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  1. Jasper Liu Shares Fond Memories Of His First Reality Show ‘Twogether’



    Adventures can bring you closer together and that’s just what happened to Taiwanese actor and musician Jasper Liu and Korean actor, singer and reality show veteran Lee Seung-gi while filming the series Twogether. The duo traveled to six Asian cities, Yogyakarta and Bali in Indonesia, Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal, completing missions that led them to the fans who recommended the locations. Having engaged in both cooperative and competitive challenges during the series, the actors now share memories of some extraordinary adventures


    Liu is known throughout Asia for his roles in films such as More Than Blue and Take Me to the Moon, as well as the TV dramas Before We Get Married and Triad Princess. Known as “The Face of Asia”  Liu is not camera shy, but appearing on his first reality show was a different experience. 


    “First of all, there are cameras recording you at all times, anywhere, as they want to capture the very real side of you,” said Liu. “It’s only one shot, there is no re-taping. They want to capture the first reaction at the moment. There’s no script for this reality show. Or maybe the director’s team might have the script in their mind and hope we would follow their lead. Yet, during the shooting of the show, we have no clue what’s going to happen next, therefore, our reactions are the most direct and real.”


    Not only did cameras record the duo 24-hours-a-day, during both mundane moments and struggles to accomplish seemingly impossible missions, Liu and Lee had to overcome a language barrier. Both actors could speak a little of each other’s language, but their communication often relied on English phrases and a flurry of gesticulation. 

    “Though my partner, Seung-gi and the entire production crew are Korean, we both tried our best to learn each other’s languages,” said Liu. “Gradually we built up a good team spirit and chemistry. We took care of each other, took up all the challenges and accomplished all the missions in order to meet our fans at home. Those are very precious and unique experiences.”


    Meeting his fans was Liu’s favorite part of making the series.


     “I love the moment when we meet our fans,” said Liu. “They know about me through my film and TV drama work. Because of this show, I got to learn about their cultures and try their local  cuisines. It’s a touching experience for me to interact with our fans in this way.”


    Series director Cho Hyo-jin also found those meetings to be a very moving part of a fun production.

    “The fans didn’t know at all that they would be welcoming Seung-gi and Jasper to their homes,” said Cho. “So, very often they were very emotional upon meeting the two of them, which moved Seung-gi and Jasper as well.”


    Actor, model and musician Jasper Liu has been called 'The Face of Asia.'


    Although Liu was familiar with Lee’s films, dramas and variety show appearances, the two had not met before agreeing to co-star. 


    “I thought we would just get to know each other before the shooting started,” said Liu. “Yet, when I arrived in Seoul, I found out we had to accomplish several missions in order to meet each other. There were missions lined up at various locations and we had to accomplish them. Then, finally, we got to meet each other for the very first time. We were both so very touched when we finally met that we gave each other a big warm hug. Our first meeting was very special.”


    Cho had observed Lee’s intuitive skills when working with him on the variety show, Running Man. He thought Lee’s experience and Liu’s easygoing personality were a good fit.


    “Jasper is a very famous actor in Asia, but he didn’t have a lot of experience with variety shows before Twogether,” said Cho. “The first meeting with Jasper wasn’t anything too serious, but I had a very good first impression of him. I found his smile very charming, which I thought resembled Seung-gi’s. I was also impressed by the fact that Jasper was willing to admit that he is inexperienced in doing variety shows and was eager to learn and work with us.”

    Cho enjoyed watching the actors’ friendship deepen as their journey continued. 


    “They don’t speak the same language, and they were awkward around each other at the beginning, but Seung-gi’s friendly energy and Jasper’s adaptability really brought them closer to each other as the trip continued, and you’ll see how they develop better understanding of each other as the show progresses.”


    Throughout the series, the traveling companions engage in challenging missions, mastering activities such as paragliding, harpoon fishing, axe throwing and exploring a vertical cave, learning to endearingly and hilariously rely on each other to accomplish goals.


    Twogether took me to places and activities that I’d been dreaming of, yet never had a chance to do before,” said Liu. “For instance, places like Jomblang Cave, where we got to see Heaven’s Light, and paragliding. Because of the trip with Twogether, I got to enjoy those fun experiences.”


