent a food truck to Lee Sung Kyung for Girl Cops Lee Sung Kyung and Ra Mi Ran spotted spotted filming for Girl Cops. Lee Sung Kyung with the police uniform
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