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    Thinking of doing some decorating this spring, am obsesseddddddd with old lady wallpaper. Furniture in my room is all white so it won't be hard to match colours.
  2. New obsession. Anyone have prior experience?
  3. Because procrastination... Here's the beginning of my list.. 1. Tibet: There's no other place in the world really like Tibet. I haven't been yet, but I want to spend at least two months there because it's the perfect place to immerse yourself into a completely new environment. Not that I expect some spiritual revelation there, but I want to see for myself what being completely devoted to religion looks like. Like, does no one else ever just have the urge to pack up your things and join a Tibetan tribe? Lhasa: I also feel like walking around in these outfits would be super fun times: And I want to go to a Tibetan Sky Burial ...... gruesome and beautiful at the same time I wonder if the only way into Tibetan tribal lyfe is being born into one. TIME TO DO SOME GOOGLING.
  4. How often do you redecorate and switch up furniture and decor? Some of my favourite inspirational looks: Conclusion: chandelier in a bedrood is a must.
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