    The nature of travel has changed dramatically since Twogether was filmed. Liu hopes the show’s viewers will enjoy his travels vicariously now that so many are limited by COVID-19 travel restrictions.


    “Even for me, when I watch the show, I am brought back to the moments of our travels,” said Liu. “It makes me want to watch it again and again. By watching Twogether, the audiences can learn about different cultures, cuisines, the beautiful scenery. Friendship is beyond the language barrier. And I hope through this show, the audience can feel the fun, the laughter and the warmth we want to convey.”


    Liu had so much fun that he hopes one day to reunite with Lee for a second season of Twogether. Meanwhile, viewers can catch him in two upcoming TV dramas Twelve Legends, and Use For My Talent, both of which are scheduled to air at the end of 2020.



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  2. I actually finished the whole show on the first day, LOLS.

    It's now my 2nd rewatch to see some more details.


    It exceeded my expectations, I was thinking when the show was first announced that it might be an awkward show with the language barrier but they're both so friendly and their "limited" way of communicating, mix in with basic English and body language just add a lot of cuteness!!!!! Pacing is on spot, it's so easy to digest and gobble at one go. 


    Jasper even though is a noob in variety, he's a fast learner and is super good with outdoor sports, water sports in particular, while Seunggi is better with those in high air. So I saw a c-netizen comment saying Jasper shouldnt go up (height games) and Seunggi shouldn't go down (water), lols You'll understand better once you watched all episodes. Jasper seldom go on variety shows but he's super cute and humorous in those he guest and in interviews, he got the "sense".


    Seunggi grown after 2D1N when he used to be the one getting fooled, now he's the one in charge of fooling, lols!


    Also the phrase "GAME IS GAME! GAME IS CRUEL" is still stuck in my head, lols!!!


    It already hit top #10 in 8 regions

    Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore


    We'll get to see Seunggi in silk pyjama and Jasper's 5 selfie shots with hearts.


    Season 2 Let's GO!!! It sounds like there'll be season 2 judging from how Jasper and Seunggi communicate during Naver Now live broadcast and also PD Go's instagram post talking about the success of season 1 and mentioning season 2!! PLEASE DO SO!! If not for covid-19, I feel filming for season should happen this year, sigh.

    Also to answer question on Jasper's fisherman hat, I made a compilation thread on twitter, haha!


    Spoilers on Jasper's part mostly:


    Jasper's diving part wowed me!!! He seems pretty professional, it's hard to dive without the tank and for so long, he's able to hold his breath under water. WOW! I thought that part, he's super cool.



    Also towards the end when he becomes suspicious of Seunggi fooling him all the time, hahahaha! Seunggi's image in his mind is "DON'T LIE TO ME", So funny.


    He's so squishy and soft. I mean even though Jasper is older but he really looks like a dongsaeng and him calling Seunggi oppa is just too funny. This is somehow like a honeymoon trip between the two, hahahaha!


    I mean I know he always have been quite the artist as he majored in visual communication, but I'm amazed by his creativity when he used his hands to paint. I thought he's so sweet.


    Chiang Mai episode is the best!! I would like to see more of the "rivalry games" in 2nd season, I think Jasper might be able to hit back to his teacher Seunggi, although he'll probably still lose due to his innocent nature.



    Spoiler GIFS - Major spoilers alert!!

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  3. As reported by news site, it's gonna be 8 episodes, all released at one go.

    Usually Netflix do this for their originals unless the show is concurrently airing on TV stations, then it's another story.


    2 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    From wikipedia it seems said 6 parts dropped all at 26 June.




    If it's interesting, I might eat it on one go lols. Actually Nepal sounds like the most foreign country to me. The rest, well kind of know the culture. I miss LSG laugh, so addictive lols... 


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  4. @JenL I ranted about the production team's selection on twitter already, lols.


    I know several of Jasper fans who got selected to be in the chatroom but had no chance to ask him question and I saw some holding Jasper's name on the small windows, but the production team did not have a backup plan to of what will happen if one gets disconnected, poor Singapore fan, also not even-ing out the selection of fans, making it awkward for Jasper and MC had to conclude and wrap up, cleaning up their mess. It was like a mini Seunggi fanmeeting, rather than a fanmeeting for the two. I thought it was unfair to Jasper's fans and a bit disrespectful (I've nothing against LSG, he's nice, just ranting about the production team's planning). 


