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  1. Agree with you. I just watch few of his dramas and we all know he has that evil smirk, foolishness, head over heels mimic that imprint in his acting. But for Eun Seob, his eyes and voice reflecting everything. We can see how lonely and painful he is longing for love just by waking up from sleep dealing a phone call from his mum, and it was just from his back! I think this is one of his best role regarding the complexity, so is for PMY. Im glad she doesnt take other pretty-secretary-with fancy clothes role tho i love her in other period and office love dramas. I think they are perfect for these roles, they are more than just some pretty faces and they deserve to be called actor and actress.
  2. About Haewon, i understand why people accused her of being insensitive. Also i understand why people call her bossy or pushy, but i think it's character development. She used to be passive, meek and demure, she was being used and unheard, even her letters to her mum were rejected,but then she came home and found Eun Seob still pinning for her, finding him as her comfort rock and thinking that among the cold this guy gives her warmth, and that trigger her to act for the sake of her own happiness. She acts, speaks and fights for ES and she earns that love. About her mother, aunt and dad. She said that her mum left her alone quite often and the dad help her with that issue, also i think she was still a child, her grandmother was known to be spiteful towards people but such a loving person to her family, her aunt is also no diff. In the case of her grandmother what makes her that way is because of her son in law abusing her daughter, knowing it and there is nothing she can do, but all HW knows is just that she love her. In the case of her aunt, HW doesnt hate her, she just being that way because the aunt herself is being temperamental toward her, the aunt doesnt hate her per se, just that HW reminds her of her crime, she hates herself and you know you cant love others when you hate your own exsintance, she refuse every kind of treatment and force to live, even to reopen the nodu house for aliving. That's how toxic her mental is. If only they communicate to each other about the issue instead of acting strong, which i find it ironic because they keep silent to protect HW, the biggest victim in the family. Haewon knows her family is not rainbow and unicorn, but definitely dyscuntional (from the way she stepped back from seeing how caring and loving ES's family is) but she cares about her aunt and she screamed at her simply because she is confused. Im glas ES is there to give her shoulder to cry on.
  3. Im afraid to ask but is it true that HW will leave for seoul? To sort out her mind? I know she would come back to ES but if she leave then she better not, she needs to face her problem. Or maybe im just too overthinking.
  4. Love his chara in watcher, that smirk before kicking the bad guys and all. Then i turn to this drama and he looks sooo defeated and passive, especially when HW came rescued him in the mountain, he looked so done with his life, not even a single muscle move i Kang Joon 's face but his eyes looks so sad and ready to jump off the cliff. Then when HW found his personal diary and teases him, he looks sooo funny like a ten year old boy (also when he unbuttoning his shirt!). I love his acting.
  5. That last sentences, that ES hopes when HW should leave she wouldnt do that with a heavy heart and he's ready for that possibility really is break my heart. He has nothing to lose, not because he dont have any but it's because he have to. He prepares himself for the worst because the bad things always happen to him. Him and HW always get abbandoned.
  6. Unfortunately yes it is, but i guess it deals with trends, korean really concern about trends, start from clothing, hair styles to makeups. It think the trend for dramas now are serial killers and court. This also happened with dramas about vampire few years ago. Korean really care about numbers and statistic.
  7. Awwww Eun Seop been so in love with her for almost the rest of his life, that's really sweet and sad, i cant imagine the sadness he felt everytime Hae won went away. But now im the one who sad because the drama will end soon.
  8. I think it must difficult for him to hear HW confession. All his serene moments and innocent memories about her and his safe heaven are gone. He said himself that there is no room for joke anymore, and she is the most important one now. Why did he borderline rejected her first, i think it's because he cant take rejections any further or whatever that makes courting HW resulting a bad decision (however, he couldnt ignore her because he likes her in the first place), but he takes that risk. This reminds me of when i apllied for my dream school, after got rejected for 3 times i retreated to the back of my safe place, being numb and refuse to try again. Years after that i became a happy person again. However, if you want something so bad, be it warmth, love or acceptance and those are denied then you try to logically understand it why, and you will,but you will never be the same person again, there is a dent in your soul and dont want to try again. Sorry for the long rant.
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