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  1. hi again chingoos! i think his leading lady here is the one in PHJ's drama 4 Men which unfortunately got cancelled! our guy here is so bankable these days, one drama after another eh? good for him! he deserves the accolades! still not finished with his DJ drama thanks @booha @willenette for tirelessly sharing a lot of stuff about him! You guys are da best!
  2. hehehe Hello to you too & thanks for your msg! Yes i started watching & am on epi 5 i think & counting hahaha I know he seems to be a very reserved kinda guy, and let's hope he dates SHY in real life! BTW i don't see much of his ER co-star these days or am i just being tardy in watching kdramas? hahaha Anyway thx for warning me about the last empress drama i won't set aside time then after i'm done with DJ drama! I know, 4 Men has been canned after those (probably) grueling time PHJ spent in it, that's so unfair eh? He's got an upcoming one though called 'Secret' so am looking f/ward to that as well! Same here, it's nice to see you again too & likewise 'been so tied up with so many things & last kdrama I watched last few mos was My Only One & enjoyed it too! I also just finished dae jang geum is watching it's a cute drama too! ahhh so u like c drmas as well hehehe good for you TTYL & see u here again as well as others!
  3. i just started watching this drama today, regret that i didn't hear about this till now, being so behind lately with kdramas plus his empress drama in addition to this one which i still have to check out! i'm only on epis 3 and I can't stop watching already hahaha! amazing how love can be very significant in spite of ones memory loss! i like the lead actress here too altho i haven't watched any of her prev projs before! our guy is really looking good & he doesn't seem to age a bit since his tunnel drama let alone his old drama emergency couple! spkg of which i wonder why we don't see his leading lady in that EC drama anymore or i'm just behind N lacking in most showbiz news (lately)? anyway, with your review here the more I'd wanna finish this drama!
  4. @willenette hi chingoo long time no see here i've been busy & didn't hv time much to socialize here but his drama Devilish Joy got me coming back here! i guess my very latest one I posted was way back when we're all following him on his Tunnel drama! Woah he's busy got another one coming in July? can't wait but i hv to try N finish DJ w/c i just started today! LOL wave wave to all CJH fans here! it goes to show how much he's loved by the number of pages he's got here now ... more than 500 and counting! see you all again soon! i luv his photo here!
  5. @booha remember me? LOL i haven't been here in ages but thought of having a comeback bec of his new drama devilish joy w/c i'm curr watching and epi 2 now. Howdy? I missed him so much & I believe our last contact here from my point of view was way back in Tunnel days if am not mistaken! woah been a while, just got too bz w/a lot of things & for a while had to stop watching kdramas as i cldn't seem to find the ones i really wanted N didn't even realize our guy has a new drama again! soooo nice to see him N he's looking pretty good! i'm liking it so far! wave to you & all CJH's fans here! TTYL
  6. thanks chingoo! awww really? oh no you were sick when he came, what a wrong timing eh? well your health is important so i hope you were OK in spite of not being there! anyway, there's always a nxt time & let's hope you'll be there then & me too hahaha! i'm sure u guys must've been up to your eyeballs when he came! i bet his welcome/departure were both pleasant for him and the fans there! good for them! i feel excited for them belatedly!
  7. I'm a huge fan of PSY since Lovers in Paris & his thread here seemingly quiet! where are you guys? LOL been here first time since last week I've been rewatching him in LIP, WOM, The Letter, Neighborhood Lawyer & thought of looking for his thread & voila! I hope fans will come here again! let's not stop supporting a great actor @irilight chingoo nice to see you here too, love this actor as i have since his LIP drama, etc. thanks for those photos! Have you seen that one "My Wife" i honestly never heard of it till now, i better search for that coz i don't wanna miss any of his projects! TTYL and hope you still remember me He's born to be handsome & charming with his sex appeal, charisma & all that! Love his dimple! Below may be an old article but I think if it's not yet posted here, it's worth reading about him. http://mswong-scribbles.blogspot.com/2007/10/all-about-park-shin-yang.html below is another good article about him: https://channel-korea.com/profile-of-park-shin-yang/ one of my fave still photos of him with Kim in LIP drama after their so-called engagement - PSY has that 'killer' smile His pretty wife Bae hae jin with their daughter who can also sing like her dad! Nice family he's got!
  8. woah i was just in Phil in April & if it happened to be that month, rain or shine i'll try to catch him through the ends of the earth as they say LOL!!! so lucky of those PHJ Phil fans to see him in the flesh! @nonski thanks for your tireless efforts in sharing with us here all the photos/vids! did you happen to see him?
  9. so sad though that his other drama 4 Men has been on hold due to some production probs! happy that we can look f/ward to this new one, am sure all of us miss him terribly! sorry guys if the above happen to be a dup here but been away for a while & lazy to go back a few pages
  10. our Park has not aged and can't wait for his new drama! bogoshipo Park Hae Jin ssi! hello to all and @nonski you'd been a loyal fan swoon!
  11. woah can't wait for this, i've been absent fr soompi bec of waiting for his other drama Four Men and what happened to that one? Missing PHJ truly! thanks for this new site for his drama! hello to all!! Just hope u can open the link below i've come across from twitter page PHJ https://www.vlive.tv/video/123714?channelCode=F42161
  12. Hi @hibiscus23 . I came here from Youtube  after I read a comment by a fellow PHJ fan Jinjoo claiming to be Hibiscus. Are you the same hibiscus? BTW I am Anindita Banerjee on Youtube.

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