    The translator in press conference yesterday morning was also better in Korean so her Chinese translation is only 50%, a summary to Jasper, she lost a lot of the nuances and meaning while translating to Jasper. But the translator in fanmeeting was much better. I guess there's hits and miss of the whole event.


    The miss of the fanmeeting was really annoying though. Eye rolls. Several Jasper fans have already ranted their annoyance on twitter and instagram. 


    All in all, I love the interactions between the two big boys, they're fun people but I wish the production team could put more care towards the fanmeeting fans selection. I heard that only 6 fans were chosen to the final question time, however only 4 was shown, 5th was disconnected and the 6th had no time left for her/him. There was no "rehearsals" for the fans too so they waited in a chatroom for an hour doing nothing... This is the story I heard from one of airen I know that got selected in the final 6. Each fan has prepared 2 questions to ask them, 1 for Seunggi and 1 for Jasper but they only allowed for 1 question in the fanmeeting due to time constraints I think, thus the awkwardness.


    Okay, end of my rant.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, wallflowersforjane said:


    Haha! Why, it helps me understand him better before the show starts! Sorry, I can't really do the same for LSG though. I like him for his personality too but I haven't been following his works recently. :sweat_smile:


    Yeah, it looks like a great match! And they are of the same age, so they can be comfortable with one another. 


    Counting down 12 more days to the premier!

     I don't want to annoy other LSG fans here, lols so I'm gonna keep my gushing minimal :p

    Anyways, if their chemistry is more like LSG being the tease and Jasper being the helpless noob, it'll be quite funny, hahaha



    Oh I topped page 3 :)


    I thought this image of them resembles dumb and dumber duo (in a cute way of course).

    Meme worthy, with both of their faces going "Oooooh"




    This one sums up their chemistry? Haha



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  6. Hi @wallflowersforjane back :) 


    1 hour ago, wallflowersforjane said:

    Hi @c_gunawan541



    Yay, another vote of confidence for My Goddess, definitely will watch it. I found a source last night. I can understand Mandarin so luckily don't need subs, although I sometimes still like it as a back-up. I don't think I will watch Before We Get Married, I just want sweet and fluffy during this period of life. :sweatingbullets:




    In terms of fluffy, I think him with Before we get married's lead actress another drama Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You is more fluffy and sweet for first 12 episodes, although I think his acting is green here. He showed range in Before we get married and More than Blue imo. He's also pretty good in My Goddess, comedic chops and serious portion all quite on point. Although I watched all of his works since I'm such a big fan, I like him MOSTLY for his personality, his acting used to be green during the first few years of his debut but his improvement is apparent in recent years, he matured. He's known as Taiwan's nation boyfriend for many years due to his positive image and he have a cute and nice personality.


    Anyways, enough of me gushing over Jasper, haha.


    I thought the production team is quite genius in thinking to pair these two up because they both give me similar vibes, boyish, sunny and overgrown boys with mature mindset. Nice and friendly guys. I like LSG more in variety but I did watch a couple of his dramas like Shining Inheritance, Gumiho, the one with Go Ara, all that I like, etc. But I definitely like him most in variety shows, he's witty and he got the ability to carry a show as MC, so definitely can help Jasper as he's the variety noob. Lols.


    Thought this scene is funny, hahaha


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  7. I'm not active on Soompi anymore but thanks to people reposting my tweets here :)

    Oh, I'm running a Jasper Liu's English translation account on Instagram, please follow if anyone of you is interested 



    Although it's really more of an occassional update as I'm pretty busy with other things to make it a full blown thing, am looking for more translators to help.


    He's currently filming Use for My Talent since May 20th, a c-drama along with Shen Yue, his 4th cdrama btw.

    Some stills from his latest drama. It's an adaptation from k-webtoon (which was also adapted to kdrama Clean with Passion for Now).


    He still have another upcoming fantasy republican c-drama Twelve Legends that would be airing on Youku, planned for release on 4th Quarter of this year








  8. Almost lost my soompi password since it's been a while I logged in. But here I'm excited for this show, anticipating Jasper Liu's first full variety (aside from those tw-variety and k-variety (Superman returns) of him being a guest). I also love LSG in variety shows, it's a good match.


