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  1. Hello guysssssss, how are you ㅠㅠ

    I am sorry I rarely *or maybe never come here anymore* you know why ^^

    but of course I still love yeolri whatever people said about them. 

    btw I made FMV for JungHwan Deok Sun again, its from JH pov and its sad, of course.



    and I also made one for junyeol & hyeri. Its from junyeol pov, it can be sad or maybe happy? HAHAHAHAHA. Maybe bc I am feeling gloomy now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    I hope you enjoyed it~



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    EoNamRyu in Blue is the best!!! Thank You for TeamGaeddeok, your hardwork :) *I am not doing much lol*

    in the end, it was EoNamRyu :wub: *praying circles*


    btw, yesterday i found an article that talking about junyeol interview on naver, the title was something like, 'Ryu Jun Yeol Ideal Type? A Woman Like DeokSun.'

    I am so happy because he still love deoksun :')

    but then that make me smile and smile again was, they put Hyeri n Junyeol pic, not DeokSun and Jung Hwan from drama HHAHAHHHAHAHA. My shipping heart XD



    the article : http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201604300100244600017602&servicedate=20160429


    btw their smile was look a like XD


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  3. 4 hours ago, aprodithe said:

    You should add when Hyeri put his arms on Junyeol's thigh in teki's room where taek learn cursing. it's bts as well, and the way she put her arms to his thigh was too comfortable...for someone who just filming together for 3 episode.


    it's hard to captured that,too fast they moved T__T and we cant see junyeol face thats why i didnt put it LOL

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  4. @cheetah88 OMMMAAAAA!!!! *hugs* you're amazing, i love our theme was a treasure box, its like Jung Hwan and Deok Sun untold love, it's so beautiful made :bawling: *let me crying a river*

    Talk about when I start to ship YeolRi *OOT* I ship them since Reply 1988 BTS when they hear Lee Moon See radio in Taek room, without Taek. well, you can see they really so close, even Hyeri rolled over his body LOL. If I ship someone in real life, i will make a tons of their edited pic and if i have a time i will made fanmade MV more and more LOL.

    so, this is 2nd my FMV of Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri, the first one you will find in my YT channel, its from R88 BTS :)

    and 2nd MV was special for phuket trip + fansign and R88 concert moment :wub:

    they really have good chemistry, WOW. I hope they are will dating in real life, i dont care if they keep it in secret, but all i can see from their interaction was :heart:

    Enjoyed guys  :flushed:



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  5. OMG!

    I dont know what I want to say *sobs* :tears:

    It so beautiful guys, we are really amazing fandom here. Our OTP didnt end up together, we are in pain and still in pain after 1 month drama ending, we have some problem but we still one, Jung Hwan x Deok Sun Shipper, Team jung Hwan, Team Gaeddeok :)

    It will be never change because we love our OTP since beginning and still love them, still believe their love, still believe they should be have better ending, still believe that we see is not wrong.

    And look at us now :)

    I really want to cry because this thread re-opened and we can share about our OTP here, we still not change right? we still love them, still believe in them, thir ove, their first love their beautiful story :wub:

    Their moment is real, look at concert, they love each other, see their eyes and that concert is the best, save the best for the last, and that is it. We cry but we happy now :D

    hugs for Team Jung Hwan! Lets still love our OTP! :heart:


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  6. @lala14 @namunamuyeppeo @emy_rose @harukajane and ALL thank you, I'm glad you guys like it :wub:

    I'm so boring these day, not interest to rewatch R88, because I'm still in pain. Not interest to watch other drama (I only watch CITT LOL). Lurking YT to watch JH x DS video, lurking here and read @hailaft fanfic.

    I dont believe this drama affect me so much, I watch tons of drama but I never so heartbreaking like this. Just WHY? I follow the scipt but :tears: Okay, I think it's not first time I say this LOL.



    I'm glad i have you guys :) because all my friends ALL was other team, that watch a drama just because a face not the story. I bickering with my friends last night because she say something bad about JH, i dont talk with her today :sweatingbullets:


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  7. 1 hour ago, girlbehindfate said:

    what happen to MT??? people there were more and more ridiculous every time i went there. 

    nobody seems to respect each other opinion and were still arguing. the drama ended already with taek as the husband. as team junghwan i am still dissapointed but i did not go around belittling taek team. but on MT team taek said a lot of awful thing about JH.

    they got the ending that they wanted but why they are still doing the supeeeeeerrrrrrr longggggg analysis again and again. it as if they are still trying to convince themselves that taek is the husband even though he is the husband which is so ridiculous.

    they also avoid discussing about what taek said during his interview that he also thought JH is the husband and they refutes it by saying that out of the actor who gave interview deoksun answer was the best. this show how unsecure they are.

    i am not trying to incite a war here. but it make me upset to go there and read all sort of negative things about JH when almost all of us team JH never even belittle taek as a character. it is frustrating seriusly.

    i would suggest for everyone to avoid going to MT. it is much more peaceful and lovely here.


