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  1. It has reached 200 millions views (2亿). Yes, the drama is underrated in China. In China it is not consider good views until it reaches billion views. Nevertheless, only 12 episodes were released in China, the views will increase slowly. The main lead is Mu Le aka Mr Beauty from Love O2O and Yuan An aka Princess Luo in Luhan's drama.
  2. I watched it on Tencent app, it's a China web where you have to pay in order to be their audience and view the extra released episodes. Anyway, I believe you can search the rest episodes in Facebook, just type "盛唐幻夜” and there's page that uploaded until ep 12
  3. So into the drama after 12 episodes. Too bad I don't see much from the male lead. According to the novel, the male lead will have more screentime in middle and later parts. Hope it will be a happy ending. PS: Mr Beauty aka Mu Le is very handsome and a great actor.
  4. It's a shame that drama with good actings always get neglected.. I wish the best to the female and male casts for their future work because they did really good acting in this drama and the first series.
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