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  1. Hello, it's been a while. Sorry, I got busy with real life matters.

    Thank you to everyone updating the thread. :D

    Today is Kim Soo Hyun's birthday and this article is for him and for all of you. ^^

    Kim Soo Hyun, A Man Everyone Wants to Watch
    Kim Soo Hyun's interview for Allure magazine dated March 27, 2012
    translated by Pechumori


    Kim Soo Hyun, A Fantastic Man
    24 years old, dignified yet humble.

    Q: Have you realized your popularity? What do you think is the best part of it?

    A: I have seen that my schedule has increased tremendously. Shooting of advertisements, interviews, my schedule has incessantly been tight. Then, when I search the internet, news about me often stand out. I don't know, I still cannot feel it, but I know I have reached this position largely because of the fans.

    Q: How much different is a day these days as compared to the past? Slightly publicized?

    A: Drama shootings, commercial shootings, interviews, photo shoots are constantly being repeated. It's demanding, but I'm grateful that the fans want me.

    Q: What issue has recently caught your attention?

    A: Anything good. It's two syllables, "eco". Originally, I bought a bike for my own health and for the environment. It started out small, as the model of the eco-brand Beyond. I will continue to learn this behavior until it becomes a large-scale practice for eco. You can say that this is the biggest issue which has caught my attention these days.

    Q: Actresses, even actors become cosmetic models. Would you say that this is proof that you have joined the ranks of "beautiful male" celebrities?

    A: If you say so, I am flattered. At least once, as an actor, I would want to try and become a cosmetic model. Because it is the first time, I feel excited. I think I should pay more attention to skin care and work very hard.

    Q: Becoming the model of the beauty brand Beyond that seems very concerned about the environment, do you feel compelled to be conscious about the environment too? Do you feel a sense of pressure?

    A: It is true, you have to watch out for every action now. When using paper cups, you have to think twice. When there is no schedule, for short distances, I always ride the bike. I still lack so much. But as a model of an eco-brand, I am trying to fulfill my responsibility.

    Don't ask me to go to a faraway place on a bicycle (laughs), It's the connected question. Celebrities like Leonardo di Caprio or Brad Pitt who have an interest in things that are environmentally friendly or participating in projects that have an interest in the environment like actor Jang Dong Gun who narrated a documentary entitled "Earth". Actors who used their influence in a positive way, I envy them all.

    If given the opportunity, as an actor, I also want to participate in the environmental movement, like the actors I've mentioned. Because it would be rewarding for an actor to use his influence positively. However, it would not be easy to put the actions into practice. Actors are really respected.

    Q: I want to hear your thoughts about women who beautify themselves. And we are all curious about your ideal type!

    A: A woman who knows how to make herself beautiful, is of course welcome. I think to say that a woman who does not adorn herself is beautiful would be a lie. That's all because, basically, it's not impossible to do it, right? These days, people adhere to the methods of make-up or adorning themselves based on what they hear. Hahaha! My ideal type is British actress Kaya Scodelario and it has been revealed some time ago. My ideal type is a woman with a mysterious charm.


    credit: http://www.allurekorea.com/content/view_03.asp?menu_id=05040200&c_idx=011004020000837

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  2. KBS confirms 'Producers' has been nominated for KBS Drama Awards


    KBS 2TV's entertainment drama, "Producers" has been nominated for 2015 KBS Drama Awards.

    An associate with KBS had told OSEN on November 12th, "Agreed to nominate "Producers" for KBS Drama Awards".

    "Producers" is an entertainment drama, which was produced by KBS Entertainment department. As such, there has been a discussion going on between Entertainment department and Drama department as to which award between KBS Drama Awards and KBS Entertainment Awards it should be nominated for.

    "Producers" is a drama presented by KBS Entertainment department ambitiously based on the accumulated experiences in the respective department.

