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  1. So total all Qianlong's daughters granted a First Rank Princess are 3 of them. Daughters of Empress Fuca, Consort Ling and Consort Dun. Fuca's daughter has it right to received that title but Ling and Dun are indeed lucky considering the fact the title only reserved to Empress's daughters. For Ling's case probably because of Qianlong's love for Ling but for Consort Dun's case not because of her but solely because her daughter...... based on how Consort Ling kept on elevated to the higher ranks while Consort Dun kept on getting promoted and demoted. lol Either way, i think the reason behind it because he feel happy to have a child with his favourite consort after so long and also for having a child at 63 years old ( which he thought he could never had a child again at that age).
  2. I have checked, Princess Hejing died in the same year Ling died., 1775 so it must be Qianlong granted the rank to her. Probably because he loved her since she is his first child with Ling after more than 10 years together. Like how he loved Consort Dun's daughter, Princess Hexiao and make her first rank princess because he thought as his age that time he could never had a child again so he was so grateful and doted on her since all his other childs already left the palace. So in my opinion, it the same reason... he granted the title to both princess. He favoured Ling so much of course he wanted to have child with her and after so long he had one and on the other, he didn't expect to have child again because he was so old, she was born at his golden age, of course she is so precious to him.
  3. Oh man, what a sad life...for Consort Wan. Judging by the ranks of Qianlong promoted his wives after he enthroned i guess that Gao and Xian probably the longest served as his wife along with Fuca compare to the other 5 of his early wives. He promoted Fuca as Empress, Gao as 3rd rank consort and Xian as 4th rank consort the other are just lower ranks. So not all his early wives were buried together in main tombs. and... It seems like Consort Ling surpassed all Qianlong's concubines and his early wives in terms of ranks and QL's affection/ respect except Fuca. **p.s : I really like an actress who play Consort Yu in Yanxi. She looks regal same as Charmaine Sheh. Oh so "Chun" on XiaoXian name was not added by Qianlong (?) ...can we trust this info? or maybe ....for Empresses, to stamp and added the character same with the Emperor only can be added after the Emperor death..? Like how "Chun" were added on Empress Xiaoyi and Empress Xiaoxian's name after Qianlong died. Qianlong and Ling had wonderful life together, as you can tell by his actions on her. In her death decree, he described his relationship with Ling as is still fresh..meaning after her death, so probably the memories with her still fresh and alive for him. That's why he care to make her as an Empress although there was no need to do so futhermore that was after 20 years of her death. While for Fuca, he can only redeem by wrote a poems for her. I think that, he punished his sons for not giving much attention of her funeral and his officials not because he was so angry with them or they did something that cannot be forgiven. But because he regret on his action so he need to vents his anger, his sadness, his regret on other by find faults on them. hahaha maybe...later he did regretted his action on punishing his sons right.. Maybe not Qianlong who gave the Gulun Rank to Hejing, probably Jiaqing Emperor did that? Like how Jiaqing make his younger brother, Yonglin 1st rank prince. Yonglin was given second rank prince by QL. After QL death, Jiaqing make him a first rank prince. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok i am a bit confuse with the Han/ Manchu and the banner during that era, there was a high and low banner (?)...anyone care to explain about this and what is booi? Also, i read this on Consort Chun that she is Han Chinese Plain White Banner. " The 20th-century historical text Draft History of Qing incorrectly recorded Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui's family name as "Sugiya" (蘇佳). While some Qing dynasty imperial consorts who were of Han Chinese origin changed their family names to Manchu-sounding names after marrying the emperors, Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui never changed hers. This was because she came from a commoner background, and her family was hence not eligible to be placed under a Manchu banner." She cannot change her family name because she came from commoner background and not qualified to be placed under Manchu but why Consort Ling who was born from lowly Han background family can changed her family name to Manchu? as Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner.
