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  1. They feel like such a married couple. If they announce they married in secret, i would not be surprised at all, the opposite would surprise me actually. I'm hoping they duped the entire world and married in secret, are living together happily. I enjoyed watching this short commercial but i would be even more happy to see them accept another project together and break the K-ent. rules. I would love for them to accept a Sageuk, tragic love story.
  2. HB's speech was honest and humble. That's why i love him. It's true that the strong chemistry between HB and SYJ and their special connection through their acting made this drama so successful. Without a Yoon Se ri so animated and multi dimensional, then his role would have been flat and vice versa. They were the best thing that happened to Kdrama world in 2020. I'm so happy about Daeksand for HB, the second in his career and it was about damn time! I know he will keep winning more hopefully for movies next time.
  3. We know the real truth. Binjin are a couple since at least Jan 2019. They did CLOY and fortunately that helped to not only increase their star power but it also made it easier for some folks to accept them now. They are masterminds in their industry now thanks to years of hard work, good reputation and careful steps in a hard industry. Now they can enjoy themselves fully because they have found each other and can create their own paradise on earth. I hope they put themselves first and focus on building their family now that Covid is allowing them some real privacy. Cross being postponed is ano
  4. SYJ's agency really confirmed it! The more i think about it, the more surreal this feels. Like she NEVER confirmed a relationship in her career, like ever! Which to me means their relationship must be SO advanced and there's more than just dating here. We wont know for a while so let's just be patient again, there will be more to this story.
  5. The way they are about to take over this entire industry. Easily the most popular couple in Asia right now. Both talented and humble. I love them so much! I also never doubted. As someone who has followed Hyun Bin since Kim Sam soon days (I discovered Ye Jin later) I knew it was real the moment i saw the grocery pictures. I also knew it would take some time because of the way SYJ handled her personal life (good for her!). I truly hope this doesnt stop them from working together again someday. Their chemistry and acting together is so perfect, in harmony, they need to give us anoth
  6. Dispatch in general have never missed on dating announcements, period. They are the TMZ of South Korea.
  7. Some people saw them golfing this summer and going to restaurants but because there were no pictures, people didnt believe or simply didnt think about it twice. I think the pictures were taken during the summer before HB went to Jordan.
  8. The others will believe that 8 months thing but we know better. They must have good connections with some people in Dispatch because they are still protecting them. I think Dispatch have known since last year about Binjin but kept silent until now because i think they couldnt keep it any longer, maybe other publications were also catching on so they had to reveal the exclusive now or lose it forever to another publication. Now let's wait to see how HB an SYJ will play this. Reveal the entire truth, go along with Dispatch's version or lie to cover up some more. I dont believe they
  9. Just heard the news and ran in here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! I was prepared for this moment for so long but why am i shaking right now? why???!!!! GUYS!!!!!!!
  10. I'm so proud of my Binnie! Question when they talk about Presidential, does it have a link to the President of the actual country? sorry if that sounds stupid.
  11. She took a step back. Probably because media in SK have been too focused on them lately and it made her run back into privacy protection. I remember when she did that little interview with the Japanese publication when they announced this fanmeeting and she mentioned Hyun Bin a few times but then suddenly during this live meeting she made sure to avoid his name or any reference to him.
  12. When i first watched CLOY, i did find Yoon Se Ri very materialistic and kinda annoying at first but then you quickly see that she uses that attitude to hide a very traumatic childhood and pain that her family inflicted on her. The fact that she thought of killing herself to stop hurting is proof that those materialistic things were never enough for her and she wasn't happy and she was rude to people to protect herself from being more hurt. RJH saw though all the bull and loved her anyway which is why she fell in love with this man and never let go. Once you understand the character then you re
  13. Please HB take this role! #KangHaNeul reveals to have turned down the male lead offer from a new drama 'Cut to Heart' (Son Ye Jin is considering the female lead role) I know it's not realistic because HB will probably do CA2 and i dont even think SYJ will accept this role.
  14. Hello fellow Binjin supporters. This is a glory day for us i see. I screamed out loud when i signed in this morning. This is definitely another sign directly from SYJ and just like when she liked the Binjin pictures, she knew what she was sending out was going to be received as a signal to us.
  15. Yeah i know at the end of the day these awards dont matter. The support he is getting all over and his worth as an actor has doubled since the success of this drama internationally so whatever lol. He is a humble person and very focused. None of this will stop him from continuing to shine and do even more amazing projects. I'm very happy for the director and SYJ. I just wish this industry would stop playing these stupid games but oh well. They all know HB, SYJ and the entire CLOY crew dominated this drama season and i will wait to see a drama better in quality this year and the next. They will
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