    Cha Tae-hyeon, Kong Hyo-jin, Kim Soo-hyeon, IU starred in the drama and succeeded in acheiving both viewership rating and marketability. While Kim Soo-hyeon received Grand Award from 2015 Korea Drama Awards for his role in "Producers", whether or not he will be able to be honored again at KBS Drama Awards is drawing attention.

    source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1110291878

    credit: http://www.hancinema.net/kbs-confirms-producers-has-been-nominated-for-kbs-drama-awards-88465.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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  3. Kim Soo Hyun invests over $7 million for his upcoming film 'Real'
    Oct. 26, 2015


    Kim Soo Hyun has joined hands with resorts chain Paradise Group for his upcoming feature film 'Real.'

    Paradise Group relayed on October 26, "Kim Soo Hyun will sponsor his own movie 'Real' by investing 8,000,000,000 KRW (~$7.07 million USD) in it."

    The movie's filming is to take place at Paradise City, which is currently being constructed at Incheon's Yeongjong Island under the direction of Paradise Group.

    'Real' has garnered attention in the media recently for being the second official project of Alibaba Pictures, a subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group. Alibaba pictures took direct part in investing in and distribution of the movie, after its last project which was 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.'

    Kim Soo Hyun will be playing the role of Jang Tae Young, a ruthless man who is blinded by his greed for success and in pursuit of an ambitious conquest to establish a casino empire. The movie is set to start filming near the end of this year.

    credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/10/kim-soo-hyun-invests-over-7-million-for-his-upcoming-film-real

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  4. For the second consecutive year, Kim Soo Hyun is the brightest star in the "Korea Drama Awards"
    translated by Pechumori
    151009 (excerpt)


    Hallyu star Kim soo Hyun has become the hero of the "Korea Drama Awards" (KDA) for two consecutive years now.

    On the afternoon of Oct. 9, 2015, Kim Soo Hyun won the Grand Prize in the 2015 Korea Drama Awards which was held at the Cultural Arts Center in Gyeongsangnam in Korea, for his role  as Baek Seung Chan in the KBS2 TV drama, "Producers".

    Last year, he also received the Grand Prize for his role in the SBS TV drama, "You who came from the stars", thereby proving his true value by winning the Korea Drama Awards Grand Prize for two years in a row.

    Kim Soo Hyun shed tears while saying "Thank you. I sincerely thank all my senior and junior colleagues for any hardship I have brought you."

    On this day, Kim Soo Hyun also won the Hallyu Star award, raising the number of his trophies to two. The "Producers" directors, Pyo Min Soo and Seo Soo Min also won, winning a total of 3 awards for the drama.

    credit: http://www.newsis.com/ar_detail/view.html?ar_id=NISX20151009_0010340389&cID=10601&pID=10600



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  5. Hello, I translated this for Takeru Sato. I'd like to post it here too, with your indulgence.  :D

    Kim Woo Bin "I want to act with Takeru Sato...His eyes look really good"
    translated by Pechumori

    Kim Woo Bin “I want to act with Takeru Sato…His eyes look really good”translated by Pechumori10/5/15Actor Kim Woo Bin cited Japanese actor, Takeru Sato as one of the actors that he would want to act together with.On the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2015, the Casting Board event of the Asian Casting Market in the 20th Busan International Film Festival was held in the BEXCO exhibition hall. Actors Kim Woo Bin, Kim Go Eun, Mark Chao, Sandrine Pinna, Takeru Sato and Masami Nagasawa participated in the event. On that day, Kim Woo Bin was asked to name an actor that he would like to act together with and he said, “I want to act with Takeru Sato. I have not seen any of the Rurouni Kenshin movies yet, but a little while ago, I saw a short video clip. His eyes look really good.”Kim Woo Bin added “I’m going to watch your movie as soon as it reaches Seoul” and Takeru Sato replied by saying “Thank You” in Korean.The Asia Casting Market is a place to connect the actors representing Asia with the global film industry officials to revitalize international joint productions. The Casting Board chose young and promising male and female actors from Korea, China and Japan not only for their talent but also for their foundation to advance to the international stage.credit: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?arcid=0009927722&code=41181111&cp=nvNote: Kim Woo Bin is best known for his appearance in the drama, “Heirs” and in the movie “Twenty”.No wonder the two actors bowed deeply to one another when they did this handshake, showing mutual respect. ^^photo credit as tagged.

    Actor Kim Woo Bin cited Japanese actor, Takeru Sato as one of the actors that he would want to act together with.

