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  1. Somebody translated her post, seem like IU unable to locate the adapter, it went missing. Hope he can help her find the adapter.
  2. the best thing is he post picture of himself in stripe shirt. It's mirroring of IU. Owh my shipper heart..
  3. Jang Man Wol and Goo Chan Sung Happy Ending (Fanmade Video)
  4. Soompi recommended to watch below drama if we miss Hotel Del Luna. https://www.soompi.com/article/1350087wpp/delightful-fantasy-and-healing-romance-what-to-watch-if-you-miss-hotel-del-luna
  5. You're not alone... All noona calling him oppa and in love with him..
  6. Love compilations of their laughter and chemistry.
  7. @Sorary Yes, please write it for us. At least my poor heart will able to move on.
  8. https://twitter.com/melloviciousiu/status/1168703669014941697/ That's why we dont get any Love Del Luna song for our couple. Once again I'm crying.
  9. We know that it is a happy ending for the dead soul. It's just our heart doesn't want to accept the fact. MW feel the true love for a short moment, and she become greedy even in her final moment she wish to have a longer time with CS. MW: Chan Seong. I've pondered... countless times what I should tell you... if this moment ever came. "I'm sorry." "Thank you." "Have a good life." I came up with a lot of cool stuff to tell you. Now that it's time, my mind went blank. I just... I keep wanting to stay with you. I keep wanting to see you. And I don't want to leave you behind here. I'm the one who can't stay strong. When I'm the weak one, I pretended to be strong in front of you. I even made it impossible for you... to stop me from leaving. I'm sorry. Hong's sister, do you think we able to move on with this lovely couple. I just hope both of them could make an appearance in another drama same as Jung So Min and Seo In Guk (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) appeared in Abyss. At least we could see them again after re-incarnation.
  10. It's my wish too. If those day someone like Mr. Darcy is the best match, but now we have Goo Chan Sung as perfect dream man.
  11. With an extreme fans, it's better to play safe even when taking pictures. But at least with pictures below, we know they are close and happy during filming.
  12. @zhangrain When she post this, I'm crying again. Already have a puffy eyes. that's mean even the lead also in withdrawal mode. same as us.
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