  4. I read that total all Qianlong's early wives before he enthroned were 8 women... Empress Fuca, Consort Xian, Consort Gao, Consort Chun, Consort Zhe and who are the other 3 women? Anyone know? And among them 8, only 4 of them were buried with him together... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------@ Lmao...so Consort Ling was pregnant for 7 times...wow...where did you read this..i didn't know she had miscarriaged, no info about this on wiki. I also think Qianlong really has a deep love toward Consort Ling. Hardly for the Emperor to accompany his consort who couldn't serve him. Most of the time as what i watch in drama..the emperor only stop by and visit his consort for a brief moment then leave.. and go to the consort who can serve and fulfill his needs. So if it true Qianlong really chose to be by her side during those time means, there were more than just "serving his needs" between them. Probably Ling is a good listener to him and easy to talk and share anything. Men always need and depend on someone who can listen and understand them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------@ Qianlong wrote lots of poems for Fuca but none for Ling despite all the info we read about how he doted on Ling so much. I guess that, all the memories he had with Ling enough for him to remember her that there is no need to tell how he feel on poems. All the attention he gave on someone he deeply love probably enough for them to understand each other feeling. Unlike with Fuca, theyve been separated by a sorrow and bittersweet memories. How he regret on not realizing Fuca's serious condition and brought her on trip thus leads to her death. Fuca also not happy when she left the world because of losing her son. Seems like he regret because he not done much for her when she was still alive. So he pours all his feeling on poems.
  5. @believed i have finished watching the dvd. The tvb version like you have said before cut many scene such as : i. when YL hurt broken her arms, QL slept on the chair the whole night beside her. ii. when QL noticed his arms bleed and Liu asked him to see the physician. iii. Consort Yu waited outside Yanxi Gong (because she feel guilty YL got hurt) iv. Quan Zi told YL Empress waited for her after YL saved ChenBi v. in later episode, a scene when Yongqi left Yanxi after lectured YL then YL sat infront of QL and said Yongqi is bla..bla.. (idk what she said)..this part was cut...in dvd after Yongqi left, QL already held YL hand and talked part why she sent her kids to others. vi. YL told Yongqi to go for gun range practice vii. scene where QL stand from his sit and walked (after he sentenced YL to be jailed in ep 34) and many scenes more.... Also they also change the background music for some scenes such as : i. on the part when QL touched YL's face after saving her from snow ii. YL and YCW scene at Yuan Ming Yuan Garden.. this all i have noticed so far..... Not so happy la with this dvd...it give me different vibes and feeling...esp the soundtracks because it play a major part in Yanxi too... i bet Haolan will be like this too since HK also cannot wait for this drama..sure TVB will buy the copyright again...
  6. @lyserose @believed i was told from the worker at the shop that TVB bought worldwide copyright for Yanxi Palace which means all the dvd will be produce worldwide using TVB version not the actual mandarin version.
  7. i bought the dvd of Story of Yanxi Palace all episodes in Eng Sub...but one thing i dislike about the dvd are the themes (opening and ending), the production changed it to the cantonese songs. I prefer more on the original themes....hmmm i am not so happy and satisfied actually although the eng subs quite accurate and better than the one subs by viewers. :( i bought Empresses In The Palace dvd back then and they kept all same without change it any part or the theme songs.
  8. @Cedric Ongone more thing need your help, can you find QL's decree when he announced Prince Jia as his heir and Consort Ling as Empress Xiaoyi. Anytime whenever you're free and thanks in advance ;-)
  9. @heychumi well in my personal opinion probably the historians wants to acknowledged Fuca as the only one loved by QL. Mostly because he wrote poems for her. Like how they described Fuca is QL's true love solely because of that. (but sometimes I wonder what if there is no poems for her, how the historians wants to described QL loves for her because from what have been shared mostly based on....poems). That is why they cannot described QL's favoured for others esp his most favorite concubine, Ling Consort as a love eventhough through his history record with Ling and the death decree, I can tell somehow he loved her although not as much as his love for Fuca. So like how the historians make the world acknowledged Step Empress as the most hated QL's Empress they also can do that by making Fuca the most loved. _______________ Thanks for the video. Anyway why she cannot fulfill his basic need? Because she was sick? And he always kept her close?...did he personally took care of her when she sick?