    On the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2015, the Casting Board event of the Asian Casting Market in the 20th Busan International Film Festival was held in the BEXCO exhibition hall. Actors Kim Woo Bin, Kim Go Eun, Mark Chao, Sandrine Pinna, Takeru Sato and Masami Nagasawa participated in the event. On that day, Kim Woo Bin was asked to name an actor that he would like to act together with and he said, "I want to act with Takeru Sato. I have not seen any of the Rurouni Kenshin movies yet, but a little while ago, I saw a short video clip. His eyes look really good."

    Kim Woo Bin added "I'm going to watch your movie as soon as it reaches Seoul" and Takeru Sato replied by saying "Thank You" in Korean.

    The Asia Casting Market is a place to connect the actors representing Asia with the global film industry officials to revitalize international joint productions. The Casting Board chose young and promising male and female actors from Korea, China and Japan not only for their talent but also for their foundation to advance to the international stage.

    credit: http://news.kukinews.com/article/view.asp?arcid=0009927722&code=41181111&cp=nv


    No wonder the two actors bowed deeply to one another when they did this handshake.
    photo credit as tagged.

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  6. Kim Soo Hyun and IU chosen as the top celebs that people want to introduce to their family for Chuseok
    September 23, 2015


    The mid-autumn festival, aka Chuseok (or as I call it the 'Korean Thanksgiving'), is a time to gather with family members to celebrate the bountiful harvest, get merry and plump with plentiful food, and...possibly introduce your significant other to your mom and dad?

    On September 23, mobile app 'Cashslide' announced the results to their Chuseok special survey which questioned 1,057 users in their 20's-40's on whom they would like to bring home to introduce to their parents during the holiday.

    Under the category of 'Daughter-in-law material I would want my father to meet,' singer IU came out on top with 9.3% of the total votes! The majority of IU's votes were from young men in their 20's while Kim Tae Hee came close in second with 8.4% of the votes. AOA's Seolhyun earned 6.1%, placing third, and Park Bo Young and Han Hyo Joo tied for fourth place respectively with 4.3% of the votes each.

    As for the 'Son-in-law material I would want my mom to meet,' Kim Soo Hyun placed first, sweeping up the votes of women in their 20's and 30's! Joo Won came in second with 4.9% of the votes, So Ji Sub placed third with 4.2%, 'Nation's MC' Yoo Jae Suk was fourth with 2.9% votes and Ha Jung Woo placed last with 2.9%.

    credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/09/kim-soo-hyun-and-iu-chosen-as-the-top-celebs-that-people-want-to-introduce-to-their-family-for-chuseok

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  7. "KIM SOO HYUN DAY", Watch Kim Soo Hyun's dramas this Chuseok holiday
    translated by Pechumori
    150922 (excerpt)


    T-cast cable channels will provide organized feature presentations to celebrate the Chuseok holidays. A variety of movies have been prepared for continuous broadcast. The opportunity to see the dramas of Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun has been prepared.

    Dramacube, a TV channel specializing in drama will add warmth to the holidays. From Sept. 25 to 29, they have organized the "Kim Soo Hyun DAY" by airing his dramas such as "You who came from the stars", "Producers" and "Moon Embracing the Sun" .

    credit: http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=912886&year=2015

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  8. "Here I am"...Kim Soo Hyun's warm smile melts women's hearts
    translated by Pechumori



    Actor Kim Soo Hyun met with his Chinese fans.

    Kim Soo Hyun visited Shanghai, China for the promotion of the drama "Producers", then after the event, he moved to Hangzhou to attend a ceremony last Sept. 2 at a large shopping mall.

    On this day, the Korean cosmetics brand held a show at a shopping mall that was filled with female fans who gathered themselves to see Kim Soo Hyun. He showcased a dandy style by wearing a white shirt and black pants and his warm smile has captivated the women's hearts.