    Yeah, going to MT is not good for your healty, I going there sometimes and i had headache. Are they still make looooong analisis? Why? to convince themselves TK is husband? but TK is husband, why they must convince themselves? Is that because they also think its JH in the beginning, but turn to TK so they make a theory to convince? :vicx:


    1 hour ago, parkangel said:

    Hello Fenia2,

    Welcome to our thread. We have so many talented people here, they make beautiful fanfics. I am glad they don't waste their writing skills by sprouting nonsense and making ridiculous theories. So, don't worry, we all mend our broken hearts and try to find some closure here.

    Like you, I don't see any explanation nor clue when and why Ds fall in love with Tk. It's fine if Ds should end up with TK, but it would be nice if they can give us the foundation on why Ds should end with Tk. Not to mention the character of adult Tk didn't match with the polite and soft younger TK. The way he treat No Eul is beyond belief. There's no way Tk would do that. 

    The plot didn't make sense either, why did Ds Tk need to share Jh Ds' love story to other people? If TK is the focus of that interview the interview should be about DsTk. How did Ds know about what Jh going through alone, by himself? 

    This writer still need to learn more if she plan to create another unpredictable twist on her story. Or, else she shouldn't even try creating such twist anymore. After all, she's no JK Rowling. It took someone with amazing writing skill to create an unpredictable twist. 


    Yes, I really want the ending is still dream. I want they show us WHY it's must be TK. Since When DS loves TK in romantically? Development of their relationship, because if this drama really want to show us 'reality', it's not like you kiss and then dating happily. No. In real life we always see how hard a relationship.

    I also feel betrayed because one thing, how they do to Jung Hwan. Why we dont have closure for his feeling? I wait forever in ep 19 & 20, time when DS and JH talk and say goodbye to their first love, I want to see DS know that confession is not joke, I want JH know DS once like him, I want DS say 'thank you for loving me' :tears:

    Okay, I cry again.

    With All JH x DS moment, people will remember their iconic scene forever. If someday someone mentioned about R88 and we remember a love story, the one that people remember is Jung Hwan story, his first love.

    I know this writer love about childhood love, but, i think this time she will doing different things.That 'piggyback ride', actually, I also think it's really show who's end the game at first, but after i follow the story, I dont find any romantically between both of them. Thats why i think this SW will doing different things in 3rd Reply. But.... meh. They throw a character more cruel than lastest R94, and the couple that SW choose, we cant see development their story.

    I swear to my self, in next Reply Series, If I watch it again, I dont want to make synopsis again (because if you watch and write a Recap or Synopsis you will fall too deep with character). Even if you follow the story, this writer-nim is so scary, she can and dont hesitate to throw a character and make an ending that difficult to accept. In roughly words, she can change the plot and make plot hole here and there.

    For next Reply series, i hope i dont fall in love too deep with a character again, PLEASEEE :tears: Its still hurt here and there :tears:

    I know I must post this in MT, but you know, I avoid MT :D


    Ssangmundong Gang, our Oppa with his smile :))

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  8. 1 hour ago, Boranoona said:

    Hey chingus, thanks to all of you for being such true friends and helping us prove our innocence.I feel great and relieved now that we were able to prove we did nothing wrong and meant no harm :) saranghamnida saranghaseyo :D i will always be a junghwan ds shipper no matter how many ppl conspire against me to bring me down :) but sadly I have decided to close my soompi account after the terrible mental depression caused by some strangers I don't even know due to their constant stalking and spying on me. I would like to tell all of you to never give up to such conspiracies and always stand up for yourself.I will continue to spazz abt uri couple till i have closed my account and will always support you,rjy and jh ds. #teamjunghwanforever


    Boranoona, are you really leaving? :tears:

    well, i was sad and dissappointed with that incident, i respect your decision. i know you loooove JH x DS thats why you make an account and i know you will always love our OTP, like us here, we always remember you :)

    I'm glad find you guys, a chingu because of Jung Hwan deep love.

    Annyeong boranoona ~ :tears::tears:



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  9. too many sweet scene, we cant forget it easily, this broken heart.

    i want to move on, but cant. It's not easily for me, because it's first time i break my heart with a drama character because i loooooove him too deep. inside my heart, i still crying even i smile. I want to leave this painful feeling but i was end up in same place again. :tears:

    "Though time may have passed, his first love was something we will always remember." __EMM




    after watch this video, i remember again that painful first love, omg!


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