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  1. and now we are officially dreaming again and again, that Jiwon’s namja finally comes, and they will make a beautiful lovestory scenario!
  2. Welcome @LeJ we’re happy to have you here awww Jiwon to have someone to love and cherish her that is one of my greatest wish for her but Jiwon seems will have solely forever with her 1023 fans LOL. Please Jiwon have a namja if you want hahahaha
  3. LOL don’t get your high hopes that she’s seeing someone she could just have write it there Jiwon loves 1023 hahahaha
  4. HJW is living in her own terms, she’s not pressure to be part of a circle of friends with fellow actors/actresses. She’s just happy if she could be friend with them, and appreciates it. Indeed, she’s kinda different from the usual path with the same level of her as a superstar. She’s kinda weird & unique actually, yet draws you to still like her
  5. We could not really judge of what did happen because we only saw a clip from that event. But, anyways I am still fine if they will be given a chance to work together in the future I remember before when Jiwon was more active doing films she got a few celeb friends like song yoon ah. And it’s like she got more boy friends in showbiz than girl friends.
  6. I have a thing with KNG before but after I saw them together with Jiwon in an event where they seated next to each other yet it’s like they completely ignore one another LOL. I don’t have that hotshot for him that much anymore As for LJK, that would be very okay for me since he wanted to work with Jiwon also from his interview. I like Lee Seo Jin with Jiwon but in a variety show, I could already foresee the moment where LSJ explodes and run out his patience in a fun way HAHAHAAHA.
  7. Reading tweets about casting news lately while waiting for ‘Chocolate’ there are 3 writers that I would love they can work with HJW too very soon. The one who wrote, ‘Dear My Friends’ writer Noo Hee Kyung for melodrama, ‘Signal’ writer Kim Eun Hee for suspense & thriller genre, and the writers behind ‘Queen Seon Deok’ and ‘ Six Flying Dragons’ for saguek dramas gaawwwddd! I am so greedy for great writers hehehehe
  8. Couldn’t agree more, not all but in most cases that’s the thing happen. It’s like she’s bringing out the best of her male lead. Though sometimes, I am quite greedy that I want her to be partner to someone with hype already p.s. just watched some clips from TTWWNIL and now I am missing oh hana, she’s so beautiful. Romcom may not be my thing for Jiwon but it just so refreshing to watch her having a role like oh hana And how I wish jiwon has someone like Won
  9. One thing that I really appreciate about Jiwon coz if you look at her resume almost all the roles she’s playing are the kind of woman who are not the damsel in distress, she really into female-centric characters a story that evolves saying hey-i-am-strong-and-independent-woman. Probably that’s the reason, why we could not usually get a solid A-list actors as her partner. Yet, the result is always better anyways whoever her male lead is coz she have this thing of ‘i-will-let-you-shine’ .
  10. Wow, this is so nice that we are communicating very well here! @andra3, @icyphoenix And finding it very hard to choose the least fave character so far, it just shows how effective Jiwon is as an actress. @SR20DET yeah, ive watched her drama ‘secret’ she’s a villain in there a very evil character. Aha! If I have to choose a least fave character, if it includes the movie, I dont like her in Life Risking Romance ( @drakelaw peace sis! ) I find Jane quite annoying, i am not impress with Jiwon’s acting in there too comical hahahaha I think I am just not into Jiwon acting aegyo and cheesy. Her variety show is enough for me, for her aegyo! HAHAHAHAHA
  11. @drakelaw give a try watching Chronicles of Blood Merchant, you can see a new shade of HJW’s acting as a mother. My second try of watching the movie it gives me different feels, and I did even cry to some scenes And from that, I am hoping of HJW to take some mother role character which is the focus of the story, somewhat in melo genre. Probably, she’s not taking that kind of role yet since, she herself is not yet a mother nor a wife. As we know of Jiwon she takes very seriously when it comes to her acting, she wants to completely immerse, so maybe that kind of role is quite hard for her yet.
  12. Whoah you can’t help but stare that beautiful baby, if you look closely to her features as a baby just the same as now, her brows, her lips, her eyes, cute nose and chubby cheeks hahaha
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