    Meanwhile, last Aug. 31, Kim Soo Hyun attended a fan meeting for the promotions of the "Producers" in Shanghai, China, along with Gong Hyo Jin and IU.

    credit: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=778061

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  9. 15 of the Highest Paid K-Drama Actors and What They Earn
    by kokoberry 150904 (excerpt)


    After revealing the highest paid K-Drama actresses, a new report from news outlet Ilgan Sports has revealed the highest paid K-Drama actors in 2015. It appears as though the pay gap between actresses and actors is not as large as it has been in the past. However, male actors tend to enjoy greater popularity amongst female fans. In addition to their high earnings from K-Dramas, actors can cash in on their success through overseas fan meetings. Also, a successful K-drama will result in filming CFs which is quite profitable for actors.

    Without further ado let’s check out the list of Korea’s top actors’ earnings per episode compiled after consulting with drama production companies, broadcasting company producers, management staff members, and other specialists in the entertainment industry.

    Highest Earners

    Kim Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin are the highest paid actors having received 100 million KRW (approx. 83,900 USD) per episode this year. With a string of highly popular dramas like “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” “My Love From the Star,” “Producer,” and more, Kim Soo Hyun is an extremely sought after actor. He received his highest earnings with “My Love From the Star.” However, he didn’t raise his rates for his following drama “Producer” due to his consideration for writer Park Ji Eun.

    credit: http://www.soompi.com/2015/09/04/15-of-the-highest-paid-k-drama-actors-and-what-they-earn/

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  10. Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU attended a promotional event for "Producers" in China
    translated by Pechumori


    Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU gathered in one place for the first time after a long while.

    On Aug. 29, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU together with PD Pyo Min Soo, PD Seo Soo Min and writer Park Ji Eun, attended the promotional event for the KBS2 TV drama "Producers" in Shanghai, China.

    Sohu TV, which owns the copyrights of "Producers" in China, organized the event prior to the local broadcast of the drama. Sohu TV posted a photo of the event on Weibo.

    Gong Hyo Jin wore a neat black dress, IU wore a bright red dress and Kim Soo Hyun chose a light plaid suit. The three actors who have a love line in the drama, took time to have their photos taken.

    The "Producers" is an entertainment drama that deals with the story about the work and love relationships that unfold in the KBS entertainment station. The excellent performance of actors Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Soo Hyun and IU and the interesting development of the plot led to the popularity of the show.

    Sohu.com signed a copyright agreement at the Busan Contents Market (BCM) for the broadcast rights of the "Producers" in China. Each episode was reportedly priced at $ 200,000 (about 200 million won).

    The "Producers" will be aired all over China through Sohu.com


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  11. Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho And Lee Jong Suk Are China's Most Liked Hallyu Stars
    BY Adrienne Stanley | Aug 26, 2015 (excerpt)


    Actors Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, and Lee Jong Suk are included in the top 10 of a recent poll which named the Most Liked Hallyu Stars in China. On August 26, the Korean outlet Newsen published the results of a poll conducted by the Chinese publication People's Daily, which was conducted from August 10 through August 18.

    The results of the consumer and mobile online poll yielded a male-dominated list, which highlighted stars who have prominently appeared in K-Drama, film, K-pop and the variety sector.

    Variety stars Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo were included within the top 10. K-pop idol groups that were listed as the Most Liked Hallyu Stars in China included Super Junior, EXO, Big Bang, Girls' Generation and CNBLUE.

    A representative for the Korea Consumer Forum discussed the significance of the poll. "Awareness of popular Korean drama and music in China has been raised through beloved stars who obtained a number of votes to be named in the 'Brand of the Year Award,' Hallyu star sector," said the spokesperson for the Korea Consumer Forum.

    In its 13th year, the Korea Brand of the Year Award, honors top consumer brands. In 2015, Chinese consumers were designated to select the top stars who have impacted the Hallyu Wave.

    Actors that were included in the top 10 of the list are those who have held significant roles in popular dramas that have captured the attention of fans beyond Korea.  

    Kim Soo Hyun gained prominence with international audiences through his portrayal of Song Sam Dong in the 2011 teen musical drama, "Dream High." He followed with iconic roles in the heist film, "The Thieves" and his portrayal of a spy in "Secretly, Greatly." While his prior accomplishments are significant, audiences throughout Asia were drawn towards his role in the 2013 fantasy series, "My Love from the Star," which significantly raised his profile as a Hallyu star.

    credit: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/94753/20150826/kim-soo-hyun-lee-min-ho-and-lee-jong-suk-are-chinas-most-liked-hallyu-stars.htm

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  12. 7 South Korean actors we will always have crushes on
    by Shelly M on Mon, Aug 24, 2015 (excerpt)


    There are some celebrities we can't stop loving no matter what roles they play! Certain actors can portray good, evil, funny, or even depressed characters, and we cannot wait to see more of them! Whether it be their acting talent or gorgeous looks, we continue to have major crushes on South Korean actors like the ones in this list.

