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    I just made me an account! I've never played it before, but people have always told me to play this so I'm going to try it out since it's summer. :3
















































































































































    You guys!!!! If you would love to see Pure 19 have a chance at being on DVD you have to say something on facebook or email YA Entertainment.
































































































































    It's so expensive on KBS's E-Store, over $500. Why not try and see? They said the more interested, the more they would look into a drama.
























































































































    Here is their facebook group!








































































































































































































































































    If everyone who loves this show would request it at YA Entertainment's site, I know they would consider releasing it!
























































































































    They license by demand, and if a lot of people demand it, they will look into it.
























































































































    Tom Larson has emailed me on how they get licensed before.
























































































































    If Be Strong Geum Soon can get licensed, so can this. I bet in the long run, it's cheaper.
















































































































































































































































    Request it here! PLEASE DO. KBS America's price is ridiculous.
















































































































































    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
























































































































    You: please say your not another webcam person!
























































































































    Stranger: No im a Jehovahs Wittness
























































































































    You: are you really?
























































































































    Stranger: yes im here to welcome you into the light
























































































































    You: Then, I think I talked to you before.
























































































































    You have disconnected.
























































































































    No joke. I talked to one of them before. :o
















































































































































































































































    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
























































































































    Stranger: hi
























































































































    You: hi!
























































































































    Stranger: hows it going?
























































































































    You: pretty good I guess. Omegle has a lot of weird people.
























































































































    Stranger: I KNOW
























































































































    Stranger: omg
























































































































    Stranger: just had a guy pretending to be a girl,
























































































































    You: the first thing the person before me said was show richard simmons!
























































































































    Stranger: he even had a facebook page
























































































































    You: Too many weird people.
























































































































    Stranger: we talked for an hour
























































































































    You: oh wow.
























































































































    Stranger: i thought he/she was cool
























































































































    Stranger: :s
























































































































    Stranger: so i added them
























































































































    You: how'd you find out?
























































































































    Stranger: never gonna do that again
























































































































    Stranger: he just like told me then left
























































































































    Stranger: so i will be more skeptical from now on
























































































































    You: oh, jeez. Well I wouldn't give out my facebook, but maybe something like tumblr. sicne it's a blog. Haha.
























































































































    You: For real!
























































































































    You: *since
























































































































    Stranger: i dont normally
























































































































    Stranger: but its not like they can do anything with it
























































































































    You: Yeah, but talking for an hour might do that. I get it!
























































































































    You: Oh yeah for real.
























































































































    Stranger: yeah
























































































































    Stranger: asl?
























































































































    You: 17/f/us
























































































































    Stranger: i am 18 m canada
























































































































    You: That's cool, I love Degrassi! Haha.
























































































































    Stranger: lolz
























































































































    You: Well, I used to anyways. It got overboard.. if that's possible. But yeaaah.
























































































































    Stranger: yeah, so what do you do for fun?
























































































































    You: Hm, just hang out with my friends, karaoke.. I keep up with a blog too. You?
























































































































    Stranger: i am a black belt in MMA, in a band, and like to workout and party
























































































































    You: That's cool. What instrument do you play? I'm a violinist!
























































































































    Stranger: Really i want to learn violin so bad, i play guitar, harmonica, lead vocals, piano, and a little bit of drums
























































































































    You: Oh that's awesome! I've always wanted to learn harmonica. Yeah, I want to get an electric violin. They look pretty badass.
























































































































    You: And the uklele.
























































































































    Stranger: that would be cool
























































































































    Stranger: thats sweet
























































































































    You: Yeah!
























































































































    Stranger: so any sports?
























































































































    You: Hm not really. I'm more of a yoga and pilates type. I'm not very cordinated for sports!
























































































































    You: Course that doesn't help with yoga much since I fall over.
























































































































    Stranger: cool
























































































































    You: I guess. It's pretty relaxing. So I digg it.
























































































































    Stranger: yeah
























































































































    Stranger: so what do you look like?
























































































































    You: I'm asian??
























































































































    Stranger: nice
























































































































    You: Well I guess! 'Bout you?
























































































































    Stranger: 6'3 brown hair, blue eyes, and muscular build
























































































































    You: I see! Your white, hahaha. Wow, I'm only 5'1. That's what I get for being korean.
























































































































    Stranger: lol i dated a 4'9 asian
























































































































    Stranger: that was interesting
























































































































    You: Whoa. I bet. That's a big height difference there.
























































































































    Stranger: yeah
























































































































    Stranger: well i got to go
























































































































    Stranger: nice talking to you
























































































































    You: bye!
























































































































    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
























































































































    (I swear I thought this guy was going to turn out a freak at any second, haha.)
















































































































































    my parents.. have been married 20 years.
























































































































    it's pretty much certain today that they are going to seperate.
























































































































    i'm so scared. my dad is white while my mother is korean.
























































































































    my dad can easily take care of himself since he has a high position in the air force but..
























































































































    she doesn't have a college education or GED.
























































































































    I can't leave her alone.
























































































































    I don't know what I can do.
























































































































    I just want to curl up in my bed and cry.
























































































































    I have absolutely nobody. I can't stop my tears.
























































































































    What hurts the most is that they can't admit it to me together.
























































































































    My heart feels like it's ripping.
























































































































    how can i help her?









