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  1. I hope Hyun Bin will cut his hair very short for this drama like he did on the movie confidential assignment, it was his best look in my opinion.
  2. Yeah this is the first romantic comedy where Hyun Bin wont play a spoiled rich man. He will be more like a soldier, so manly and not rich, i like that a lot!
  3. I've wanted a Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin pairing in a romantic comedy for so long! It's finally happening and the story sounds amazing too! HB played a North Korean in the CA movie and he was amazing in it!
  4. Do you guys think there will be a second season? because it feels like it. If the actors agree, i think TvN will be onboard because this is their best ratings in a while.
  5. I admit i have not taken the time to watch this drama live or follow it as i thought i would because i had some personal stuff going on but i will be on winter break soon and will watch it all at once on Netflix or something. So far from what i've seen online through clips and fansites, it's getting good reviews and STRONG ratings!!!! I'm so happy for all of them and a good comeback for HB and PSH.
  6. I love that he has become so active. 4 movies in two years and one drama. 2 movies have been hits so far. That's very good. I think he is going to take a break after this drama to focus on his personal life because he has not stopped filming since 2016.
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