    Kim Soo Hyun

    Kim is just plain lovable! Of course, his roles in Dream High and Producer just make you want to hug him, but I think his staring role as the handsome alien in My Love From Another really sent fangirls into orbit.

    credit: http://www.dramafever.com/news/-south-korean-actors-we-will-always-have-crushes-on/

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  13. Kim Soo Hyun chosen as exclusive model for Cuckoo Electronics



    As one of the biggest Hallyu stars at the moment, it seems like Kim Soo Hyun's image is plastered on every advertisement and endorsement.

    Now the actor has another brand to add to the already long list of brands he represents. Kim Soo Hyun is now the face of Korea's Cuckoo Electronics, having been selected as the exclusive model for the small appliances manufacturer.

    With the selection of Kim Soo Hyun, Cuckoo is hoping that he will make a positive impact on the corporation's domestic and international marketing campaigns. Kim Soo Hyun is sure to boost Cuckoo Electronic's image as a growing global brand.

    A rep from Cuckoo Electronic's marketing team relayed, "Actor Kim Soo Hyun's sophisticated and modern image is not only fitting for the brand's concept, but he will also bring a positive image to Cuckoo overseas. From now on, we will aggressively penetrate various markets including Korea, China, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia."

    credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/08/kim-soo-hyun-chosen-as-exclusive-model-for-cuckoo-electronics

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  14. KCON LA And NY Will Air On This Week's M! Countdown

    BY Adrienne Stanley | Aug 13, 2015


    On August 13, Mnet announced the broadcast dates for the M! Countdown footage that was filmed during KCON in Los Angeles (KCON LA) and KCON at Newark's Prudential Center (KCON NY).

    An article published by CJ E&M's Mwave cited August 13 as the broadcast date for the program called "M! Countdown Feelz In LA." Footage taped during KCON NY will be broadcast on August 15, through a show titled "M! Countdown Feelz in NY."

    KCON LA was attended by 58,000 Hallyu fans, who turned out to experience various aspects of Korean culture and entertainment.

    Footage from KCON LA will include the August 1 performances by Super Junior, SISTAR, GOT7, Roy Kim and Monsta X. Monsta X and GOT7 delivered a stellar hip-hop stage, which is not to be missed.

    Audiences who enjoy K-Drama had the opportunity to meet-and-greet stars including Daniel Henney, Song Ho Jun and Ki Hong Lee.

    While he did not directly interact with fans, mega star Kim Soo Hyun was present for the Red Carpet on August 2. The "Producer" star also provided the introductory segment for the August 2 M! Countdown concert, which featured performances by Shinhwa, AOA, Red Velvet, Zion.T and Crush.  AOA's Jimin provided the special stage, during the third night of KCON LA, when she performed her rap hit, "Puss."

    KCON NY, which was held on August 8, featured peformances by Girls' Generation, VIXX, Teen Top and AOA.

    "M! Countdown Feelz in LA" broadcast at 6 p.m. KST on August 13, while "M! Countdown Feelz in NY" will be broadcast on August 15 at 5 p.m. KST.


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  15. The Kim Soo Hyun effect, this year's No. 1 baby's name is "You Who came from the stars" hero, Min Joon.
    translated by Pechumori
    150812 (excerpt)


    This year, the number 1 baby's name for boys is Min Joon and for girls, it's Seo Yeon.

    According to the statistics released by the Supreme Court (in Korea), from January to June 2015, the most common name that topped the list in the birth registration of men and women is Min Joon for boys and Seo Yeon for girls respectively. Min Joon is the hero of the SBS drama "You Who came from the stars" and 2,032 baby boys were accounted with this name, while 1.632 baby girls were named Seo Yeon, the heroine of the movie "Architecture 101" (the younger role played by Suzy).

