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  1. 1 hour ago, jaemin kimpark said:


    she is being bold this time.. last night I try to read their pattern ig update... and I got the day is TODAY they going to update together again.. and these is what happen..
    OMG...  I am Screaming right now....!!!


    What kind of pattern have you noticed?


    I'm just so happy that both posted today on their IG and it  makes my heart flutter

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  2. I just hope we can spazz in this thread even delusional  ( just a little bit ) just to make this thread active and also to attract more shippers who were not able to watch it before but since this thread will appear on their timeline it can be great to make this active also. Whoever gives negative feedback here about our ship I guess we need to tell them to respect our opinion the same way we respect their opinion as well. Sometimes when we share thoughts in this thread those silent lurker will soon give their time to share some spazzing observation.


    This is just my opinion. Sorry if I offended  some people here i just want us to be free to share our thoughts for those readers who are curious about LaBit Couple in that way we can also promote them together and individually



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  3. PMY is not really active on IG while working in a drama I guess but I noticed how she keeps posting a lot on her IG when she is on a vacation that is the reason she was not able to post for 3 months because her schedule was really tight even KJW seldom post while he was filming the drama.


    Celebrities tend to post more when they have no other commitments so that their supporters will still be updated on their lives as a celebrity.

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  4. I rewatch the whole episode for the 3rd time now and I noticed that Soyeon and Siyang both requested to one another the song Do you know? 

    1st one who requested this song is Soyeon to Siyang when they are both in inside the room in Dangjin and Soyeon ask Siyang to sing for her that song, this picture below was the location where Soyeon requested him to sing before sleeping.



    2nd Soyeon asked which song Siyang wants her to sing but she refused to sing the song Do you know because she said that it has high notes. The picture below was this episode 



    3rd The Finale where both sing the song Do you know?



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  5. I'm not sure if this was my 1st time posting here but I'm have been a viewer of WGM and I always watched the 1st episode of every couple to see their chemistry and I ended up loving 2 couples of WGM the 1st couple that I always loved from 2011 until now is my Teukso couple which I still have high hopes that in the near future they will admit that they are dating although recently Jan 2016 ,Leeteuk admitted that he fell in love while filming in WGM well that was another story, the 2nd couple I love which I hope will also end up together in the future is the SiSo couple wherein I noticed how they liked each other while filming this program..honestly the 2 couples I love did not even experienced the honeymoon and both had the short stint in the program which last for 200 days only my post seems to be long later on since I start re watching again their show and take some observation from them 

    I Love SiSo couple as well :)


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