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  1. Watch out for update/s on his new drama Romantic Doctor coming soon!
  2. hello @booha @willenette howdy guys? thx for all the feedback! it sure is nice to see photos/artix etc and making our guy's thread alive & well! I was rewatching him in EC the other week & enjoying it all over again hehehe
  3. @booha yes chingoo likewise i hope he's dragged into the romance field again but either way it's nice that they're making him very busy which is only a sign that our guy is well in demand! btw in one of the photos previously i think they were reading the script(?) i thought his lead was the pretty Soo Young of Girls Generation but i guess now!
  4. Court Rules That Park Hae-jin Has No Responsibility to Appear in "Four Men" The court rules that Park Hae-jin has no duty to star in the drama "Four Men", which was scheduled to air on SBS, but fell through. This is the same intention as in an injunction filed previously, being accepted. Seoul Central District Court's Civil Agreement Division 15 ruled in favor of Mountain Movement in a lawsuit against Victory Contents on a non-existing debt. According to the disclosure in the hearing, "Four Men", originally scheduled to air in May last year as a 16-episode series, was delayed for lack of production costs and scripting. As a result, the two companies decided to delay the filming completion date, which was scheduled for March last year, by two months until May 31st. However, it did not film more than half of the drama until July of the same year, and there were additional problems along the way, with the director and the leading actress dropping out. Park's agency and the production company then wrote an agreement in August that year to extend his appearance until October 31st, but the filming was not completed within that period. Park's side believed that he cannot wait for the drama to be completed and filed a lawsuit against the production company in January this year to star in another drama called "Secret - 2019". "Given the fact that the end date of the filming, which was finally agreed upon in terms of the contract and agreement as October 31 last year, and that the performance obligation under the contract was fulfilled without returning already paid guarantee, then it's only fair to say Park's duty to the drama as of October 31st becomes extinct", the court said. "The evidence submitted by the production company is not enough to admit that Park's agency delayed the production of the drama by interfering with it without cooperating with the production side", the court added. "There is no evidence to admit otherwise, so there is no reason for the production company's claim". Meanwhile, the same court decided partial approval of an injunction filed by Park's agency against the production company Victory Contents in April. The production company's injunction against Park to stop him from starring in "Secret - 2019" was rejected. At that time, the court ruled that Park's obligation to appear in "Four Men" has expired, as the end date of the filming has been extended twice, and that the final extended end date of the filming has only been confirmed to be October 31st, 2018. Source : www.newsis.com/view/?...
  5. @booha@willenette annyeong guys! sorry for not being here often but yes i just saw this today fr hancinema about his new drama Rugal...woah he's really in demand, i hope he gets to take a short break even though we want to see him often! The story sounds very interesting! is his co-star Soo young fr Girls Generation? i thought i saw her photo from that collage above, i like her too! Cr: hancinema Actor Choi Jin-hyuk is starring in the new OCN drama "Rugal". He is taking on the role of Kang Ki-beom, a shadow specialist policeman. "Rugal" is a human action hero drama based on the webtoon "Rugal". An elite police officer who loses not only his two eyes, but his loving wife to a gang organization and is framed for murder, gains new eyes through a special organization's bioengineering technology and tracks down the criminals. Choi Jin-hyuk's role of Kang Ki-beom was once an elite detective from the Police Academy, but pays the price for his blind attempts to wipe out a criminal organization called Argo and ends up getting high-tech artificial eye implants. He's a key member of Rugal. Meanwhile, "Rugal" is due early next year.
  6. @nonski I assume you are aware he's gg to Manila again accdg to one of twitters Sept. 30th and tickets are selling now? i just came across today! woah wish i'd be there! https://annyeongoppa.com/2019/09/23/look-ticket-selling-for-spark-park-hae-jin-fan-meeting-in-manila-will-reopen-on-september-30-2019/ Heads up Park Hae Jin Philippines! Ticket selling for Spark Park Hae Jin Fan Meeting in Manila will reopen on September 30, 2019. On September 23, Artist League Manila announced the reopening of ticket selling for the actor’s upcoming event. Check out the announcement from Artist League Manila below: Supposedly, Park Hae Jin’s fan meeting should happen last September 21, but it was moved to a new the date and venue. Happening on November 23, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater. Stay tuned for more details!
