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  1. sooooo... anyone doing a fanfiction of CSH and KJH??? I'm dying to read one!! Please write them one! I miss them so much that it literally hurts BTW, I love reading all these analyses about the storyline and characters! Thank you for keeping the thread alive
  2. You might be right. I feel like Encounter really had that pure classic romance that hasn't been made for quite a while now. It has that sort of realistic set to it without much of the fancy effects that although CSH was rich and well-known so to say, the drama avoided the lavish possible effects of those. Even their trials weren't exaggerated as well. It was just the meeting of two people who fell in love, that's it. Encounter will definitely stay with for a long time. Huh. I hope they attend those at least then or there would be no reuniting for this couple in a looong time
  3. Now that Encounter is done, where would I go and what will I do now? Watching Encounter has been like a beautiful dream and I wish I didn't have to wake so suddenly Let's meet again at the year-end awards? Does anyone recommend a similar feel drama? I miss CSH & KJH too much that I really need to avert my attention to other things or I might just go I also wish they had an (innocent) bed scenes or at least a homey scene at the last ep because it just felt more appropriate considering the time jump and their relationship stage. Toooo badddd. Can we have season two????
  4. On another note, I recently discovered this song by Roy Kim titled "Hug Me" which literally made me cry thinking about CSH's character. This so fits so much with the drama, especially in the recent episodes. Give it a listen. Here are the lyrics which I found in the comment section. https://youtu.be/nDlUQiUf6M0 I can’t overcome the sadness in my heart, Another one of my sleepless night, I endure it once more, I really don’t mind the sadness, It absentmindedly wakes me up again in the morning. The injury seems worse than I thought it’d be, The pain seems to dig in deeper than I thought it would, In the countless nights I spent resenting you, It feels like I’m in hell. Please just stay by my side, please remain here, Don’t let go of my hand as you’re holding it in yours, If this takes you a step further away from me, All I have to do is take a step closer, isn’t it? A thousand times in a day, Your face repeatedly appears in my thoughts, The sharp words you said to me, Those empty eyes, that cold expression. You’re quite a pretty person, aren’t you? You’re quite a pretty person, aren’t you? Please don’t do this to me, You know me well enough, don’t you? Please just stay by my side, please remain here, Don’t let go of my hand as you’re holding it in yours, If this takes you a step further away from me, All I have to do is take a step closer, isn’t it? I’m not being myself, I don’t have the confidence, I can’t endure it any longer, the days without you, What now, what do I do now, I really don’t know, I’m nothing without you. Please just hug me, hug me even for a while, Without any words, please just run towards me, With my lonely and uneasy heart, I’m still here waiting for you. I love you, I love you, I shout it out after staying in this long silence, It may seem weak and childish, but it’s my true feelings..
  5. I am usually good with watching angsty movies/dramas and even writing fanfiction stories that are tearjerkers but for some reason, I find myself so so so hesitant to watch the scene between SH and the mother as if it's truly going to break me if I do. Maybe because I read so many sad things about it in this thread? Or maybe I'm just really reluctant to see SH falling apart. This drama, especially the last two episodes, can really make one feel things that almost seems out of this world. I just can't properly explain the fear and the desperate hope of wanting them to achieve more than just a happy ending but the best kind out there. CSH is just as one of a kind like KJH. I promised myself last week that I would watch 13 and 14 on Tuesday so I wouldn't suffer too much but after seeing ep 13 and stopping exactly before the last scene of the episode, I found myself backing out and being a coward. Anyway, 6 hours feels like waiting for some sort of court (death) sentence or something. I'll watch that scene, ep 14, and 15 altogether and save myself from early heart-stopping heartbreak.
  6. For the love of... after seeing all these depressing posts, I'm depressed myself! Song Hye Kyo had really outdone herself this time with such great acting! I'm refraining watching the episodes but every time I see gifs, photos, and dialogues from her, I can't help my heart from breaking. Amidst her character growth throughout, I think ep 14 also proved that CSH is after all just a woman who loves others without boundaries and is still afraid to love herself fully. She embodies pure and unselfish love and that's why it's so heartbreaking to see her in this state. I think although the writer is still flawed, I think the way she had written CSH's character is close to perfection. In the end, seriously, this storm too shall pass! After all, no storms last forever and I believe it's the same for SH and JH. We will have our happy ending. PS. even sweets right now seem hard to swallow
  7. Never read The Little Prince but this makes me really want to. On the other hand, based on your description of the lamplighter, wouldn't it make be SH instead? For me, I see SH character in the beginning as someone who was always following what was dictated to her and even till now with what happened with the Mom, she is torn into following not her own, but someone else's order. Of course, not that this is entirely negative on her character. SH is mostly bound by her fate to begin with. Anyway, just my thought.
  8. Haven't replied in soompi forums since forever and this drama basically made me break my streak T_T Anyway, haven't really watched ep 13 and 14 because I'm avoiding the heartbreak but just looking through the posts my heart is still breaking!!! All I need to know is that CSH still hasn't spoken the words yet which would mean there is a glimmer of hope that would divert her intentions of asking JH to break up. I know she's gone through this already in the earlier stage of their relationship and her feelings might be much worst right now, but I wish she can be reminded of every single thing that had happened between her and JH. ALL THE GOOD AND THE BAD. I feel like that way, she can get another perspective instead of just ending it with JH just because of the mom because there is so much more of their relationship that they have built together, to begin with. I hope the writer didn't nurture their relationship so much just to let it fall back down with just a single reason. In the end, I think I'll wait for the preview before I watch 13 & 14 because I don't want my heart to be crushed just yet. Good luck to all of us!!! Waiting for next week will for sure be excruciating.
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