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  1. Welcome to this thread @mandy77777. I believe this is one of their cutest scenes. I miss our OTP.
  2. As always, I love how detailed oriented your posts are @sscllccrazy. And as well as @thi2018 @Cedric Ong @katty27@lsemun99 . And to others who are just lurking. You guys made this ship a fantastic one. Thank you guys for the updates. Is this still an acting?
  3. @lsemun99 Awww! So kind of you! Thank youuu very much Chingu!!! As a shipper, all of their kissing scenes are my favorites!
  4. Hi everyone. I know it's quite late. But I am currently watching their series for the 1st time after watching Pretty noona who buys me food. Instantly and unexpectedly I became a fan. I love how the characters were portrayed by the right actors. I know it's real hard to be a shipper. I am not expecting anything in return. I just love how Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun both as a couple and individually. Fighting!
  5. @katty27 Awww! Thank youu chingu! Hoping for someone to translate that video as well. I really miss our OTP!
  6. Can someone with a kind heart translate some parts of this video. I think there are missing subtitles. Especially the part wherein JHI was asked about his ideal woman. Thank you!
  7. Yes! You are right chingu! Remember when SJK and SHK agencies keep on denying their relationship but shock the whole world when they announced that they are getting married. A year after their drama has ended. So let's keep shipping Chingus. Without expecting anything in return.
  8. Hi everyone! It's been a while. And I am so glad to read your thoughts. Well, I am just glad for the chemistry of JHI and SYJ that is why I created this thread. I hope this would not cause any misunderstandings with you. I am just a happy shipper but I am not expecting that they would date. I hope that JHI and SYJ would reunite with a project because their chemistry is indeed one of the best.
  9. Son Ye-jin Son Ye-jin in July 2014 Born Son Yeon-jin January 11, 1982 (age 36) Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea[1] Occupation Actress Years active 1999–present Agent MSTeam Entertainment Jung Hae-in Born April 1, 1988 (age 30) South Korea Education Pyeongtaek University Occupation Actor Years active 2013–present Agent FNC Entertainment Height 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)[1]
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