  6. I love himm! He seems very down to earth from the interviews I've seen. I really like his work. The Snow Queen was one of my favorites. It's special to me since it was one of the first dramas I saw him in.

    He's grown a lot as an actor! I hope to see more of him in more interesting roles. But I really hope he chooses another drama. That way I can see him every week instead of around once a year in a movie. ;)

    BTW, his old Paris Baguette CF I uploaded. The christmas one with the cute little girl! He is so cute in this one.


    and I love how he keeps his relationship with SHK so guarded even though it's out. I think it's similar in Hollywood. If your out and too public with your relationship, it'll get really messy. How some of the actors out there do it, I don't know. Most of the time, I think a lot of actors are "together" just for publicity. He must really care about their relationship (her too), to be keeping it so hidden! I thought they had amazing chemistry from Worlds Within. I always thought since it aired that they would be so cute. I'm glad it's real!
































































































































    um, I'm confused. Does anyone know for sure if this aired today? I read on Viikii it might not have and we will have to wait till next week?




























































    In case anyone is interested in knowing, the drama now has a page up on vikkii.
























































































    so you know what that means. it's eventually going to get subbed!












































    I'm excited for this, I've always wanted to see this since I can remember. Maybe since some of the actors are a little more popular these days, it'll be more likely to get subbed quicker!









    Under-under-under rated:

    Tamra, The Island!!!
























































































    I'm sure you guys know the production team "Group 8" as they are the ones that produced Goong and Boys Over Flowers. BUT Tamra, The Island is really different from these dramas. At first I thought it was just another drama trying to be funny as the plot is really weird(having a foreigner in the old Jeju island). However, it's really entertaining and made me crave for more after watched the 1st episode. I have to be honest that one big reason why I love this drama is because of Im Ju HwanXD. But compared to the F4 who has no experience in acting, Im Ju Hwan is able to make his character fun and cool at the same time. Other characters in the the drama has also made it really interesting~ It's a drama that never fails to brighten my day=))












































    Well, what I'm trying do to is...to ask for your support for this drama O.O It was stated that this drama is going to be shortened to 16 episodes(from 24 eps to 20 eps to 16 eps now o.o) due to the low ratings. BUT I think the low rating is because of the low acceptance of adventure and fantasy dramas. It's a pity to see such a unique drama to be under-rated.












































    If you are sick and tired of plots like the poor girl getting to meet her prince and they fall in love with each other or the girl and boy who was always fighting with in each other falls in love too..























































































    I totally agree this is WAY under appreciated. It's fresh, different and completely makes me smile everytime I watch it. I don't understand why it's being cut down, sure it's ratings are low, but it's got a great plot and charming actors.












































    Other Underrated Dramas:












































    Rude Women [loved it!]
























































































    Worlds Within [people dogged Song Hye Kyo like no tomorrow on her acting..]












































    Overrated Dramas












































    BOF [i loved it, but WAY overrated]












































    East of Eden












































    Anything with YEH





  10. I just read that SHK and Hyun Bin are dating. I'm so behind! Good luck to them! I love both of them and they look so good together. Hopefully the media wont be too intrusive, but you can't expect anything else.

    I have yet to fully watch friends, but because of hyun bin I will!

  11. wait what? discontinued? The series is discontinued?


    I know its still being published by Yen Press and no longer by Ice Kunion...

    Wink seems to still be publishing it...

  12. waah! Thank you! Super fast. ;]

    AHH, I wish the author would end this soon.

    I hate seeing Shin and Chae in so much pain. D:

    Even if their not real, lollol.

  13. haha first time!

    I had to do the NBC Dateline thing..

    Connecting to server...

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: Hello

    You: heyy

    You: whats up?

    Stranger: Nothing. A tad randy, but i can get over that.

    Stranger: You?

    You: im just tired and raunchey

    Stranger: oh?

    You: yesh.

    You: yes

    You: how old r u?

    Stranger: 22

    You: im 14

    You: female.

    You: u?

    Stranger: Well, that's a tad young

    Stranger: male.

    You: oh nahh im 14 in the body but 22 in my mind and 18 in my.......

