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  1. I think I'll rewatch this series again and again too just like @ferily. I guess this is one of the series that makes our "pandemic" feels better. I mean we are experiencing all kinds of emotions that - one of the stress relievers for me is watching KDRAMAS but I guess I love the plot of this series. For me so far it doesn't have a lot of twists but it really tug my heart like JY's music to SA This drama became my comfort
  2. I'm very happy I believe that this drama will be a happy ending! OMG! They do save all the kisses for this episode. It is rare to see so many kisses in one episode well technically two LOL Thank you my co-fans of this drama. It's been a pleasure to meet you here thru this thread
  3. I will believe we will get a good evening for this one. My guess: JY might dedicate a piano piece for SA when she decided to leave the recital that made her feel something or realize her feelings for JY once again. She just gets tired feeling she's the one doing all the work but feeling sad/hurt about it... She wants to feel comforted by someone and assuring/protecting her i guess.
  4. Told you it will be a roller coaster last 4 episodes! hehe! But I'm liking the scene where they will play together and it will be the highlight scene for the last 2 episodes! <3 JK is poking to SA weakness and thats really so mean! She is showing SA that JY needs her! haayy....
  5. OMG THE PREVIEW! Did she just admit to Jin that she loves Hwan?!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CGFYZOaDY_V/?utm_source=ig_embed
  6. I just felt an AVALANCHE of problems on this episode. I feel I got stuck in the rubble of issues! So we have 4 episodes to solve this issues hehe! I'm anticipating of a rollercoaster last 4 episodes then...
  7. Why do i have a feeling that JungKyung will help SongAh train to be a better violinist? i mean when JK had that master class where SA had to come because of HaeNa. JK had a good job "mentoring" SA more than that professor... and JK somewhat sympathizes with SA when she was eating with her professor saying bad things about SA...
  8. hmmmm... you have a point there... you also can see JY really cares for SA. He smiles whenever he is with SA he doesn't realized it until i guess he really needs a little push to know his feelings for her. JK on the other hand makes a big mess on the friendship between JY and HH, and to her too.. I mean if she didn't date HH then no problem at all hahah but i guess this is the core of this drama LOL JK's grandmother knows her feelings to JY so it means she just realized it by now or she ignores it for a LOOOONG TIME but why kissed JY in his NY Recital - to confirm her feelings to him? Soooo m
  9. I guess that will happen... HEHEHE! Man up JY ah! He needs a little push
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