    Oh, saw comment about Jasper seemingly calm and sweet, I agree on the sweet part but he's really quite 4D and humorous. I was quite worried that the language barrier might make him not going full out but the trailer seems so fun and exceeded my expectations. Just so excited!


    Oh @JenL Long time no see! Just wanted to give a shout out.

    I doubt Jasper would be able to join the 23rd June press conference as he's currently filming his new drama with Shen Yue in China. Maybe just a video message?



    As for Jasper's drama, I personally like My Goddess the most because of the scenery and how warm the overall vibe is but there's no English subs so not many international fans can discuss this one with me.


    Before We Get Married is probably the most popular choice because of the "cheating" provocative theme, it's quite realistic in terms of execution although female lead annoys me so much in 2nd part that dropped ratings for me for this show :[  (Edit: also warning that male lead character setting is also "provocative" as in a bit borderline disturbing in first few episodes, although it reverses in 2nd half)


    His box office hit movie More Than Blue is also quite the tearjerker although it gets mixed review, but he's sporting a long lock in this one so he looks quite different.

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  9. @thunderman1 WISYA gets better, especially in the middle part when they got reunited (ep12) and once they got together (ep9 or 10...). But it's true it had some draggy parts like most tw-dramas. However, I find it much more watchable than I am sorry I love you because the editing of WISYA is much smoother.  WISYA is a drama which require 2nd chances (much like their main plotline, it requires a 2nd look.) but I find it a pretty decent drama overall (even better than Pleasantly Surprised overall in terms of storytelling).

    The ending of I am sorry I love you is as what I predicted, it earned lots of my tears despite being a cliche ending. I don't feel like talking in details about this drama in overall because the editing is choppy for most of the time that it was hard to get invested in the romance plot. The only thing that prevented me from dropping this is the cinematography and bromance between Shu Hai and Hong Pei (too precious.)

    @Lemonsea I actually find the ending acceptable but cliche tbh... Sigh...and would have appreciate it more if they slowed down the pacing a little and showed more details in an intricate manner (but that's never going to happen with the choppy editing of this drama, UGH!)

    But I do want to talk a bit more on the ending.. (Spoilers alert):

    I actually think Hong Pei didn't revive himself (because he was already beyond revive 6 years ago, he was dead from then on), he only possessed his body temporarily, like what he did to Shu Hai in the past.

    However, possessing a body requires a lot of his powers and exhaust his spirit existence, which is why he suffers from headaches during his "revive" period and his spirit wasn't stable. He only went back to his body to bid a clean goodbye to his mom and Si Yi and also help Shu Hai in the process. He was fated to die from the start. There was no miracle revive. It also explains why the couple necklace disappeared from his hands when Si Yi and him was at the mountains, because the necklace was part of the "bounding object" that held onto his spirit.  (an evidence that he was not 100% human at that time, he still had spirit powers, which made the necklace gone.)

    Just like what Xiao Long Nv said, he stayed on this world because he had unfinished wishes and the moment he bid goodbye to Si Yi (let her go and broke off their promise) and his mom, he had no more reasons to stay in this world. Plus, he had exhausted too much of his spirit during the period where he possessed his own body (just like he could only possess Shu Hai's body temporarily, he couldn't be inside forever)...

    Even before Shu Hai went into coma, Hong Pei's spirit was already unstable (constantly going transparent or disappearing) because he used too much of his spirit power by turning into the devil (emotionally unstable) or by possessing Shu Hai's body. 

    Which is why he suddenly fainted (aka died) after saying goodbye to Shu Hai, because he've finished his "unfinished wishes", plus his spirit has used up the remaining power at the end . so his spirit left his body and vanished.

    The problem about this drama is they cut out too many details that it left viewers having to guess or to piece the puzzles together by very little details... It's frustrating tbh. I definitely would have drop this drama halfway if it weren't for Jasper or the bromance...


    PS: Seeing that you guys were discussing about Jasper. I wanted to give my 2 cents about him as an actor and as a celeb. (I put it in spoilers below because it's a bit off-topic, haha)

    I never find him a strong actor in the past (in fact, very green...) but he's always pleasant to me because of his cute and positive real life personality (one of the few tw-celeb without negative scandals/news) so I liked him off screen more than on-screen. I was more a fan of him as a celeb than an actor in the past...