    In the past, naming names was done in accordance with the law. In recent years, people wanting to associate with the names of celebrities or characters in movies and dramas have increased significantly. This is the reason why these names came out in the "Top Ten names that emerged this year"

    credit: http://sports.khan.co.kr/news/sk_index.html?cat=view&art_id=201508121851273&sec_id=540101&pt=nv

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  16. Embedded image permalink

    Embedded image permalink

    Kim Soo Hyun held his "2015 Fan Meeting in Japan" for the drama "Producers"
    translated by Pechumori

    South Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, who is enjoying tremendous popularity not only in Asian countries but also worldwide, held his "2015 Fan meeting in Japan" at the Tokyo Mielparque Hall yesterday, Aug. 7 (Friday). Kim Soo Hyun made his debut as an actor in the drama "Kimchi Cheese Smile" and appeared in many projects such as the dramas, "Dream High", "Moon Embracing the Sun", "You who came from the Stars" and in the movies "The Thieves" and "Secretly Greatly", gaining huge popularity by portraying a variety of roles.

    Due to his solid acting skills, coupled with an overwhelming presence that vividly expresses each character, Kim Soo Hyun gained the highest audience rating for every drama he did. After one year and three months since "You who came from the stars" ended its broadcast, he made his comeback project with the drama "Producers".

    The venue was dark and Kim Soo Hyun, wearing a black casual suit, appeared singing from the back of the audience. He greeted the fans and the audience cheered loudly at his surprise appearance. The program started with the highlights of the drama "Producer" being introduced to the audience, then it was followed by a variety of events that featured Kim Soo Hyun showing how to make shaved ice dessert which is perfect for the summer, doing fun quizzes and bowling games.

    The drama "Producers" became a hot topic because it was headed by 4 top South Korean stars such as Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin and IU. Furthermore, it was written by "You who came from the stars" writer Park Ji Eun and gained attention through the cameo appearances by "Girls Generation" Taetiseo, actors Jang Hyuk and Lee Seung Gi among others. The entertainment drama depicts the story inside the major broadcasting station KBS and the complex relationship that develops among Kim Soo Hyun who plays the role of a rookie producer, Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin who play the roles of senior producers and IU who portrays the role of a popular singer.

    "Producers" will air in Japan on Oct. 3 (Sat) at DATV.

    credit: http://korepo.com/archives/136073

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  17. Kim Soo Hyun’s People Magazine interview goes viral


    Kim Soo Hyun while attending KCON 2015 in Los Angeles has been interviewed by US top tabloid People Magazine. For the past years, featuring Korean celebrities on People Magazine happened only few times.

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Soo Hyun / ©nihanco, topstarnews

    The interview with Kim Soo Hyun titled “Four Things to Know About Korean Heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun” and published July 31, 2015 by the editor Melody Chiu has been shared meanwhile 2.8K times.
    The shared numbers of the article proves the actor’s great popularity worldwide. Even the interview has not been promoted by People Magazine’s twitter account, the article went viral.

    Kim Soo Hyun’s interview on People Magazine

    Compared to another article published on that same date, twittered by People Magazine and day’s top tweet amongst roughly 50 tweets by 1.4K, the article has been shared 2.4K in total. Kim Soo Hyun’s interview even topped it with 2.8K.
    During his interview, Kim Soo Hyun said:”I've wanted to work with Gwyneth Paltrow for a long time. She is very talented and attractive!" Maybe one day, Kim Soo Hyun will meet the actress Gwyneth Paltrow on a red carpet or at work!

    credit: http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=146915

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  18. @dramafan888, those black and white pics.....i melt with them.   :D

    Kim Soo Hyun will hold a "Producers" event in Japan
    translated by Pechumori


    Due to the hot support of Japanese fans, actor Kim Soo Hyun will hold a promotional event for the drama "Producers" in Japan.

    Kim Soo Hyun, who secured his position as a Hallyu star in "You who came from the stars",  once again enjoyed the popularity syndrome through the "Producers" and will hold a special meeting with the local fans on the 7th and 9th in Tokyo and Osaka.