  7. Welcome to his thread yes me too I quite enjoyed Should We Kiss First, it was a heartwarming drama & addicted too! I agree w/you he's a hot ahjussi & yes i find him also more handsome than his first years in dramaland! You shld probab watch him in his other drama a few yrs back titled The Spring Day of My Life - this was the drama that made me love/like him & the rest is history! Have you seen The Wind Blows yet? it's also a good one & that's actually his latest drama! You may also want to check him out in The King & the Clown movie he was good in it too plus look up his filmography in here: http://asianwiki.com/Kam_Woo-Sung that link will tell you of his list of projects Come again here & let's make his thread alive
  8. @JamaicaK@kayghee@irilight guys it's been a while i know i hvnt really ventured on our guy's thread however, these last few months, I'm happy to share that I've watched his 2 new latest dramas (yes proud of myself hahaha) called The Wind Blows & Should We Kiss First where i enjoyed as always his acting prowess! He never disappoints us for sure! I sure hope that he won't let us wait for so long like he did after the drama Spring something hahaha I forgot the correct title where he stopped working for a few yrs till now! He's just amazing in these two latest dramas! Also, he seems to get more handsome each time & i'm sure you guys will agree! I tried to re-watch I Love Hyung Jung (@kayghee) but it didn't seem available on YT anymore! After finishing these two dramas I mentioned, I watched him in 2 old movies such as Bold Family and The Outlaw the latter was quite intense! I just found out from YT his old movie Spider Forest so if you guys haven't seen it, you may also wanna check it out! Anyway, hope we'll hear about him again after he's done TWB drama! TTYL chingoos!
  9. hello chingoos it's been quiet here & it's defeaning indeed when is our PHJ's drama coming we're really excited but it's been a while eh? Hi to @nonski @irilight and all! don't let this thread be quiet for so long LOL
  10. @booha mian mian chingoos @willenette for late reply! i miss coming here believe you me anyway yes Justice drama didn't seem to do justice for me LOL so to speak but Tunnel did make a big impression to most of us if not all! glad you guys enjoyed it though! Nice to see he's gg to be a part of this new drama Flower Crew! He's really in demand no doubt about it! sad it's just a special appearance? Oh noooooo
  11. Good news SDW will be cast in Season 2 of Romantic Doctor! Something to look forward to! https://www.hancinema.net/orion-s-ramblings-romantic-doctor-teacher-kim-season-2-reveals-familiar-and-new-faces-134036.html [Orion's Ramblings] "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2" Reveals Familiar and New Faces Drama fans rejoice, as we get some happy casting returns for "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2", pushing one major multi-season worry out of the way. While not everyone makes a return, there are enough new faces and stories to hopefully make up for that. In terms of returning roles aside from the man himself, Han Suk-kyu, Jin Kyung is back as Oh Myeong-sim, as are Im Won-hee as Jang Gi-tae, Byun Woo-min as Nam Do-il, Choi Jin-ho as Do Yoon-wan, Kim Min-jae-I as Park Eun-tak, and Yoon Na-moo as Jeong In-soo. Yes, our villain is returning as well. We can hate him all we want again. It's strangely wholesome, although I hope the power games will be better designed this time around. Then we move on to the new members announced, starting with Kim Joo-hun ("Designated Survivor: 60 Days", "Kill It"). He plays Park Min-gook, who enters Doldam Hospital as vice-president following an order from a big hospital to run a test program at Doldam's emergency trauma center. This will land him in hot water with Teacher Kim (Han Suk-kyu). Shin Dong-wook ("Jang Geum, Oh My Grandma", "Live") plays Bae Moon-jeong, an orthopedic surgeon at Doldam hospital and a "bone fanboy". Although popular with the ladies due to his good looks and personality, he's a character who has more interest in bones than the opposite sex. I'm trying not to make bone-related jokes here. It's hard. Another couple new additions are So Joo-yeon ("I Hate Going to Work", "My Healing Love") and Park Hyo-joo ("The Wind Blows", "God's Quiz: Reboot"). So Joo-yeon plays Yoon Ah-reum, a 4th year major with her emergency medicine board exam just around the corner, while Park Hyo-joo is Shim Hye-jin, an authoritative and defensive professor of anesthesiology at the big hospital. While Yoo Yeon-seok and Seo Hyun-jin won't be making a return from "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim", their journey and relationship felt complete, so I hope that cast members like Lee Sung-kyung and Ahn Hyo-seop will be good replacements in whatever capacity they have here. "Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season 2" will be with us in January on SBS. Written by: Orion
  12. @booha @willenette guys howdy? been absent here & so glad his drama ratings were good & it's wrapped! good for him & hope nxt proj will be rom/com! like i said prev i didn't continue watching this one but i'm dtermined to re-start it one of these days! thx u guys for your hard work here N am sure he'll be happy only if he knew there are some dedicated fans on soompi who continue to support him tirelessly! take care ya all & belated Happy Chuseok to CJH his family and all in that beautiful country SK!
  13. @irilight hey chingoo sorry for my late rep been so tied up didnt hv time to socialize here LOL woah i can't wait to see our guy again! thx for the article!TTYL
  14. @booha@willenette hello guys, sorry for skipping here a lot these days i got bz with other things & haven't cont'd with our guy's drama since a few wks or already a month i guess LOL! it's good to see here that the rating seems to be going up? thx for sharing a lot of stuff and his handsome photos!
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