    His earlier works weren't that great (IUUI is meh, Amour et Patisserie had potential but he was green at that time). I think he slowly got recognized by the international fans through Pleasantly Surprised (it was cute until the whole kidnapping fiasco,). But I thought he only showed more of his potential as an actor this year through WISYA and this I am sorry I love you (despite the choppy editing, I'll say he performed well during the last few episodes of this drama, especially his crying scenes, showed improvement from his past works). I'll say 2015 was the year he matured as an actor, far from perfect but definitely showed potential that he could do more serious roles (not those sunny and bright characters he was typecasted to in earlier days)

    Honestly, there are many actors/actresses that I like because of their characters/ drama works but my passion for them usually don't last that long when they don't have new works. I think my passion for him lasted for so long is because of his real life personality and he cemented my adoration more this year because of WISYA and this drama. I'm always bias towards people with clean and positive image (my other favorite is Yoo Jae Suk (Infinity Challenge and Running Man MC), haha... so different from Jasper but they're pretty similar in terms of positive and clean image. Jasper also took 9 CFs deals this year alone. He's pretty much one of the CF kings in Taiwan right now (because companies like his clean image). so yeah... real life personality and image matters a lot to me :P)


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  10. @thunderman1 Just watched ep20 (web version, equivalent to 2/3 of ep7 of TV version) and things really start to become more interesting once the ghost starts to become greedy and I think it's inevitable that he wants more and more once he gets more power because he must feel defeated, why does he have to be a ghost. It's hard for Hong Pei to let go of the past, just like Si Yi.

    I really think Jasper's acting have improved quite a lot, especially for the scene in ep18 (equivalent to the last part of ep6 of TV version), when Jian Hao confronted Si Yi, asking her to forget about the past, I actually thought his acting was the most on spot for that scene among these 3 people.

    Andrea Chen's crying scenes really bugged me, it's like she's just furrowing her brow, sniffing without actual tears and her eyes feel very dry (though she was a bit better when she confronts Xiao Long Nu in ep20.). Si Yi is so boring to watch, probably because her character feels a bit bland for me but Andrea's stiff acting is not helping either. I really feel that Bryant Chang and Jasper's scenes are the more interesting ones to watch than her scenes. (Having watched Mandy Wei's crying scenes in When I See You Again, Andrea's acting still need a lot more polishing in comparison, she's not emoting well even though her character is supposed to be pitiful.) Even Zheng Nan (Deng Jiu Yun) is a much better actress than her. No offense but Andrea's crying scenes really frustrates me at some points because she's not delivering what I'm expecting to see.

    As for Bryant Chang, he used to play rich handsome guy roles but his acting is really versatile because Wang Shu Hai is such a fun character and it's like seeing a new side of him. I like his acting. I love Shu Hai and Hong Pei's bromance, their bond is so precious.

    Even though they look very different on the outside but at the current state, they're both are similar in terms of how they're forgotten by this world in some ways....

    As in... Shu Hai's nerdy characteristics can't fit well with social norms, the society isolates him (excluding his nerdy friends and Zheng Nan). I wish the writer will dwell further into why Shu Hai become so introverted. Was it because of something that happened in the past or was he always been like this?

    As for Hong Pei, he's forgotten by the whole world except for Shu Hai as only Shu Hai can see him. So, in a way, they're both lonely souls and I like their friendship beyond dimensions (one is a human, the other one is a ghost). They're always so funny with each other but I feel like they both treasure each other's companionship. I have a feeling that it will be very hard for Shu Hai to see Hong Pei vanish in the future, but Hong Pei afterall is still a ghost, I don't think he can get a happy ending. Sigh!!!

    Truthfully speaking, I don't really care for Si Yi (because she feels pretty one-dimensional out of all the main characters) but I really don't want Hong Pei and Shu Hai to be separated. :P Bromance for the win!


