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  1. Even if they didnt zoom in, it was always clear that in that scene when they reunited, they kept hugging and kissing. It was always one of my absolute favorite scenes in the drama because in that moment they were truly free for the first time to really be together and express that love. It gives the viewers a good chance to also imagine what happens after that scene. We can imagine they fully enjoyed each other lol.
  2. He has ONE brother only. On his official bio on Vast this is confirmed. I also dont think his brother is a lawyer but he seems very protective of his family and they want their lives to remain private so we should respect that also.
  3. HB spoke on this many times and he never explained it fully but as a long time fan from what i understood is that HB's father didnt want him to become an actor at first, so HB had to negociate with him about his education. Parents are always worried about that when their children choose a profession that doesnt require high level education so his father probably wanted him to study and have a good resume so the deal he made with his dad was that he would act and continue his studies and he would go to the highest level no matter what. He got his first roles before he finished school but never stopped his studies. He finished University around the time he completed Kim Sam soon but then he went back again to get a BA in theater and film. He fulfilled his goals while remaining a good son. Now he is CEO of a management and media company. Seriously as a parent i would be so so proud to have this amazing son. He has achieved everything now, only love, marriage and children are left to complete. By the way, I still think SYJ will travel to Jordan in secret lol.
  4. I dont even know why the work- family balance thing is a debate really. In South Korea i dont see these actors being overworked especially in recent years. They all seem to have a good balance of work and personal life. A movie takes 1 to 3 months to film usually and a drama can go to six months but they get breaks and they go back to their homes at night after a day of filming. Back then things used to be harsh for them with the early morning until night filming but since then i think due to many advances in technology it has improved a lot and they dont struggle as much. They do two projects max a year and it takes like half of the year and the other half they get to relax not doing a lot. A wedding takes literally ONE day and if they do it in secret even better lol. Really a work-life balance for celebs are good these days in general in any country.
  5. Soompi had more details on the movie and apparently it will not be based on real nations. GOOD! I was kinda worried they would go there again with North vs South with Hollywood involved it would be a real disaster lol. If they go the Avatar route with a fake nation then that's better! I'm even more excited now knowing where they could go with this.
  6. SYJ and her team are being smart here. They must make sure there is no last minute stuff added in the script that would offend their culture and their country. Knowing Hollywood they are not always respectful of other people's cultures and there is often a need to make the white characters ''saviors''. I truly hope the script is respectful to all parties involved. They better also be very careful if there is any North Korea mention.
  7. Filming would start in March 2021 so many things will change since then and i'm sure if it's not safe to film they will know.
  8. I was so happy waking up to this news! So proud of SYJ! Not surprised either because she always did the opposite of what was expected of her many times in her career so i knew she was going to go to the next best thing and now it is Hollywood. Dont know much about this director, i'll have to go check his previous movies. PS: I'm seeing some alarming sexist tones in some of these posts concerning this news. Can we not? we are in 2020 guys, not 1950. SMH.
  9. Hyun Bin is definitely earning more than that. Vast will never disclose real numbers because HB is a humble person and wont get involved in these industry games. Since SG he was a top drama paid actor. Then came his successful movies like Confidential assignement, Swindlers, back to back successful movies so that meant his value went up even more earning him more money when he does dramas because movies determine true value of actors in entertainment business. SYJ is paid very well too because she has been well established as a top movie actress first. Getting both HB and SYJ as leads for CLOY was a big gamble for the production company because they cost a LOT and look how well that turned out, CLOY has become the most internationally viewed drama this year. A real success for the production company i must say. Another fact that will earn them even bigger salaries for their next projects.
  10. I still dont know if i should believe that story either for that same reason. SYJ would not be so casual about the matter of why HB declined potential past projects with her. She mentioned that more than once and i think deep down it hurt her a bit because she obviously followed HB's career and he was probably someone she wanted to share a project with earlier but he kept declining. Even then she was still excited when he accepted TN so she didnt resent him because of it. If she knew he kept doing that because she rejected his date offer, i think she would have been more resentful and view him as an egostical man. As a woman i know i would be extremely offended if i declined a date from someone and later on they let that influence our professional interactions. I just dont think that's the kind of man HB is. I think he simply declined past projects with SYJ because the roles did not suit his interest.
  11. This is so true. What is even more bizarre is how many nations know the ugly side of a country like China but refuse to openly talk about it. All in the name of trade and business. Truth is, China and Russia are the main reasons North Korean leaders continue to terrorize their own people and South Korea.
  12. It would be very silly to turn this into a debate. I just wanted to clarify that SG's ratings went up every episode until the very end so of course the ratings were going to be the highest in the very last episode. People were crazy over that show for many reasons.
  13. C'mon now. It got a highest rating because it was the very last episode and back then the successful shows all had their biggest ratings in the last episode. SG was a very successful show and ratings went up each episode until it reached the biggest naturally in the end. HB's most successful drama remains Kim Sam soon with 30% ratings and the last episode had a rating of 49%!
  14. I still believe they wouldnt have lasted back then so even if that story is true, i'm glad she declined lol.
  15. Yeah i found it weird that she never chose SYJ for a role on her shows since then because she was clearly interested in her enough to invite her on SeGa for a camero. Perhaps she sent some scripts to Ye Jin but she was busy with other projects and turned it down. Sometimes actors just dont feel the connection to a role while reading the scripts so they cant force themselves.