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  1. To borrow some lyrics from Shakira: "I'm crazy but I like it, loca, loca, loca." I see the show's faults, and I've read the viewers' dissatisfied comments, both here and on Twitter. I can see why viewers would hate the endless suffering (eps 10-14 with no end in sight!). Still, I think that suffering is an important part of the story, and I will address that suffering towards the end of this long post. To me, the main thing the show did wrong, was that its marketing set up a bunch of expectations that it had absolutely no intention of fulfilling! :)) The disgruntled viewers are the ones who were given a series of cute couple pix as the main draw for the drama. Tell me, what else were they supposed to expect? Having said that, I would like to try to explain what has me intrigued, and watching. If only to convince myself that I am not truly loco.
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