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  1. I'm techie-challened guys. When I saw Naeun's pictures from the Jimmy Choo event, i have a feeling that it might have a connection with Taemin. And I was right... Tae's diagonal print hoodie which he wore last Sep14 (MusicBankInBerlin) and Naeun's minidress fr the Jimmy Choo launch is from the same brand... Off-white !!! These 2 are so adorable! And yeah... it can just be coincidence but let me be happy with my muffins. Will just make an account in IG so I can post the pics I edited and continue my happiness there. Good night!
  2. Been lurking for quite some time already but i just got to share this findings of mine... http://i63.-/359wf0k.jpg These couple is so adorbs!
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