    You: im experienced

    Stranger: how experienced?

    You: wana know a secret?

    Stranger: Sure.

    You: You are currently on NBC's Dateline project called "To Catch a Predator"

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    this one was funny. i made up everything. I milked it. but then got bored.

    Connecting to server...

    Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: hi

    You: hallo

    Stranger: how are you

    You: suicidal

    Stranger: where are you from

    You: mexico

    Stranger: oh cool

    Stranger: you want to come to US

    You: yes! work!

    Stranger: mexico is quite good too

    You: men crazy here

    Stranger: really

    Stranger: i don't know that

    You: at least my town

    Stranger: i come from far away

    You: where?

    Stranger: Hong Kong

    You: Oh I know HK. Prostitution okay there right? I work maybe there.

    Stranger: oh you want to be prostitute

    You: whatever work.

    Stranger: so you are girl?

    Stranger: prostitution is ok here

    You: yes.

    You: i heard was okay.

    Stranger: have to be your own business

    Stranger: no prostitution company is allowed

    You: oh. too bad. i want benefits.

    Stranger: oh i see

    Stranger: there are quite many of them though

    Stranger: but illegal

    You: i saw pretty woman.

    You: movie change life.

    You: so glamrus.

    Stranger: you saw the pretty women in movie?

    You: yes

    Stranger: the chinese?

    You: no united states

    Stranger: oh ok

    You: is HK movie good?

    Stranger: a lot of american women are attractive

    Stranger: yes

    Stranger: HK movies are good

    Stranger: what kind of movie do you like

    Stranger: classics in this decade include infernal affairs, warlords

    You: i like flashdance and dirty dancing

    Stranger: oh you mean the porn

    You: no american movie

    Stranger: really

    Stranger: i don't know flashdance and dirty dancing

    You: both famous in US. classic.

    Stranger: i see

    Stranger: i will give them a try

    You: i went to restaurant. first time. so fancy.

    You: had big "M".

    Stranger: what is that

    Stranger: big M

    You: It's called "M". Sign Yellow.

    You: sell beef patty.

    Stranger: oh ok

    Stranger: a fast food restaurant?

    You: had clown on bag. i keep in my drawer.

    You: memory.

    Stranger: ok

    Stranger: how old are you

    You: just turned 17. you

    Stranger: 25

    You: wow.

    Stranger: old?

    You: no my husband close your age.

    Stranger: oh you have husband

    You: he 29.

    Stranger: i see

    Stranger: quite a large difference

    Stranger: but should be ok

    You: beat me to work.

    Stranger: oh...

    Stranger: he doesn't work?

    You: but he nice

    You: no. he feed me sometimes though.

    Stranger: both of you should work

    You: hey buy fish in can.

    Stranger: you are so young

    You: it has cute kat on it.

    You: i live with him since child.

    Stranger: if not school, then work

    Stranger: oh wow

    Stranger: you were born to be paired up

    You: family forced me for money

    Stranger: oh

    Stranger: it happens in mexico

    Stranger: shame

    Stranger: so bad

    You: i guess so. you like animals

    Stranger: quite much

    Stranger: i like animals

    You: oh thats nice

    Stranger: what kind do you like

    You: husband buy box that freeze time.

    You: come out on paper.

    You: called polaroid.

    Stranger: i know what a polaroid is

    You: its maqic

    You: i go. husband come get me now. adios.

    Stranger: ok

    Stranger: nice chatting

    You: im just kidding. i love you.

    You have disconnected.

  14. Connecting to server...

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    You: HELLO

    You: FIRST

    Stranger: hi

    You: you just lost

    Stranger: damnit!

    You: i know. but that is how we roll up in here

    Stranger: asl?

    You: you know what i really like these cookies im eating

    Stranger: oh really what type?

    You: im not telling you its a secret

    Stranger: oh a secret?

    You: speaking of secrets want to know something?

    Stranger: yes i do

    You: You are currently on NBC's Dateline project called "To Catch a Predator"

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    lol everytime i said the last line everyone just disconnects done it like 10 people haha

    omg!! I have to do that NBC Dateline thing.

    HAHA. that made me laugh so hard!

  15. http://drawahouse.com/houses/show.asp?houseID=647339&houseHash=c6aae1ffce54829089a2f9b806db3cbe' rel="external nofollow">


    Click here to view my house

    Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a summary of your personality:

    You are sensitive and indecisive at times. You are good at making friends and when the joyful moment arrives, you make the most out of it. You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You are very tidy person. There's nothing wrong with that because you're pretty popular among friends. Your life is always full of changes.

    You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You have a strong personality and you like to command, influence and control people.

    You are not a romantic person by nature. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You don't think much about yourself.

    this is mondo hard to do on a laptop. haha.

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