    Love this scene a lot from ep18 web version (equivalent to ep6 of TV version)











    Some spoiler screencaps for ep20 web version (equivalent to ep7 of tv version)


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  11. @thunderman1 You can watch the web episodes on youku/tudou (you have to install unblock youku extension on google chrome browser to view the videos since these are chinese sites and have region restriction) or maplestage (they also upload the web version), the content of the web episode is exactly the same with TV version, it's just that they cut the TV version into 3 parts (3 web episodes)


    As for the BGM, I don't have the download links for these but I have the title tracks you can look up for on youtube (most of the songs are already uploaded on youtube since these are not exactly new songs), I copied these track titles from Jasper's baidu bar.

    Opening Track:
    嘴哥乐团 - Beautiful Day

    Spexial - 暖男制造机
    夏米雅 - 彼岸花
    夏米雅 - 美丽之外
    夏米雅 - 日记
    夏米雅 - 青苔
    夏米雅 - 离开的他
    嘴哥乐团 - Her
    嘴哥乐团 - 滞留
    炎亚纶 - 台北沉睡了
    孙自佑 - 在没有你的世界 
    辰亦儒 - 交换人生 

    Ending Theme:
    炎亚纶 - 你幸福就好



    Edit: I made a youtube playlist for the OST.

    It's missing 嘴哥乐团 (Mister Mouth) - 滞留 from the list as I couldn't find the youtube full audio link for it (only LIVE performance of the song). But you can listen to this song on indievox - http://tw.streetvoice.com/mrmouth/songs/331122/

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  12. I've been silently watching this drama, up till ep13 of the web episode (equivalent to the beginning of ep5 of the TV version, Viki is following the TV format). I find it pretty light and enjoyable despite some things that bugged me (as in the ghost able to touch things at times but can't touch things at times, there's inconsistency for this part).

    Some of the emotional scenes didn't get to me as much as I wanted to because the editing is a bit too messy for my taste, it cuts to the next scene before I'm starting to feel emotions for the characters (especially the scene where Hong Pei meets his mom, the editing is so short! The scriptwriter also voiced out her complain on this scene by posting the original full script and it looks much more touching than what's shown on screen). However, I did like the scene where Hong Pei sees Si Yi in the restaurant but she's not able to see him, they're in different dimension and that was pretty emotional.

    The thing I love the most so far is the bromance between Hong Pei and Shu Hai, Bryant Chang has been doing a great job in portraying the nerd, Shu Hai is so different from other characters he usually play. As for the romance part, I do feel sad for Hong Pei and Si Yi's past but I think Andrea Chen is pretty stiff when it comes to acting, it's hard for me to feel for her. I do like her dynamic with Shu Hai and I hope to see how their relationship develop in the future (even though it might make Hong Pei sad).

    There's potential since it's still in the beginning phase of the story (TV version have 13ep in total, equals to 39ep of the web episode) but so far, I like it but I don't love it yet. I love the cinematography and the fashion style (since they filmed this during fall/winter season) but the editing and script need a lot of polishing. It didn't get to me as much as Jasper's other current airing drama, WISYA did emotionally even though this story is supposed to be more tragic. Some heavy emotional scenes fell flat for me because of the choppy editing and it's pretty annoying. I have no complains about the comedy scenes though, the dialogues are fun and witty and I love the BL (boy's love) undertones they have in some scenes, haha! The bromance between Hong Pei and Shu Hai is just so precious.




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  13. Web version's ep3 (equaivalent to the last part of ep1 of TV version) is soooooooo pretty. Can't help but to screencap Jasper's scenes... so much eye-candy.

    They use 4k cinematic video camera to film this drama (which is usually used in movies and most kdramas), more expensive than those regular video cameras used in SETTV dramas.

    Lovely cinematography and I love the interactions between Jasper and bryant, the flashback scenes between Jasper and Andrea are cute and sad at the same time (since it's all memories)...

    A few thing that bugs me are the music editing, the first 2 web episode have a problem where the music cuts too fast, as in suddenly transitioning into a ballad song from an upbeat song (the transition is very choppy). Another thing is the "bugs" the ghost have. Sometimes, the ghost can touch things, sometimes he can't... I'll ignore the shadows since I know CG effects are expensive, lol... I'm just hoping that they'll be more consistent with the whole ghost "touching" situation. Other than that, I really, really love the cinematography!

    (Trivia: the director of this drama is Taiwanese forensic crime procedural drama, Ihero(鑑識英雄)'s director. he's nominated as the best director for the Golden Bell Awards this year. Wishing him good luck!)