    This event is in preparation prior to the airing of the drama "Producers" in Japan this October. Kim Soo Hyun will spend time with a total of 5,000 fans for two days in the Tokyo Mielparque Hall and in the Osaka Orix theater.

    Since the establishment of the official fans club in Japan in 2013, Kim Soo Hyun aims to maintain a steady communication with the fans. Thus, plans were made to have an intimate time with the fans through a variety of programs and an in-depth talk related to the "Producers".

    After "You who came from the stars" it has been a year since he held an event to meet his fans in seven countries in Asia, including Japan.

    Officials of the Japan Digital Adventure said that "Kim Soo Hyun's popularity is growing in Japan. We realized the hot interest of local fans for him, when his tickets were all sold out in an instant."

    It was confirmed that Kim Soo Hyun's next work will be the movie "Real" which plans to start shooting this second half of the year.

    credit: http://news20.busan.com/controller/newsController.jsp?newsId=20150806000149

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  19. Who are the top 5 most popular Korean celebrity CF models in China?
    August 5, 2015


    It's a known fact that China is all about the Hallyu wave, but which Korean CF models are the most popular in China? Turns out, the results are fairly similar to who is the most popular in the homeland!

    There was a survey that went on from July 10 to 31, titled 'A Survey on which Korean CF Models are the Most Loved in China'.

    The results were released recently, and the poll had a ridiculously high total number of 2,830,805 votes! Nearly half of the votes, 1,228,997 votes to be exact, went to actor Kim Soo Hyun!

    Second place went to Girls' Generation's YoonA with 796,493 votes, third place was Gary with 219,703 votes, fourth was Super Junior's Siwon with 193,993 votes and fifth was EXO with 128,057 votes!

    Congratulations to all of them!

    credit: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/08/who-are-the-top-5-most-popular-korean-celebrity-cf-models-in-china

    @ilwoo_aein, You're welcome  :D


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  20. @AiO, you're welcome. :D

    Kim Soo Hyun, surprised at the hot interest in Korean culture in LA
    translated by Pechumori


    Hallyu star, Kim Soo Hyun went on stage for the Mnet "M countdown" K pop chart show which was held at the staples center in LA.

    Kim Soo Hyun was invited to the Korean culture festival known as KCON USA 2015 sponsored by CJ group. His appearance was one of the highlights of the "M countdown", the second stage of the Kcon event.

    As soon as Kim Soo Hyun, who was wearing a black bow tie with matching black suit appeared on stage, the 15,000 seating capacity concert hall was filled with the screams of fans.

    Kim Soo Hyun who served as the opening MC said "I greeted you through the movies and dramas, but I stand here once again, excited with a trembling, joyful heart".

    "When I came directly to the Kcon site, I was really surprised at the hot interest of the LA fans for various Korean culture like drama, food, music, fashion etc." He added "Thank you. In the future, I ask for your continuous love"

    Each time Kim Soo Hyun opens his mouth, the fans would start cheering, making him unable to carry on with the next statement. Everyone was busy with their cameras in order to keep an image of the "You who came from the stars" actor.

    The LA "M countdown" is scheduled to be aired on the cable music channel Mnet on the 13th.


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  21. @ilwoo_aein, You're welcome. :D

    Kim Soo-hyun "Wasn't really refused a handshake..."



    Kim Soo-hyun talks about his nickname of "the guy who was refused a shake hands".

    On July 24st, the Chinese program "Stars from Korea", which is simultaneously broadcast on two different Asian TV networks, had an interview with Kim Soo-hyeon-I. The MC Han Suk-Joon asked him "Do you know? When you search for the term 'the guy who was Refused a shake hands, your name pops up on search engines. Have you seen the video?"

    Kim Soo-hyun replied by saying "I saw it. But it was more like I missed the timing in regards to the handshake rather than being refusing it. At least, according to my interpreting of the events". Han Suk-Joon countered by saying "you seemed to be trying shake every fan's hands". "What else can I do but shake their hands?", the actor replied.
    The title of the program "Stars from Korea" is a behind the scenes, celebrity gossip entertainment program.

    source: http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2015073107494081796

    credit: http://www.hancinema.net/kim-soo-hyeon-i-wasn-t-really-refused-a-handshake---84978.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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