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  1. Oh...what happen? Must be  something that serious to our princess that upset u. Please share.

  2. How she handle her personal issue, public issues, knets negativities against her, I really salute our queen. She's really a role model for us to learn. Calm, steady, tactfully....
  3. Hi Gigi, what evidence did they found? So happy to hear that. Hope it can help clear her name.
  4. Yes, it is indeed sad sad news. Just hope they parted amicably and peacefully. Take whatever belongs to each, not fighting for more, this will made settlement easier. I believe our princess will not take what's not hers. Really heartache. I'm saddened by her eye bags, really bad, she must had cried every day. Glad they both move on and wish them successful in their careers. @chilis I agree with you. Actually I'm admiring his high IQ or intelligence, excellent student etc, and happy that Kyo had found a good life time partner. But not, I'm disappointed at him, his behaviour, he should have been more mature and not threatening. To add on: I'm happy for them as a couple, but what he did to Kyo was very surprising and disappointing. My heart still goes to Kyo
  5. Nicee. I love SHK very much, watch her dramas n movies since Autumn. She's a professional, she knows what right or wrong, I believe in whatever she chooses. No point in arguing or pointing fingers, will make the situation worst. Same here in her chat, we don't want to discriminate the other party, together with her, we move on for happier time.
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