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  1. I don't think he was smoking..he was holding his phone horizontally..
  2. Translation of Ep 14 preview : SDM : Are you okay? Where are you now?Director? EG : I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable, I'm really sorry SA : In the end, my feelings turns to be right, isn't, Hyung? SDM : If it's uncomfortable for you to come here as Heo Yoon Jae, just think that you come here as an art director LeeSol : If it's uncomfortable for you, you can go back SJ : Heo Yoon Jae? EG : Why that name come out from DM mouth suddenly? SJ : She said it's the director's Korean name RG : Can you please show the last painting, Artist Lee Sol?
  3. A fan with golden hands captured Ryan-Deok Mi selfie from ep 10 and post it on dc gallery https://m.dcinside.com/board/herprivatelife/9043
  4. I think at that time Ryan subconsciously wanted to spend some time alone with her, but unfortunately had to cancel as Deok Mi supposed to spend time with her family..After that, Ryan asked Deok Mi to accompany him to Choi Dain house. He may not decided to ask her out officially that time but he knows that he wants more time with her. That scene also describe how much Deok Mi likes Ryan..that was the first time she is not excited to meet Shi An but showed disappointment that Ryan didn't asked her for a date.. My heart is bleeding for Ryan, especially when Deok Mi let go of his hands..but after rewatching the episode I kinda understand where Deok Mi decision comes from. In the whole episode, everyone was pessimistic about her feelings for Ryan..and her fangirling has made her learned about loving without having the person.. My only wish after reading the 9th episode text preview is that Ryan as Latte would message Deok Mi as Sinagil to tell that he has her notebook..and let the fluff begin again
  5. Koreans really like to compare someone appearance to one of animals..in a good way..there are cat-like faces , dog-like faces ,and many more ..Park Min Young has always been compared to a bunny, thanks to her cuteness and big eyes, hence Rabbit.. Also, in the special episode that was broadcasted before Ep 1, she mentioned that her stylist told that KJW and PMY together looks like Nick and Judy (who is a bunny) from Zootopia
  6. Translation for the recent BTS video 0:14 KJW : dialogue : "I heard if you are invited...." (can't continue because so much food inside his mouth) " I ate too much~ 0:21 : ( They were talking about HOT song "Candy" release) ..in the 4th grade..hmm, If you (PMY) were in the 5th grade, I think I was in the 2nd grade of Middle School PMY : (firmly) "It when I was in 4th grade, it was winter school break" 0:35 : PMY : (hides behind KJW) " Oppa, ask them where is Minyoung-ie" KJW : "Where is Minyoung?" Mom :" You think you couldn't be seen?" KJW : "If she hides behind EunGi, she would be totally covered" (PMY hides behind EunGi) KJW: " Wow, she really can't be seen" 0:55 "My heart beats fast"(laugh) 1:44 is an adlib LOL, everyone is laughing seeing KJW serious expression 2:11 KJW : "Something keeps falling in front of my eyes" 2:14 KJW explaining the situation animatedly to PMY 2:18 Prankster Deokmi who turned the blindfold as a choker 2:35 KJW : "I'll be still" 2:47 KJW :"Why is everyone so quiet..nobody make a sound" PMY : " This is not like the usual atmosphere" 2:55 :Director : "When she touch your face, Ryan lips was..." (pouting lol) 2:59 caption : He said he will be still but automatically pout his lips 3:00 KJW :"Wait a minute" 3:04 KJW :"The blindfold left marks, right" PMY (while touching his forehead) :"Yes" 3:31 PMY :"Ah, both of them..the look in the eyes.."
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