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  1. Hi guyyys. I can't wait to watch this drama! Anticipating it since this is KJW's first lead role. Please be good drama, please be goooddd. Hopefully they all will do well. This is my 2nd time watching PMY after WWWSK and 3rd time for KJW. Kjw and Pmy look comfortable with each other, I love their interaction. I would love to see them doing couple photoshoot for promotion of the drama just like Kim Nam Gil x Lee Honey, Han Ji Min x Nam Joo Hyuk and Jang Ki Yong x Nana did.
  2. Hi @szne09 @shhai. Sorry for my late reply. It's been 2 weeks already. I had trouble login into my soompi account. Just like what you guys said, I also hope his dating issues will die down soon. K-media still keep reporting about his dating scandal, they are really working hard to destroy his image especially when TV station bravely reported and discussed about him last week. Gosh when will they stop and respect his privacy . Anyway, I hope PSJ will remain humble and polite despite gaining huge popularity now (please don't turn into cocky . @Cecentre Regarding your questions last 2 weeks, I read the comments about him on Netizenbuzz. It's getting bad now since he's the new target of that site. Despite that, I'm glad most international readers are not influenced by the negativity and not blindly jump into conclusions. There's also a personal blog which keeps posting about his scandal. I read all recent reports about his scandal by K-media from that blog. I don't know what's her intention, but it seems like she's trying to throw hate as well. I'm glad Netizenbuzz doesn't translate the recent report because it will make it worse. LOL. Btw, PSJ and PSH had a CF in April for Amore Pacific together with Kim So Hyun and Jo Jong Suk. You can find it on youtube
  3. Hi guys. I've visited this thread few weeks ago but it was quiet before. So glad this thread is alive again. I've watched some of PSJ's dramas (except Hwarang) and I have always like him but not the point that I would be crazy fangirling him. Watching WWWSK made me falling in love with him again and now I'm rewatching again his old dramas and his variety shows, Youn's Kitchen and 2d1n. Anyway, the reason I'm writing is because I'm sad and dissppointed with all the hate and insults he's getting from k-netizens. I'm supposed to sleep now but couldn't fall asleep as I keep thinking about his problem. Lol So I want to ask your opinion, do you guys think PSJ can recover his image again? I feel bad for him. He's finally getting fame and recognition by his hard work but it was all buried down due to the dating rumor.
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