  10. @ChloeR I do think he will bedded her for real not just merely testing. He's really wanted her so badly... you can tell by his face. When did QL said YL only know how to make him mad? Which ep? ______________ @Cedric Ong thank for clarified that point. I thought he told in his decree he will write for her thus make me feel all the poems he wrote probably to fulfill his words. ___________ "when Step Empress was strip off her title, while on the way back from the trip QL already send words back to the palace to renovate the queen's chamber which was next to his room for Consort Ling" Seems like out of many theories about the fall of Step Empress probably the one make sense the most is about to appointed Ling Consort to be an Imperial Noble Consort. How he cannot wait any longer to renovate the chamber for Ling.
  11. I hope you can find it and share here the video historians talk about her followed QL to most of his excursions and the order about Empress’s chamber for Ling. p.s check your browser history;-)
  12. Ooh. I thought he regards their relationship like husband/wife instead of Emperor/Empress because he's only feel that way with Fuca. After all I feel their relationship is wonderful. QL is always have a soft spot for Fuca. One thing funny for me when he said he will write poems for her. Its feel like an obligation for him. It's unnecessary to mentioned it actually. Since I always feel that if you really wants to do something for the one you love, there is no need to tell other in advance. Haha I know this type of heroine like in Yanxi is the one viewers wants to watch nowadays. It's quite fresh for Yanxi actually when they changed the stereotype period drama heroine to be more modern type. Yes, she could beheaded and there is no way an Emperor will fall in love because you are different from other.@)hahaha For me, I feel amazed when he described his relationship with Ling still fresh and new even after 30 years living together esp since he has so many women in his palace. Their relationship probably filled with adventures lmao. (meaning he is always discovered new interesting things about Ling throughout their life together). He even mentioned her life nearly half of a 100 (about she died at 49), I know but somehow when he said this means he appreciated every single moment they've been together. In interview, Nie Yuan said Fuca is QL's first love but YL is his true love.
  13. Thank you for this information. Although you've been busy but still helping me to find this info. __________ Fuca This line "I understand my wife well as a husband.....and I feel very pained".... He referred to himself as a husband to Fuca instead of an Emperor/Empress. Seems like his marriage/ relationship with Fuca is the most perfect and happiest among all. Step Empress Even after her death, QL still not forgive her. When I read the decree I don't feel he had grudge or angry at SE anymore but just a simply plain and empty decree without any feels. Only to justified his action on SE before her death. QL seems is a very forgiven person, he even forgave the officer who requested a proper funeral for SE later and when the officer tried again, then executed him. I always thought if you deeply love someone, no matter how much you hates and despise the person once you love, at the end even after so many years you will remember about the sweet memories that once you had.esp when the person already dead. I guess QL probably had no love for her....because whether you exist or not is still the same and doesn't matter to him. Ling Gentle and polite. Haha totally different as what we have seen in drama. I used Google translate for some of her article keep on mentioned soft..now I know why. She been described as a gentle person by QL. This line "30 years of company feel like new/fresh (meaning like never tired of her).. I now feel empty. I feel like she is second love of QL. For 30 years still feel like new to him wow....and now I understand why he didn't let any of his concubines to be buried in the main tomb after Ling. He seems like no one he feel deserved and suitable to be in there. QL explained about the titles given to her probably wants to clarified that she deserved it esp when he wanted to put her next to him in the main tomb. This is to avoid any objection since Ling well known came from lowly Han background and started from as lady in waiting. His long decree about Ling, her char, titles etc explained all. *another question. Is it true her funeral was described like this? "On the day of her death, Emperor Qianlong ordered almost all the emperors and grandchildren to wear filial piety, adding eighteen to seventy-six of her original ceremonies, only one less than the empress’s. _____________ Btw thank u again for taking time finding this info for me.
  14. @Cedric Ong I wants to ask you regarding history whenever you're available. Are there any QL' s decree about Fuca & Ling's death. I read there was a decree QL made for Step Empress when he been told about her death but wonder if there any for Fuca and Ling. Also if you can help find me the accurate QL's decree about SE.
  15. Yes but why did they send it the zither to QL and QL asked Liyu to throw it? Somehow like the people behind it want to make QL think YL hates him. I also noticed that too. Supposedly she wasn't allow to sit altogether with Emperor and Empress right? Only Empress can in the main table. This scene make YL' s position equally with an Empress.
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