    (Below are sample screencaps, all edited using instagram, I just adjusted the brightness and a little bit of saturation)





  14. Finally caught up with all the existing episodes. This is such a fun and intriguing drama. WuXin is such a funny guy and the friendship his Gu is just wonderful. I love all the characters in this drama, be they good or bad. The CG effects are all very good and spot on that they feel realistic. Highly recommended!

    I don't know any of these actors/actresses but so far they're doing a great job portraying their characters.

  15. It turns out that Viki have changed their release date to 8/29 to follow the TV schedule and each ep will run about 75min per episode (not including commercial breaks on TV) (actually lesser, since each web episode runs for 25~26min including opening and ending theme, each ep of TV version equals to 3 ep of web version). Anyways, first two web episodes are out on Youku/Tudou


    You still can access these videos outside China by installing "Unblock Youku" google chrome extension and refresh the webpage.

    Ep1 (Web ver)


    Ep2 (Web ver)



    I'm currently enjoying this drama a lot despite some bugs about the ghost, LOL (as in the ghost could sit on the bed and hold onto the railings in ep2 despite him not able to touch anything the previous ep, lol). But so far the cinematography is very lovely and I love Jasper's wardrobe and styling here. Since they filmed this in last year's October till this year's February, it was during the winter season in Taiwan so the characters are all styled in coats, blazers, sweaters and I had always prefer winter fashion than summer fashion since they seem more stylish for me :P

    Bryant Chang's nerdy character is reallly, really eccentric and funny, his interactions with Jasper (the ghost) are a lot of fun to watch. 


    Jasper look really, really handsome in this drama, I can't help but to screencap his scenes to capture the pretty :P








  16. I don't know why but it came to Viki earlier by one day!! (It haven't arrived yet to Youku/ Line TV!!)

    EP 1 is OUT! (I've translated most parts to English except for BGM and some lines that I couldn't hear clearly)



    Ep1's music editing is a bit choppy as they go from upbeat songs to ballad the next second, the transition of the BGM is pretty strange but other than that, it was fun and enjoyable, albet a bit too short since they cut up TV version to 3 parts (each ep of the web ver runs for 30min, TV ver runs for 90min). Bryant Chang's nerdy character is so quirky and cute, he's funny! I'm also loving Jasper's wardrobe her and the CG effects are actually pretty decent.


    Edit: Viki seems to have realized their mistake and took off ep1, wait for tomorrow and we'll probably get ep1!

  17. OMG! Jasper replied to me on instagram. I was complaining to him about him changing his instagram id once again in a joking manner (he changed his ins id to jasper19860812 yesterday and back to ryu19860812 this morning), saying that his fans will have to follow his track and change it once again, haha!


    Even his replies are so cute!


    Me:Ahh Mr. #JasperLiu, why did you have to change your instagram id again? Ha... making us fans changing here and there once again.

    Him: Ah? Will (you guys) follow me and change?

    Me: I saw your Korean fancafe changed their id to Jasper, now they have to change it back to ryu.

    Him: Hooo... You guys are bad. Alright, I'll think carefully.

    Me: Hooo... Change it to Jasper, you have so many English names, everyone is confused.




  18. @JenL

    I don't think I've the budget to go to Taiwan this year though, maybe next year or 2 years later when he have another event coming up, haha! Anyways, I also can't wait for his upcoming drama I Am sorry, I Love You. WISYA have been doing great nowadays, even garnering 2.85 rating for its ep11 (the highest rated Sunday idol drama for the past 2-3 years I think...)



    Morning Call went to a radio show yesterday and it was super funny, the whole content. Drummer Da Kai just love Jasper too much, they have a sort of funny bromance because Jasper always teases him for being weird and Da Kai loves to be near Jasper (sexual harrassment, lol!!) and Jasper will always say, "Get away!!" to him. Their interactions are the funniest.

    Jasper's baidu bar have the full audio uploaded - http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3985563079 (using baidu's internet storage site)


    Videos of 150818 Morning Call 輕晨電 Digital Release Press Conference 

    Performances - Behind Youth and French Film (the song where he harmonizes with Sui Ling (the vocalist)) 

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